The “Logic” of the Quasi-Salafis (Wahhabis)

The Wahhabis are notorious for fabricating and mistranslating the sayings of the genuine Salaf (and scholars of later times). If you mention what the Salaf said (about Allah being clear of spatial characteristics), then they will either say that the saying is a fabrication or the scholar “made a mistake.” This is their way.
If a Wahhabi does not accept the rational proof (i.e., Allah existed before the creation of space–hence, Allah does not have a size or dimensions), then what is he trying to “prove” without the use of reason? If one wishes to use “proofs,” then there must be a compelling rational reason for accepting that proof. If the “proof” is inherently contradictory then it can’t be the basis of a claim.
A clear example of this with the Wahhabis is their claim that Allah is Eternal and has always been and always will be “Most High” (as in situated in a location). But then they also claim that Allah “rose above” the `Arsh to BECOME “Most High” in location. This would, of course, mean–according to the Wahhabis–Allah was not always situated “Most High.” … And to add insult to injury, the Wahhabis claim that in the last third of the night, Allah is beneath Prophet Jesus. And to make their ludicrous assertions even more absurd, there is the issue of time zones. It’s ALWAYS the last third of the night somewhere on Earth. Hence–according to the loony logic of the quasi-Salafis–God spends more time beneath Jesus than God spends above the creation. If you mention this, the Wahhabi will accuse you of “falasafee” (philosophy).
This person (so-called Salafi/Wahhabi) is asking people to believe simultaneously in multiple contradictions. If (in his mind) his proofs can be contradictory and absurd, then he must allow that the counter proofs can be contradictory and absurd. Hence, you can end up with two people (i.e., clowns) arguing over who can produce the most profound absurdities to “prove” their bad beliefs–and any counterargument using logic and reason has to be dismissed.
It’s like two people trying arguing over the solution of 2 + 2.  One of them claims the answer is 5, and the other claims the answer is 3–and they both disregard the use of reason to prove their conclusions.  Who–with any sense–would accept such a thing?!?  In the case of the Wahhabis, not only are they clowns, they also tend to be dangerous, violent, and fanatic clowns. It’s no surprise, then, that the quasi-Salafis/Wahhabis are known for their terrorism, like the so-called ISIS faction, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, etc.
The genuine Muslim Creed is rationally consistent. After all, the Prophet Muhammad (and all the Prophets) was intelligent and did not call people to believe in things that contradict basic common sense. Before the genesis of creation–before light, darkness, time, place, distance, or direction–there was a Creator. Allah was (existing) and there was nothing else. After Allah originated the creations, Allah did not transform and materialize into a spatial entity and start existing in a direction or place. Allah is Beginningless and ABSOLUTELY does not need the creations; Allah is Unique and ABSOLUTELY does not resemble the creations. Allah does not have a size or dimensions. The Creator of locations and directions (and everything else) exists without being inside a location or a direction. Whatever one may conceive in the mind, the Creator is ABSOLUTELY different from that. This is the True Belief in God and the belief of the Muslims. May Allah make our hearts accept this and die upon this.
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