The Absurdity of the Anti-Muslim Christian Polemicists


I recently saw some comments on a (supposedly) Muslim vs. Christian debate. Among the comments from the human-worshipers was that “Islam is evil because it’s violent.” This is an odd statement for a Christian to make… a very odd statement.

It is odd because the Bible is VERY violent by contemporary secular standards… and by the Sacred Law standards that Muslims follow. Of course, the Christians will claim that the laws of the Old Testament have been abolished by the (alleged) teachings of Jesus (what they really mean are the teachings of Paul). But… this doesn’t help the Christian cause. According to Christianity, Jesus readily followed the laws of the Old Testament for most of his time on Earth…. So, according to the Christian, Jesus studied and followed the “barbaric laws” that the Prophets before him followed… and that’s not the only problem for them….

According to standard Christian doctrine, Jesus IS GOD. Aside from ludicrous Christian claim that a baby became the Beginningless Creator of the universe–or claiming that Jesus walked around calling himself one-third of the Creator of the universe (and an inferior one-third at that)–the Christian runs into another problem. If Jesus is God (as THEY claim), then not only did Jesus follow the laws of the Old Testament, Jesus is the one who sanctioned and ORDERED the mass killings of babies, killing children for disrespecting their parents, killing sodomites and fornicators, etc. (as per the orders of the Old Testament). So according to Christian “logic,” since Jesus (allegedly) ordered such practices, then that would make him a wicked and evil person (or a wicked and evil God-person… or a wicked and evil one-third of God-person )–these are things a Muslim would NEVER say.

Muslims understand that the Creator is One, ABSOLUTELY Incomparable and Free-of Need.  The Creator is not a material being and is not a spiritual being.  The Creator is not dependent upon the creations–before there was light or darkness, distance or direction, time or space, there was a Creator. Allah (the Creator) existed before the creations and there was NOTHING else.  After Allah originated the creations, Allah did not transform into a spatial entity and materialize in a location (or a direction).  The Creator exists without being in a place. The Creator does not resemble the creations and cannot be fathomed by the imagination.  Muslims understand that the Creator has sent Prophets to guide humanity, and those Prophets conveyed the Sacred Law for the well-being of the human in this transitory world and for their well-being in the Afterlife.   Muslims submit to the Orders of the Creator and do not object to the Orders of the Creator.

As for the Christian polemicists, they often attempt to attack Islam based on the standards of whatever happens to be trendy today in Western secular-corporate thought–while failing to realize that the very practices they often attack Muslims for are mentioned in the Bible, and as we said above were (according to their logic) must have been commanded by Jesus himself. This has to be regarded as the pinacle of either hypocrisy or deception.

With that said, one should be reminded of the proverb: “Folks dwelling in glass cribs shouldn’t be chuckin’ rocks.”


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