Racism and the Million Man March

Racism and the Million Man March

Not REMOTELY a fan of Farrakhan, but it seems that the media intentionally under-reported the event.  I see multiple (mainstream) media site reporting that there were “thousands” in attendance.  I guess by a similar sleight of hand one could say there were “dozens” in attendance.  Not good at doing a head count, but there seem to be HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS.  When i think of “thousands,” i think of a few thousand.  I don’t think of 75,000 people as “thousands,” but rather many TENS of thousands.

With that said, the white guys–meaning, the white racist guys–are having a field day with their thinly disguised (and some not disguised) racist comments.  They pretend to play perplexed on as to why African-Americans–men, in particular–just don’t embrace the American way of life.  Blacks weren’t merely “discriminated” against as were some white Europeans “ethnic” immigrants (like the Italians, Poles, or Irish).  Blacks were FOR CENTURIES systematically DEHUMANIZED.  For the European ethnics, within a generation or two, they were pretty much assimilated into the society.  Furthermore, those “ethnics” knew where they came from.  They could–if they chose–speak the language of their parents and grandparents… they were (by and large) still regarded as human beings.  The same can’t be said about African-Americans.

Definitely not trying to sound like a black apologist, but the centuries of systematic dehumanization isn’t eliminated in a generation or two… because some white folks say it should be. Among the things i saw was the claim that whites fought en masse to end slavery.  No, they (meaning, the white NORTHERNERS) fought to force the Confederacy to remain a part of the USA (so much for “freedom”); the brethren of those same white people were fighting to keep blacks IN slavery.  Black slavery was a factor, but the Northern whites weren’t dying out of their love for black people (the fact that they did not want blacks fighting FOR THE UNION and many NORTHERN whites were APPALLED at the thought of blacks killing whites demonstrates, they weren’t concerned primarily about giving freedom and “equality” to blacks).   Even Lincoln said that he would not free a single slave if he could preserve the Union.

I post a lot about the jacked-up nature of hood culture and what have become the norms in black culture, in general, but as bad as it is (and it is REAL bad), it isn’t like the twisted minds of these white apologists/racists.  Ya, today’s black culture is jammed up, but for the whites, what’s the story with CENTURIES of HATRED for blacks and all other people of color?  Why do they play pretend about what their ancestors did?  Why do they act like they can’t understand why black folks would resent or hate them?

These same whites (who pretend that they can’t understand why blacks might not like them) express open hatred for blacks, but what have blacks done to whites on a systematic scale? (Ya, blacks commit high levels of petty and violent street level crime (largely amongst themselves) and they make up a disproportionate amount of folks on welfare (talking about the low-end WIC welfare recipients and not corporate/military welfare recipients)–but on what widespread scale have blacks ever caused whites harm in America?))  Centuries of human degradation versus a few generations of getting welfare checks doesn’t compare (and that’s not to say that all or most blacks are on welfare–but crime and welfare is what the white racists gripe about).

This isn’t to guilt-trip the white liberal types.  They have their own issues, but at least they try to come to grips with the reality of the American past… and the American present.  The white racists (and there are LOTS of them) have a uniquely warped psychology, that at its core is driven by hatred and a denial of reality.  White folks–in the NAME OF WHITENESS/WHITE SUPREMACY have done A LOT of wicked things (all the while proclaiming “equality,” “democracy,” “freedom” and the “rights of ‘man'”).  There is no need to deny that or get defensive about it.  It simply is what it is.  Nonetheless, these racists wish to take pride in the accomplishments of their white racist forefathers, and then (again) act surprised when black folks don’t embrace those people who regarded them as subhuman.

As for Muslims, we have a duty to be an example and show these people (meaning, the public in general) a way out of the American Race Matrix.  We are not your skin color.  Our skin color does not dictate our behavior and does not circumscribe our human potential.   In this world, we are spiritual beings housed in a body of soil.  Our physical body will eventually break down.  We will die, but the spirit remains (through the various stages into the Afterlife).  On the Judgment Day we will be resurrected in body and soul–but we will not be held accountable for the color of our bodies–but rather, we will be brought into account for how we USED our bodies. And we will be accountable for how we used our hearts.  Did we use our heart–that precious gift–to harbor racism?  Did we use our heart to harbor hatred of other simply because they have a different skin complexion or different “racial” features?

Above all, did we abuse our heart by harboring an ugly belief about the One Who created us?  Did we ascribe to the the Creator of the mysterious human soul—and the Creator of all the universes–characteristics of created beings?  May Allah protect us from doing so.  May Allah guide us and make us firm on worshiping the Incomparable and Transcendent Creator, Who is beyond time, space, and direction, and is beyond all that we can imagine.  It is by knowing the Creator that we can understand what our purpose is as human beings, and when we TRULY know our purpose, we can readily see the petty and ugly nature of racism in all its forms.

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