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The “Logic” of the Quasi-Salafis (Wahhabis)

The Wahhabis are notorious for fabricating and mistranslating the sayings of the genuine Salaf (and scholars of later times). If you mention what the Salaf said (about Allah being clear of spatial characteristics), then they will either say that the … Continue reading

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The Clash of Civilizations: Columbus, the Muslims, and the Era of European Exploration

This  is a short version of a longer lecture we do about the European Era of Exploration and the Muslim world.  I believe that it is a fascinating topic and provides us with a much better understanding of the world … Continue reading

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Our Way: Thanks Giving and Islam

This is a video about the importance of giving thanks to the One Who deserves worship.  Please, let us express our gratitude to God by using what has been given to us in obedience to our Lord.

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