Exposing the Mythology of the Secularists

One of the primary talking points of secular mythology is that of “rights.” So let us examine THEIR notion of rights. We will take the “T” from LBGTQism as an example.

Fifty years ago, transgenderism was not regarded as a “human right.” To the contrary, it was regarded as a mental illness–and by many an abomination. So that means that at some point within the past 50 years transgenderism BECAME a human right (allegedly). So….

1. In what year did transgenderism become a human right (allegedly)?

2. Who was the person who discovered that transgenderism is a human right (allegedly)?

3. How was he (or she) able to determine that transgenderism is a newly discovered human right (allegedly)?

4. Where did he (or she) discover that it is a human right (allegedly)? Was he in the jungles of Borneo, on an expedition to the polar ice cap, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro? Again, where was this (alleged) right discovered?

5. How many other (alleged) human rights are there that haven’t been discovered, yet? And what is the projected timeline for their discovery?

6. Is it possible that some current (alleged) human rights could cease being (alleged) human rights–like, for instance, is it possible that the (alleged) human right of being free from forced medical treatment can cease being a right?

7. If some (alleged) human rights can be terminated, then where would they go? Can those cancelled (alleged) human rights potentially become human rights once again sometime in the future?

8. Above all, WHAT’S THE PROOF–where’s the daleel–that these (alleged) human rights are genuinely the rights of humans? Simply because *you* say they are so doesn’t make them so. The burden of proof is upon the one who makes the claim. The one who claims that “X” is a human right has to demonstrate that it is so. I’ve never seen anyone demonstrate that transgenderism is a human “right.” (Again, simply repeating a matter in the media doesn’t make a thing true.)

If the secularist invokes democracy as the source of (alleged) human rights, then when did we have an open, public, vigorous discussion–which is suppose to be at the heart of a healthy democracy–about whether or not transgenderism should be made (allegedly) a human right? When was humanity allowed to vote on this matter? I seemed to have missed the referendum.

Now if a few people are allowed to declare what are (alleged) human rights for everyone, then what gives them that privilege? Why can’t everyone declare their own (alleged) human rights? Some may declare their human right to be millionaires, others, to play in the NBA, others to be mayor or governor, others to be rock stars, others to be free from having to follow any law… and on, and on, and on….

Islamically, the Muslim understands that there are rights. There are rights that the human being has–and there are the rights of the Creator. There is One, Perfect, Eternal, Incomparable Creator. The Creator deserves to be glorified, loved, and obeyed. The Creator has the right to be worshiped. The Creator–Who knows about us better than we know ourselves–knows what will benefit the human beings not only in this temporary world, but what we are to do in this life to benefit ourselves in the everlasting existence of the Hereafter. The wise seek to sincerely obey the One Who has created us. As for secular mythology, once you pull down the veils of its pseudo-supremacist propaganda, you see that it’s all a myth–it has no proof or substance–but can only thrive by way of indoctrination, deception, and threats of coercion.

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