The Leftist Pathology Enablers

The Leftist Pathology Enablers

I don’t know much about the backstory regarding this incident:

I assume that it’s a gang of some Crusader-Serf types angry about the over-reach of the central regime over in Washington.  As for the “Young Turks” (what a disgusting name), the Turko-atheist, Cenk, nails it when he says of white “right wingers” (which would mean the VAST MAJORITY of white folks for the VAST MAJORITY of American history–according to today’s standards) that they go and take other people’s property (or convert them into property), do it with arms–and kill the folks if they don’t accept.

From a Native American or African-American perspective, the schizoid nature of these American nationalists is apparent.  On the one hand they (meaning, the characters who founded the empire), were signing off on:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.    (from the US Constitution)

…all the while some of them were slinging slaves and having the Native folks being hunted to virtual extinction… just because they were brown.  The way they “justified” this was by claiming that the blacks and Native Americans were subhuman animals… but then, these same white racists were having children (which they typically disowned and abandoned) with these allegedly subhuman animals.  Says a lot about those guys.

Now in the midst of his rather on point rant against the Crusader-Serfs, Cenk tries to absolve black people (African-Americans) from having problems in their culture.  This is the sleight of hand of the Leftists/Cultural Marxists.  They will point to the VERY REAL problems with white culture, while denying the VERY REAL PROBLEMS of whichever “minority” group is being discussed.  Now, I can follow the argument of the one who wishes to say that nearly all of the problems of black America today stem from the legacy of slavery either directly or indirectly (I can follow that argument–albeit, I don’t agree with it entirely).  That argument, however still admits that there are problems within black culture–and the WPDIT (White People Do it, Too) arguments just don’t hold up to the stats.  White people (culture)–no doubt–have problems, but they don’t have the SAME problems on the same SCALE as blacks.

As for violence, black males constitute 6% of the population.  They commit nearly 50% of the murders.  Asian males are 2.5% of the population and they were charged with 1.2%  of the murders committed (  “Real” white males are about 33% of the population and were charged with about the same number of murders as black males (albeit, they outnumber blacks by more than 5:1).  And here it should be noted that the Spanish speaking people of largely Native American decent are regarded as “white.”  So that would place “white” males at over 40% of the population committing close to 50% of the murders.

As for “Leading Causes of Death” (LCD), for black males ages 15-24, murder accounts for 50% of all deaths, and is the LCD for black males from the ages of 15-34.  In the case of Asian Americans in the same age brackets, murder as the LCD ranges from 5.8% to 9.5%–and is between the fourth and fifth leading cause of death.  For white males, the figures are similar to Asians.  (

Now the Leftists, when crime stats are brought up, will quickly try to deflect the argument and say that the drug laws are draconian and intended to target black males.  That’s true… but I didn’t say anything about drug arrests.  We are talking about murder.  And it leads to follow that a group that is astronomically over-represented in committing murder is probably committing a disproportionate amount of lesser crimes.

The fact of the matter is that there are MAJOR problems in black culture.  Cenk may pretend that there aren’t… but then, I would bet (if I were a betting kind of a guy), that he doesn’t live in a poor predominantly black neighborhood, and he doesn’t send his kids (if he has any) to a school with a student body that is 75% or more black.

Now a significant part of problems black folks suffer from today are due to the legacy of slavery and racism in America–and even if one were to argue that ALL of the problems black people face are due to slavery and racism, the SOLUTION, nevertheless, would remain the same.  And if all the white people in America were to disappear tomorrow without a trace, black America would still be in its deplorable condition–and would still remain behind Asians and Latinos.  The SOLUTION to improving the black condition–whether or not there are any white racists–would be for blacks to raise their moral standards.  A person can’t become better, unless he (or she) is willing to take personal responsibility and make a commitment to becoming a better and more moral human being.

One of the first things that could be done would be to make a collective commitment to stabilizing the black family–and having competent and caring men in the household.  But this can’t happen when you have the culture engrossed in the abomination of serial fornication and its frequent consequence: illegitimacy.  Even the Leftist (reluctantly) admit the correlation between single mother households and black poverty.

The fact is, having married, father-headed households is absolutely contrary to the Cultural Marxist/feminist policies of the Left.  We are looking at a culture with a 70% illegitimacy rate–yet, you won’t hear the Leftists encouraging black people to  reduce their illegitimacy rates–rather, the Leftists will rant about white racism… but it isn’t white racists who are forcing black men to fornicate with black women and getting them pregnant–and feeding them into the cycle of poverty and social dysfunction.  Its the amoral/immoral ideology of the Left that helps enable black poverty–and according to them poverty is the reason for black dysfunction (along with racism).

The Cultural Marxist promote fatherless unmarried homes–because they HATE patriarchy.  They prefer “alternative families,” including, lesbian and male homosexual households.  These households only promote more instability, which leads to more social dysfunction, juvenile delinquency, poor school performance, crime, incarceration, and illegitimacy–which leads to an on-going cycle from generation to generation.  This (black pathology) is a cash cow not only for the Right Wing Prison Industrial Complex, but it’s also a cash cow for the Leftist bureaucracy and its welfare and social services industries.

The general Leftist ideology is based on an underlying (and racist) assumption: black people are not to be held to the same standards as Asians and whites.  This is a paternalistic ideology that says blacks cannot be held accountable for their decisions or their behavior… because something is inherently deficient in them.  And on a more insidious level among the Cultural Marxist elites, they are merely using the black-white conflict to further divide the society, and to normalize dysfunctional cultural trends.   They, for instance, promote (black) single mother-headed  households (and the “strong black woman”), and then regard any criticism of such households (in general) as “racist.”   The goal of the Cultural Marxists is not to unite the society on the basis of a loftier set of moral standards–but rather to divide the society along “identity politics” and subvert the society with moral relativism and atheism.

As Muslims, we do not want to blindly adopt the arguments of the Leftists/Cultural Marxists–although they DO make some good arguments about race and class.  We, however, have our own standards by which to analyze and understand the society.  In Islam, we do not disdain people because of their complexion or “race,” and we are to have compassion for the poor and should help to alleviate their suffering–but at the same time, we are accountable beings, and if a poor person, or a wealthy person, or a fair skinned person, or a dark skinned person, or a tall person, or a short person, or a woman, or a man, or an older adult or a young adult commits a sin, then it’s still a sin on them.  And if they do a good deed properly, with the proper belief and proper intention, then they earn reward from their Lord.  We can condemn the abuses of those in power–while at the same time not encourage or enable anyone to sin.  This is true justice.   This is what Islam teaches.







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