Is it Racism or Bigotry? (Part One)

Is it Racism or Bigotry? (Part One)

An interesting discussion came up recently about racism and the term “Islamophobia” and how many Immigrant Muslims (IMs) are feeling the brunt of anti-Muslim discrimination and “racism” (especially since 9/11 and more recently with the election of Don Trump).    We discussed whether or not it was racism and white supremacy that drives “Islamophobia” or is it anti-Muslim bigotry that drives “Islamophobia.”  Despite the centrality of white racism to the American psyche, i would posit that it is religious bigotry and civilizational challenge that ultimately drives anti-Muslim sentiment.

In my opinion, the beginning point of defeating white racism is to deny “white” people their whiteness–meaning, that race, as we understand it in America, is largely an arbitrary matter (see: ).  I believe it is more prudent to deem “whiteness” to be an ideology than an actual “race.”  In the case of “race,” you are born with what you are born with.  In the case of an ideology, one is free to relinquish it whenever they choose.

That’s not to say that there aren’t people who are clearly Northern European and are of an identifiable phenotype.  But in many parts of the world, such clear distinctions are easily made.  There are many regions on earth where you have “whites” who have for a long time “mixed” with other people (e.g., much of India, Central Asia, Egypt, Arabian Peninsula, much of the Americas).  In America (USA), “white” people mixed with “black” blood are regarded as “black.”  On the other hand, “mulatto-looking” people in Egypt are regarded as “white.”  So Vin Diesel is “black,” but what we are seeing here are brown-skinned white children with afros:


(Egyptian children)

This inconsistency in “whiteness,” of course, applies here in the USA, as well.  Latinos (e.g., Mexicans)–the majority of whom are Native Americans with a relatively small admixture of European blood–are categorized racially as “white” according to various government data… but according to the mainstream narrative on human migration, Native Americans came from Eastern Asia–hence, Mexicans should be regarded (racially) as “East Asian/Mongoloid” (or at least Native American) but they are not. So in the US, if you have “one drop” of black blood, you are “black”–but if you are East Asian (Native American) and have a few drops of European blood, then you are “white.”  Nonetheless, we all kinda sorta know that kids who look like this don’t get a “white card” in the realm of reality.


Claiming such people for the “white team” is just a means of giving yourself inflated numbers.

Technically speaking, when we discuss race and anti-Muslim discrimination, there are only four primary “races” (Australoid, Caucasoid, Negroid, Mongoloid)–according to mainstream anthropology… or at least, that used to be the case.  Indo-Pakistanis and Arabs are classified as “Caucasians”–Caucasian shouldn’t be confused with being “white.”  All of these people are regarded as “Caucasian”

(Indian children)

(Yemeni children)


(Omar Al-Bashir, President of Sudan)

…So, the President of Sudan is a “Caucasian,” but Colin Powell:


…is, well, a “Negro.”  It gets clear pretty quickly, that this notion of “race” is largely an  ambiguous (and arbitrary) matter.  And that the founders of “race” (as we use the term in America) had a clear agenda of the IDEOLOGY of white supremacy–and used the IDEOLOGY  of white supremacy to divide and weaken the masses against the ruling class… and most white people (and black folks, for that matter) have bought into the illusion.

Whiteness in America isn’t merely a “racial” phenotype descriptor, but it is an IDEOLOGY related to being part of the Western European (historically) Christian tradition.  Many Muslim immigrants think that they can get their “white card” because of their complexion.  But if you are an observant Muslim, i gotta break it to you, you may be fair of skin, but you aren’t really “white.”  These are REAL Caucasians here (as in from the Caucus region–and they are fair-skinned), but they won’t be getting invites to join the Klan anytime soon.

(Chechen women)

The Western European historically has had two aspects to his identity: whiteness AND hostility to Islam.  But even here, the concept of “Europe” has to be called into question. Europe is NOT a continent (as in a distinct continuous landmass).  Similar to “race,” “Europe” is an arbitrary divide separating (historical) Christendom in the west (i.e., Europe) from Islam to the immediate east.  Without Islam, there would be no European identity and there would be no “Europe.”  Although racism and the fear of genetic annihilation NO DOUBT are major motivators of “whiteness,” it is the civilizational challenge of Islam that the ideology of “whiteness” fears the most.

God-willing, in Part Two, we will explain why “whiteness” sees Islamic as a civilizational threat to its existence.


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