The End of Black Nationalism

  The End of Black Nationalism (in general, and in particular for the African-American Muslim)

In my Facebook feed i get posts from various black nationalist groups–well, more like individuals (ain’t many black nationalist groups left).  Among them is one guy, who basically employs a reverse brown paper bag litmus test to determine if you are “genuinely black” and not a high-yellow or “mulatto” agent or potential race traitor.  In particular, he talks about the need for black economics.

These kind of guys i am always leery of.  That’s not to say that having a good financial infrastructure isn’t critical.  It ABSOLUTELY is.  However, when money (or the lack thereof) is blamed for the current black condition–and not behavior and MORALITY–then it leads me to think that this is more about a scam than about the actual rectification of the black condition.  Furthermore, a person without a moral compass isn’t going to become a better human being because he gets money–as the lives of many of the wealthy rappers or characters caught in Wall St. scandals readily demonstrate.

These guys (the black nationalists, in general) are still banking on black people some day “waking up” and getting united.  There have been a multitude of black activists who have come along and broken down the System and the measures that black folks would have to take to improve their situation.  (Anybody ever hear of a person called “Malcolm X?”)  By and large, their pleas and warnings fell on deaf ears.  A culture enamored with pop media and predicated on following impulses and immediate self-gratification doesn’t want to hear about self-restraint and discipline.  Nonetheless, these black nationalists are still clinging on to the rhetoric of some sort bygone Civil Rights era that is losing whatever little relevance it had with each passing day.

We live in a global era. People travel and emigrate. American (i mean, “USian”) notions of race are NOT universal. They don’t even apply in other parts of the Americas. The people coming into America have their own notions (and hang-ups) about race and identity—but they are not the notions (and hang-ups) of black and white Americans.

We live in the era of Facebook and international travel. For the black nationalists to preserve “African-America,” they would have to impose some sort of moratorium on exogamy (i.e., marrying outside of the Tribe). Educated and functional black men are going to meet women from all over the world via Facebook/other social media. They are going to get passports and bounce to find wives.

Black women, because of feminism, black men marrying out of the Tribe, and the fact that women tend to marry up or at least across do not have the same options. A Brother can get off the plane in, you name it: Belize, Senegal, or the Philippines and find a wife within 24 hours. The middle class black woman with her Master’s Degree has that option–but doesn’t have that option–meaning, that although she may find takers in such places, it’s not likely she would want to marry a man who earned $5,000 gross income last year. This IS a crisis for black America and the African-American Muslims. The only solution i see to it is possibly polygyny.

The kids of intercultural marriages (in-shaa’ Allah) will grow up with a GLOBAL view of the world—and not some narrow victim-view of being a downtrodden black American. These kids will, of course, in time marry each other, and will have their own identities. And in not too long of a time, you won’t have too many “real” black Americans left.  Allah knows best, but this is the way things seem to be trending, and we should be aware of that and prepare for these realities.

With that said this was a response to some of these black nationalists who are fretting over the possible condition of the black community in 3-4 generations time:


“You guys can’t possibly think that in three or four generations people are still going to be clinging on to some outdated Jim Crow era notions of race/identity? The white population is diminishing–in relative numbers and power. The Spanish-speaking Native American population is growing… uh, i mean “Latinos,” and it is growing RAPIDLY. You have a large influx of brown/yellow minorities coming into the country who totally can’t relate to this American chattel slavery colorism complex. The more educated and functional black males will marry outside the race (or at least the ethnic Tribe). This, of course, will cause a major brain drain in the black community–and we see that right now.

“(Also, let me add: black unity and adhering to the one drop rule (that most blacks themselves chose to adopt) was a RESPONSE to an open and legal racism and segregation. That system no longer exists, and for many blacks, they don’t feel they have any compelling reason to identify with or support what have been traditionally “black causes.” And the movement among black conservatives, although relatively small and probably will never have mass appeal, does make some cogent arguments about how detrimental life on the liberal Democratic Plantation can be.)

“If the show is still up and running in 50 years, you will have (for ‘blacks’) a large biracial/multiracial upper caste (not that they will identify as ‘black’–think: the children of a hypothetical “Tiger Woods'” family marrying into similar families). You will have a pathological black underclass that will be just about Planned Parenthooded out of existence. Whatever remnants of that class that remain will be irrelevant in a hyper-tech economy. They will still be wallowing in their culture of illegitimacy, pathology and dysfunction—going in and out of the privatized prisons–and always teetering on the brink of extinction by the latest drug epidemic or plague of sexually transmitted disease. Folks need to cut out the emotionalism, look at their situation honestly and critically, and EVOLVE beyond white racist imposed concepts of “race” and identity.”

For Muslims, we must extend our reach to WHOMEVER is interested in the truth.  If a person is SERIOUS about community development, then he must be serious about self-improvement.  And if he is serious about self-improvement, then he will be serious about obeying his Lord.  The door of obedience to God is open to everyone–regardless of their color, ethnicity, nationality, or previous religious affiliation.  The Creator is One, ABSOLUTELY Incomparable and Free-of-Need.  The Creator is not an object or an image.  The Creator has no size, shape or dimensions.  Whatever one imagines, the Creator is totally different from that.  The Creator sent Prophets–recipients of Divine Revelation and men of the highest moral caliber–to guide people to the Truth.  If a person doesn’t want to obey the Creator, then he’s probably not very serious (or sincere) about less significant matters.

Imaan (true belief in Allah and the Prophets) and sincere obedience has to be the basis of our unity–and not color.  Da`wah can be tailored to the needs of different groups, but it would be a big step backwards for the American Muslims to call people to some sort of black nationalist da`wah, when American racial nationalism (which itself is grounded on falsehood) is an ideology that will not be able to effectively compete in a globalized world. It’s time for the African-American Muslims to make an exodus from the American Race Matrix–and be a beacon for others to show them a way out as well.

Leader of the "New Black Panther Party."  The face of a person stuck in another era.

King Samir Shabazz, a leader of the “New Black Panther Party.” The face of a person stuck in a bygone era.



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“I DON’T KNOW IF WE CAN COME BACK,” says Sinbad–and Brother Ali couldn’t agree more.


And that’s it: you have a failed culture that is incapable of competing in a hyper-tech global economy… and a Prison Industrial Complex (and welfare state) ready put them in cages. It’s done. Abandon ship and get a new identity free from these heathens.

You still have Muslims (African-American Muslims–and some less than wise non-AA Muslim youth who imitate this mess) trying to cling to what is clearly a failed culture. (Just look at what’s in the background–liquor bottles and a prison recruitment magazine (i.e., “The Source”)–and the liquor (and drugs) is what fuels the Prison Industrial Complex). I think that you have to be borderline delusional to think that this culture is going to reform itself (it doesn’t WANT to change). You are dealing with:

–a 70% illegitimacy rate (it’s actually higher than that–because SOME of these guys will marry a woman after they find out she’s knocked up)

–Along with the above, 70% of black kids raised in single parent (i.e., single mother) homes

–Fornication is completely normalized (which leads to illegitimacy and family/social instability–treachery, deceit and distrust)

–Homosexuality increasingly normalized

–Atheism is growing

–A privatized Prison Industrial Complex that profits from mass incarceration

–A massive dependency upon welfare–which further undermines the family

–The outsourcing of nearly the entire industrial base of the American economy (back in the day, black men with nominal educational skills could get decent paying union jobs in factories)

–Latino immigration: which will make the black manual labor that is not done by robots and other tech devices obsolete

–The shift toward a hyper-technological and global economy–and many black males don’t have basic (i mean, real basic) academic skills, much less advanced skills in mathematics and computer programming and technology

–The total unpreparedness to compete in a global economy (such as, with the Chinese, Japanese, and East Indians)—and against people who DON’T CARE about the history of American slavery and American racism (hence, the “race card” is becoming increasingly irrelevant)

And you can add to the above:

–A culture that does not tolerate ANY level of self-criticism or self-reflection; any consideration of the self-destructive trends in black culture is regarded as “self-hatred” (You can ask even one of the icons of black culture, Bill Cosby (…i know, i mean BEFORE the scandals) about that)

–And lastly, it is a “culture” that is not a culture—meaning, that today’s black “culture” is not internally formed, but rather, it is CLEARLY a product of corporate propaganda. Simply consider where does the average black guy in the hood (and in black culture, the values go from the hood to the middle class on up) get his values and sense of normalcy from? He doesn’t get them from the Negro Church; not likely he gets them from the mosque; not likely that his father is around. He gets his values from the black (corporate engineered) pop-media culture, which is DESIGNED to keep black America in its pathological state… and if you told this guy in the hood about that.. he wouldn’t want to hear it

Ya, Brother Ali’s been sayin’ it for a minit. It’s done. It’s time to evolve and move on. The Earth is a large place. Marry strategically. Don’t get stuck on this corporate engineered Afro-American culture.”

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A Reminder to Self (ARTS) 3


“Keep reminding yourself of the matter of death, for it is the interrupter of pleasures and the terminator of desires.”

“The Creator does not resemble the creations.”

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The Chapel Hill Shootings: A Sunni View

This weekend a buddy from high school (and now i’m a Brother of his in Islam), posted something from a MMA fighter named Randy Couture (never had heard of him before).  It was something he shared about how Muslims have never had any share in American history. (Somehow, just somehow, the author forgot to mention that THOUSANDS of Muslims were here in the US since its inception–the overwhelming majority, of course were black and enslaved and NOT ALLOWED to be involved in the founding of American institutions.)

The next day, a Brother sent me something written by a conservative brown guy.  He has some good criticisms of Leftist ideology (without pointing to the folks behind the curtain).  And in the past, he’s said some relatively favorable things about Muslims–namely, that many Muslims overseas are upset with America because the morally vacuous and decadent Leftist media (e.g., Hollywood movies and the music industry) are attempting to impose their corrosive and toxic lifestyles upon the Muslims.  The guy (the brown guy) is smart and well-educated.  And he used to write for the educated crowd.

Now, however, he is pandering to the real Serf class.  (By Serf class, i mean the simple-minded, crossed up, white folk who ride or die for the star spangled pimp, the Military Industrial Complex, and “free enterprise” (more like corporate rape by the giant corporations that own the country).  Explain to them as you may about how the owners of this country DON’T CARE about them–that they are simply pawns and canon fodder–it simply doesn’t matter: they are are going to be behind the Fox propaganda.  After all, it seems that these people are terribly uncomfortable unless they have someone (non-white, in particular) to hate.)   Back to the brown guy–from what i saw on his FB page, he throws out statements to get his constituency riled up about Obama (which is merely thinly disguised racism–not that i am an Obama fan) and Muslims.

He knows that these simpletons will run with what he says.  I even saw one woman say about Muslims: where is their diversity [and it seems she was implying ethnic diversity]?  Doesn’t she know that Martin Luther King said that Sunday was the most segregated day of the week?  (Well, she probably doesn’t.)  Some of the people on the page were saying that Obama was a “Muslim” working for the so-called Muslim Brotherhood.  (Oh, they were particularly upset with Obama b/c he made a critical statement about Christians and the Crusades—and one could have easily mentioned the MILLIONS killed in the name of Christianity during the era of “exploration” and colonialism.)  As i read the page, it became clear that many of these people weren’t just a little racist, or a little bigoted against Muslims, these people were full-fledged delusional, living in a fantastic realm of paranoia.

I began to think that guys like him (the brown guy), Fox, and then this “American Sniper” movie are going to incite some of the people from this class to commit acts of violence against Muslims–after all, it doesn’t take much for them to turn violent, and like i said, they seem to be a people who just can’t be happy being around folks who don’t look like them.  The only thing i can say that “surprises” me about the event in Chapel Hill is that the guy (who allegedly committed the act) is a hard atheist.  I would have assumed the guy to be a Christian extremist–but then for the atheists, many of them live in a world of nihilism: according to them, we are mere conglomerations of cell tissue and life has no reason or purpose or consequences.  Killing human beings would not be terribly problematic for people with such a worldview (it’s enough to be familiar with the history of communism in the Soviet Union and China and its atheistic ideology to understand that).

It is important that we, as Muslims, don’t go to one extreme or the other in response to this.  Some will start doing the begging thing trying to prove they are “genuine Americans.” Believe me, as a black guy, beg as you may, there are going to be a class of people here in the US who are going to HATE you whether or not you kiss their feet (or other body parts).  They will not accept you not just because you are following the final Prophet; they won’t accept you because of how you look or because of your name.  Get over it.

Other Muslims, especially those who are influenced by radical ideologies, like Wahhabism and quasi-Salafism (and YES we do have a problem with radicalization in the Muslim community here in the US) may seek to exact revenge.  This, also, is not the way to go.  Injustice should not be reciprocated with injustice.  Furthermore, doing such does not help the Muslims, and does not help those people who are searching for the Truth and are in DESPERATE need of understanding the genuine message of Islam.

The solution is to make a commitment to excel through obedience to Allah.  The solution is in learning the Deen properly, teaching others, and spreading the Message of Islam.  We should not be punked down by cowards–cowards who see the disintegration of their own culture, “race,” and civilization.  Remember that the Deen and the message of Tawheed, the message of: “Worship the Incomparable Creator and not any of the creations,” only reached us because of the sacrifice and suffering of those who came before us.  Be sincere and courageous in spreading Islam.  If we are, we can’t lose in this world nor the next.

#‎ChapelHillShooting‬ ‪#‎muslimlivesmatter‬

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Gems of Jannah #1 (Video Edition)

An introductory lesson to Tawheed and the Existence of the Creator, along with a brief refutation of atheism.

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A Reminder to Self (ARTS) #2

Uluru (Ayers Rock) - Moonset“Allah existed before the creation.  Allah does not have a before or an after, an above or a below, a right or a left, a front or a back, an entirety or a part.  Allah created the universe and willed for the existence of time. Allah is not bound to time nor attributed with a place.”

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Malcolm X and the Dictionary (An Addendum)

This is a reading and some commentary on Malcolm X’s struggles with self-education and self-development.


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Advice to a Poor Black Muslim Youth (Video Edition part 2)

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”

–Malcolm X


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Advice to a Poor Black Muslim Youth (part 1 Video Edition)

This is a video version of blog series, “Advice to a Poor Black Muslim Youth.”

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Black History Month: A Sunni Perspective

A brief discussion about Black History Month, African-American Muslims, and Islam.

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A Reminder to Self (ARTS) #1


“Everything exists by Allah’s Destining and Will.  Allah’s Will is fulfilled.  The slaves [e.g., humans] do not will anything except what Allah willed for them; so whatever Allah willed for them comes into being, and whatever Allah did not will does not exist.”

–Abu Ja`far At-Tahawiyy from his `Aqidah

“The Creator does not resemble the creations.”

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Video: Use–Don’t Abuse–Your Mind

Use–Don’t Abuse–Your Mind

A video on the significance of using reason (logic) in understanding the proper belief in the Creator, and a refutation of those who reject using reason in recognizing the correct belief.


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Charlie Hebdo: A Sunni Perspective


Some thoughts about condemnable acts performed in the name of Islam.


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Crystal Cipher #1 `Aqeeq Rings

Crystal Cipher #1 `Aqeeq Rings

`AQEEQ – It was related that it is sunnah to wear a silver ring with an `aqeeq  set in it. It is Sunnah to wear the ring on the small (pinky) finger with the `aqeeq turned to the side, facing outward. It was mentioned that the Prophet, sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam, had a Yemeni `aqeeq set in his silver ring. Among the benefits mentioned in wearing the `aqeeq are:

By the Will of Allaah, it is beneficial for the heart and it strengthens it, especially in confrontations; wearing it in a ring pushes away worries & palpitations; it is beneficial for liver, kidney, and bladder problems; it is beneficial in blood diseases and in healing wounds; it is beneficial in remedying chest pains and aiding digestion; wearing it continuously helps prevent extreme poverty; it strengthens concentration; it is beneficial against the venom of insects; it helps to increase energy; it is beneficial for fertility and impotency problems; and it is beneficial in relaxing labor pains.

`Aqeeq Rings for Sale

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At-Tahawi vs. The Anthropomorphists

This is a short video refuting the claim of those who ascribe to Allah the characteristics of humans (and/or other creations).


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VIDEO: The 13 Attributes of Allah (part 1)

Praise Allah, this is the first of, God-willing, many videos for Youtube and the blog.  Please share and support this effort.


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The Incomparability of the Creator (Short Audio Lesson)

The Incomparability of the Creator

A short audio lesson about the ABSOLUTE Non-Resemblance of the Creator to the creations.

“Certainly, the Creator does not resemble the creations.”  (Abu Hanifah)

(The first 10 seconds may not have any sound.)

Please share!




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Need for Clarity in the Creed

Need for Clarity in the Creed

It was (misleadingly) said in a book ascribed to one of the people on “The Circuit:”

Within Sunnism, however, the Ash`arites, Maturidites, and ‘Traditionalists’*  routinely excluded the Mu`tazilites from the designation Ahl al-Sunnah as a formal concrete theological marker, while neither categorically excommunicating them as unbelievers….

*By ‘Traditionalists,’ the author means the corporealist/anthropomorphist quasi-Hanbalis.  There were people who CLAIMED to be Sunnis following the school of Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, but they were “literalists,” who believed Allah to be some sort of giant object with organs and limbs.  (Today, the Wahhabis or Quasi-Salafis promote this doctrine.) Such a belief is blasphemy and beyond the fold of Islam.  Nonetheless, the author of this book claims that object worship is valid position amongst the Sunnis.  To the contrary, the Sunnis mentioned explicitly that the one who claims that Allah is an object is NOT a Muslim.  (After all, the one who prays to any kind of spatial entity would not be praying to Allah, and the one who prays to anything other than Allah CANNOT rightfully be regarded as a Muslim.)

As for the Mu`tazilah, they were a faction that claimed that Allah is not the Creator of everything (and the author is well aware of this deviance in their doctrine and mentions it repeatedly in his book).  To believe that there are “Creators” other than Allah is to commit “shirk” (take partners with God).  Muslims believe that there is no God–no Creator–other than Allah.  Humans do not “create.”  We can imagine, and we can manipulate (to a limited extent), but we do not bring things from non-existence into being. Our ability to imagine and our ability to manipulate (and what we imagine and manipulate) are all created by the One and Only Creator, Allah.

The Mu`tazilah were staunch enemies of the Sunnis, and Ahlus-Sunnah repudiated their claims with the Qur’an, Sunnah, and rational proofs and charged anyone who:

–denies that Allah knows everything

–denies that Allah has power over everything

–denies that Allah is the Creator of everything

with blatant blasphemy (kufr).  It should be clear that anyone who believes that Allah is ignorant or weak has insulted Allah.  And the one who believes that there are “Creators” along with Allah has committed “shirk.”  All such beliefs must be deemed as blasphemy (kufr).

This is one of the grave dangers of the “Faux-Traditionalists” (these are people who have a background in Traditional Islamic knowledge, but they tend to be apologists, and they twist and distort matters of Doctrine).  From other statements they make, it is clear that they are familiar with what Ahlus-Sunnah says, but the Faux Traditionalists will use confusing and ambiguous statements with their general audiences (audiences that typically are not well-trained in the matters of Sunni `Aqidah and the rules of apostasy).  If ambiguity and obfuscation isn’t enough to confuse their audience, then they… then they just simply lie.

One area in particular that they lie about is the matter of takfeer.  On the one hand, we have the likes of the so-called “ISIS” (and various other Wahhabi (quasi-Salafi) factions) which indiscriminately makes takfeer on Muslims (i.e., ascribe blasphemy to another person), and on the other hand, we have the Faux-Traditionalists, who pretend that the Sunni scholars did not write extensively about what constitutes blasphemy and how to avoid it.

The Faux Traditionalists do not want to discuss blasphemy/takfeer, because very often, they are guilty of various forms of blasphemy–or they are associating with others on panels and in lectures who are guilty of blatant blasphemy (yet, they remain silent about such blasphemy).  To speak about blasphemy would affect their bottom line ($$$), and it does seem that some of them do not discuss the topic of takfeer in an honest and clear manner because their objective is simply to misguide people.

At a time when ignorance of Islam is rife, deviant factions numerous, and powerful opponents of Islam are scheming against Muslims, it would seem (if the Faux Traditionalists were sincere) that the details of Creed and warning against blasphemous factions, ideologies, and misconceptions would be a TOP PRIORITY amongst those who (allegedly) are suppose to be educating the public about Islam.  It is evident that clarifying matters of Creed and warning people against the devastating consequences of kufr (in this world and the world beyond) is not an objective of these people.  And this should make us all wonder: “What, then, is their ultimate objective?”

For more details on the position of Ahlus-Sunnah and the Mu`tazilah, please see the following:

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Some Golden Rules of Tawheed

Some Golden Rules of Tawheed

1.  Allah exists without a beginning and everything else exists with a beginning.                Allah is the Creator and everything else is a creation.

2.  The Creator does not resemble the creations.

3.  Allah is not an object or an image.  Allah has no age, size, shape, form, or color.

4.  Allah exists without a place or a direction.

5. Whatever you imagine in your mind, Allah is totally different from that!

Nothing is worthy of worship except Allah.
Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

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The Creator Exists Without a Place

The Creator Exists Without a Place

In the name of Almighty God

Before there was space, there was a Creator.”

The true belief in the Creator is not based upon blind faith. The Creator gave the human beings minds by which they can distinguish truth from falsehood and delusions from reality. The true belief in God is supported by sound rational proofs, as well as, authentic Holy Scripture.

God is the Creator of all, and everything besides God is a creation. This includes, light and darkness, distance and direction, motion and stillness, time and place. God is Eternal and does not undergo changes. God is as God was and always shall be. God created Heaven and does not reside in Heaven. The Creator is not “everywhere”–but rather, God has created everything every-where without the Creator “being there.”  “Every-where” (or every place) is created by God, and the Creator does not need any of the creations.

The Creator is not in us, for God is not contained. The Creator is not a material or spiritual being. The Creator is not a body and does not have the characteristics of bodies. The Creator is not divisible—consequently, God does not have parts and does not sire children. God is absolutely different from the creations. Whatever one imagines, the Creator is completely different.

The Muslims believe that the Creator is clear of all imperfection. It is the unanimous belief amongst the Muslims that the Creator exists without a place. This was the belief of the Prophet Muhammad, who lived 1,400 years ago, the early generations Muslims (As-Salaf), and the later generations of Muslims (Al-Khalaf). The Muslim Scholars and Sages mentioned many statements declaring that God is free of residing in a place.

Prophet Muhammad said: “God was [before creation] and there was nothing else.” Imam `Ali said: “God was and there was no place; and God is as God was.” Zayn Al-`Abideen said: “Glory be to God, the One Who no place contains You [that is, God].” Also, he said about the Creator: “No place surrounds You.” Ja`far As-Sadiq said: “Whoever believes that God is in something or on something or from something commits polytheism (shirk). Because if God were in something, God would be contained, and if God were on something, God would be carried, and if God were from something, God would be a creation.”

The later Muslim Scholars (Al-Khalaf) also declared that God exists without a place. Ahmad Ar-Rifa`iyy said: “The ultimate knowledge about God is to know that God exists without a how [kayf] or a place.” Fakhr-ud-Deen Ibn `Asakir said: “Allah existed without a place and willed for the existence of time. God is not bound to time and is not designated with place.” Al-Ghazali said: “Allah, the Glorified, existed without a beginning and there was no place. God is not a body, indivisible particle [“atom”], or bodily characteristic; God is not on a place or in a place.”

Muslims believe that Allah (the name of the Creator in the Arabic language) is not an object or spatial entity. Abul-Hasan Al-Ash`ariyy said: “Whoever believes God is a spatial entity is ignorant of his Lord and is a disbeliever.” Imam `Ali said: “Whoever believes our God is attributed with limits is ignorant of the Creator who is worshiped.” Abu Ja`far At-Tahawiyy said: “God is gloriously clear of all boundaries, extremities, sides, organs, and instruments. None of the six directions contain God, as is the case with all originated beings.”

It is the belief of all Muslims that God is not a body and does not occupy a place. God is Free-of-Need (Al-Ghaniyy and As-Samad). Places are other than God—they are creations, and God is not in need of any of the creations. God existed before the places existed. God is free from imperfection. God did not change from existing before and without a place to existing within and in need of a place. God is not contained. God is not dependent on anything.

The Holy Qur’an (the Muslims’ unchanged book of Scripture) declares that Allah existed before any of the creations (57:3), that Allah does not need any of the creations (3:97), and in Ash-Shura, 11 (42:11) the Qur’an informs us: “There is absolutely nothing whatsoever that is similar to God.” From the Qur’an, the sayings of Prophet Muhammad, the numerous sayings of the Muslim Scholars, as well as, the sound rational proofs, the Muslims can demonstrate that the Creator does not reside in a place, for created things exist in places, and God absolutely does not need or resemble any of the creations.

The seeker of truth should be aware that there are extremists who claim to be Muslim, but say that the Creator has body parts and exists above the ceiling of Paradise (Al-`Arsh). These people reach this misguided conclusion because they insist on distorting the meanings of the Qur’an. It is enough to mention to such people that the renown interpreter of Qur’an, Fakhr-ud-Deen Ar-Razi, said: “Allah is clear of being in a place or direction, or on al-`Arsh or al-Kursiyy.”

Also, there are those who claim to be Muslim, but they teach a doctrine of racial hatred in the name of Islam. On the one hand, they claim that white people are evil by nature, but on the other, they claim that God was born to a white woman in the year 1877! It is enough for these people to mention that the Qur’an informs us: “God does not give birth and God was not born. God is Incomparable and has no equal.”  (112:3-4)

Islam is a religion of moderation in both its practices and in its beliefs. Muslims believe in the existence of the Creator (in the Arabic language, the Word “Allah” is used to refer to God), while at the same time, recognizing that the Creator is absolutely different from the creations. Muslims use their minds to recognize the existence of God, while at the same time, Muslims are certain that God cannot be encompassed by the imagination. It is essential that one understands that the Lord of creations is not similar to the creations. Muslims believe that God alone deserves to be worshiped, and that God sent many Prophets throughout history to guide people to the truth. Prophet Muhammad is the last of the Prophets—and God gave him miracles to prove that he was truthful.

The real success is based on being a God-fearing person who prepares him or herself for the inevitable reality of death by following the authentic Laws of God. The beginning of guidance is having the correct belief in the Creator and testifying with the Declaration of Faith to enter the fold of Islam. To become a Muslim, one simply says:


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The Need for Vision

The Need for Vision

Malcolm and Ali

Allahu ‘Akbar. Another era. Maa-shaa’ Allah, this pic touches me. Malcolm was instrumental in my journey (maa-shaa’ Allah). It also brings back a lot of memories. (It reminds me of my cousins back in the day when we were little kids–they were in the Nation), but it should also make us reflect on what has happened to the African-American Muslim. Of all their children (Malcolm and Muhammad Ali), how many are observant Muslims with even a modicum of traditional knowledge?

If we do not develop long term strategies for the preservation and transmission of the Deen, it can vanish in a single generation (as it did amongst the POW African Muslims that were brought here during the Atlantic Slave Trade–and with many of the children of the Black Nationalists of the 60’s and early 70’s). Obviously what has been done before has been WOEFULLY inadequate. We can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results.

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The Absurdity of Atheism

The Absurdity of Atheism

“Calculating is not the same as CREATING.”

Many people are confused on this point.  Simply because the atheists attempt to calculate the various customary causal relationships in the (seen) universe, they are led to think that there is “no God.”  The calculations of the atheist-scientists do not CREATE the properties of the entities.  They are merely a means to EXPLAIN phenomena, but explaining does not make things happen.

The atheist doctrine at its core is one of the most blindly absurd of all creeds.  The atheists do have a “belief.”  They believe in particles (or “waves”).  In essence, the atheists believe that particles–which are, lacking will, lacking knowledge, and lacking inherent power–somehow agreed to arrange themselves to form far more complex systems… all by themselves.  Observation, however, demonstrates that if something is “left alone,” it doesn’t tend toward growing complexity and sophistication–it tends toward decay and dissolution.  (No one expects that a car or house that is abandoned and neglected will in 200 years be in better condition than it is now.)

According to the atheists, however, not only did an explosion occur billions of years ago that “formed” the universe–this explosion happened in such a manner that ever-growing complexity sprang forth from it.  Aside from the fact that one does not generate explosions to get order (and that there had to be something to explode to begin with), according to the doctrine of the atheists, this explosion not only produced a universe (that eventually sprang forth life and even human consciousness), this explosion enabled the universe to perpetuate itself through the eons… all by itself.

It is understandable that many Western people would reject a doctrine that claims that the Creator of the Universe had to incarnate into an infant, and then later commit suicide in order to forgive people for their sins.  However, simply because the Christian belief in God is wrong does not mean that this universe does not have a Creator.  To the contrary–since this universe can neither be “self-created” nor beginningless (the former would entail claiming that the universe existed before it was originated, and the latter would lead to the impossibility of an infinite regress), then the universe is dependent upon something other than itself to have brought it into being and to sustain it (again, it is absurd to claim that the “universe created the universe”).

Muslims affirm the Existence of the Creator—but we negate any similarity between the Originator and the originated.  God exists, but is in no way similar to–nor dependent upon–the creations.  Before there was light, darkness, space or time, there was a Creator.  God is not darkness or light.  God exists without being in a location or direction.  The Creator exists without time and does not age.  The Creator is greater than what we can fathom in our imagination.  The Creator is beyond compare.  This is the pure belief of Islamic monotheism–the middle position between denying the Creator’s Existence and comparing the Creator to the creations.

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Quotation #50 Of the Eternality of God

“Allah exists without a beginning and everything else exists with a beginning. Allah is the Creator and everything else is a creation.”

(Shaykh `Abdullah Al-Harariyy, Al-Mukhtasar (The Summary))

The Sunni Faqih (scholar of Islamic Jurisprudence) and Muhaddith (scholar of Hadith), Shaykh `Abdullah Al-Harariyy,1 mentioned in his Summary of the Personal Obligatory Knowledge, the above quote pertaining to the correct belief in the Creator (Allah). Muslims believe in One Perfect God. God (Allah) is the Creator of everything. That is, everything that exists other than God is a creation.

In brief we know that God exists, for the creations stand as proof for the existence of a Creator. Contrary to the claims of the atheists, the universe could not be self-created, for as we have mentioned here: it is absurd to claim that something was existing before it was originated, and then it was originated after it was already existing. That is, for something to (allegedly) “create itself,” it would require existence to act (something that doesn’t exist can’t do something). And to claim that what already was existing originated itself is likewise absurd—a thing could not exist before it existed. Furthermore, one cannot honestly claim that the universe is beginningless, for that leads to the absurdity of what is called an “infinite regress.” The present is the culmination (limit) of what came before… but that which is allegedly infinite does not have a limit.

The atheists have faith in “particles” and “chance”—but particles cannot give themselves their own properties, and they cannot arrange themselves “by chance.” The statistical chance of pulling cards numbered 1-10 from a bag in sequential order is 1 in 3.6 million. And if we add just five more cards to the bag, the statistical chance of pulling them out in sequential order 1-15 becomes 1 in 1,307,674,368,000. The atheists will reject the claim of the one who says that he was able to randomly pull twenty-five cards out of a bag a dozen consecutive times (without cheating) but, yet, he has faith that the particles of the human eye, for instance, somehow arranged themselves and designated themselves with the attribute of sight. Islam, contrary to atheism, invites people to be reasonable: the universe could not possible “create itself” and arrange itself… all by itself. Muslim are certain that the universe requires a Creator.

Unlike the Ancient Greeks philosophers, the Muslims recognize that only Allah is beginningless (the Greek philosophers held the conviction that there was a co-eternal substance from which God allegedly created the universe). Allah originated this universe ex nihilo—that is, from nothing, as the Prophet Muhammad informed us about the beginning of creation: “Allah was [existing] and there was nothing other than Allah.” Allah then created the Primordial Water and from that substance everything else was created.
It is understood that since Allah is the only one who exists without a beginning, then Allah is Unique. Allah is totally and categorically different from everything else. God is uncreated; hence, God is unlike the creations.

Also, it is evident that since Allah existed before the creations, then Allah is not dependent upon any of the creations. Allah existed before place, directions, distance, and time. Therefore, it is known that Allah is not a spatial entity, for Allah does not have a size, because whatever has a size requires space in order to exist. Allah is not a temporal entity, for Allah has no age and does not undergo change, and Allah does not have an origin. The dimensions of time and space are both created; Allah existed before they existed without needing them, and after Allah created time and space, Allah did not transform and become dependent upon them. God is not an object or an image: whatever one imagines, Allah is different from that.

Everything that exists (other than God) is originated by God. Allah is not only the Originator Who initiated the universe, but Allah is the Sustainer of the creation. Each motion and stillness that occurs in the universe is created by Allah. The thoughts, the feelings, the intentions—everything (other than Allah) is created by Allah. The creations do not have the power to bring themselves into being, and they do not have the power to sustain themselves from moment to moment. There is only One Creator, and the true Name of the Creator is “Allah.”

Since Allah is the sole Creator of everything, and we are merely the property of Allah, then Allah has the right to do with us whatever Allah so wills. Allah is the Owner of everything, and Allah owes us nothing. The wise and prudent thing for the human being to do is to submit to God, which is the essence of Islam.2 The person who revolts against God will never find true contentment in this fleeting world and will be in a state of perdition in the Hereafter. For one to attain the ultimate felicity and bliss, one must be a Muslim and strive to fulfill all of the commands of Allah and avoid all forbidden matters. This is the path of ultimate success in this life and the one to come. May Allah, the Lord of the Heavens and Earth, grant us that.

1For more information about Shaykh `Abdullah and his teachings please see:

2A person becomes Muslim by saying: “Nothing is worthy of worship except Allah. Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah,” with the desire to become Muslim. No witnesses or ritual bathing is required beforehand.

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Islam and Hip Hop

Islam and Hip Hop

This is a link from a Brother i know that he posted on Facebook:

Clarence 13 X: the founder of the Five Percenters

Clarence 13 X: the founder of the Five Percenters–this is the person whom the Five Percenters refer to as “Father Allah.”  This is BLATANT blasphemy.

Okay, Brother Ali’s take. One, what was called by some “Islam” in hip hop was almost exclusively “Five Percenter” ideology.  This movement is a spinoff from Eli Poole’s  (“Muhammad”) so-called Nation of Islam. Neither the 5%ers nor the Nation are “Islamic” groups.  On what basis can that be said?  Well, we have to take things back to their meanings.  A Muslim is a person who believes PROPERLY in the Creator (Allah) and in all the Prophets.

When Muslims speak of God, they are speaking of the One, Perfect, Eternal Creator of the Universe.  The Creator was before the creations–before the Heavens and Earth, before light and darkness, before time and space.  The Creator existed and nothing else existed.  The Creator does not need or resemble the creations.  The Creator exists without time or place.  Whatever one imagines, the Creator, Allah, is different from that.

In addition to the PROPER belief in the Creator, one must believe in all the Prophets of Allah.  All the Prophets were men who received Divine Revelation from the Creator.  They were men of the highest virtue and honor.  They were all men of integrity, dignity, intelligence, courage, and wisdom.  The Prophets are the noblest of the creations.  God is One; God is clear of imperfection and does not change–hence, the true belief in God does not change.  All the Prophets called people to worship the same Perfect and Incomparable Creator.  In brief, this belief (properly understood) and testification to it (I bear witness nothing is worthy of worship except Allah, MuHammad is the Messenger of Allah) is the minimum for one to be considered a Muslim.

The 5%ers (so-called “Nation of Gods and Earths”) claim that the Name Allah stands for A-rm L-eg L-eg A-rm H-ead. They consider every “Asiatic” black man to be God (a`udhu billah). These people are mushriks (pagans). It should be evident that the human being cannot be God.  The originated (i.e., the human being) can’t become beginningless.  God is Beginningless; God existed before the creations and is not dependent upon the creations.  The human being, by his very nature, requires food, drink, air, and in the least, space, in order to exist.

Furthermore, as the Qur’an tells us, whatever Allah wills to be shall be (85:16).  If the hundreds of millions of “Asiatic Blackmen” in Africa and India, for instance, were all “God,” then all of them could will and bring into being whatever they willed.  It is ludicrous to say that there hundreds of millions of beings with absolute control over the universe.  There is only One God, and everything is subordinate to the Creator, as the Qur’an informs us:

If there had been other gods with Allah, then this world would have been in ruins.”  (21:20)

And this is so because each one of these alleged gods would be vying for supremacy over other alleged gods.  Allah is the only God and Creator.  No one or thing deserves to be worshiped except Allah.

Additionally, on the one hand the Five Percenters claim that the white man is the devil… but it was white men who enslaved black men by the millions and subjugated the continent of Africa (and other parts of the black world) to colonialism.  In essence, the Five Percenters are claiming that the devil has power over God.  Sometimes the Five Percenters will claim that this happened (meaning, colonialism and slavery) because the “Blackman did not have knowledge of himself.”  So, in essence, according to their blasphemous doctrine, “God” was ignorant of being God, and was tricked and enslaved by the devil.  No Muslim would say or believe such a thing.

As for the so-called Nation of Islam, which is the origin of the Five Perecenter ideology, it claims that God created Himself trillions of years ago out of darkness and electricity.  (The Final Call, p. 32 vol. 10, #10)  This is ludicrous, for one, because, something can’t be “self-created”—what doesn’t exist cannot act or produce something, much less can the non-existent produce itself.  A thing must be (exist) to do. 

Also, the Qur’an informs us that Allah created the light AND THE DARKNESS (Al-An`aam, 1).  Allah is not light, nor is Allah darkness.  Allah is the CREATOR of light and darkness–and electricity and everything else.  So on the one hand, the so-called Nation of Islam claims God was created from darkness and electricity and that the white man is the devil, but it also claims that the Creator of the Universe was born to a white(!) woman in the year 1877.  It should be clear that neither one of these groups is “Islamic.” In fact, these people called a MULTITUDE of youth to kufr and Hellfire in the name of “Islam.”

The other group that was mentioned in the video was the X-Clan.  The X-Clan was part of the “Black Watch”–a black nationalist organization.  They invited youth to the blasphemy of Pharaonic Egypt and also to the demon worship of West African voodoo cults.  In the final assessment, none of these groups, which were allegedly “conscious” were guided, but rather, they were misguiding and deviating people from the path of pure Islamic monotheism.

As for the social commentary and music, i am a product of that era, and it was the music that helped with my political-social-racial awakening—that along with the things i was reading, beginning with the “Autobiography of Malcolm X.” By the grace of Allah, i was guided to genuine Islam (and i did not embrace 5%er nonsense). These people mixed some “good” (political-social-racial consciousness) with the deadly poison of blasphemy, vice, and sin.

As for things being by design, they pretty much are set up that way. But like with most black apologists, they seem to fail to mention that no one forced black folks to abandon the socially “conscious” rap for “gangsta rap.” No one is forcing black people to listen to radio music today. Anyway, an observant Muslim avoids the fitnah of this degenerate rap-crap by fearing Allah and not listening to this music. Problem solved… and for free.

Also, none of these allegedly conscious types will touch the black heathens’ favorite pass time, namely, serial fornication. Yes, there are blood sucking parasitical institutions that promote and feed off of black pathology, but that does not remove personal accountability. No white men (or Jews) are forcing black men and women to fornicate. The REAL problem in the hood is the breakdown of morality.  People can be poor and still behave in a civil manner.  Once immorality is normalized, however, it makes it almost impossible to have stable marriages and stable families (after all, serial fornicators don’t make for good wives or husbands)–and without stable families, there cannot be stable communities.

Regarding a solution, the African-American Muslims can take what was good from what these guys have to offer–for example, being historically and socially conscious. We also must develop our own art form(s) by which we can spread our values and the pure creed of Tawheed in a manner that is appealing to the masses (without dumbing things down or committing sins). We also need to have a “higher critique.”  That is, Muslims need to have a more sophisticated understanding of the society in which we live.  Our analysis must be more than regurgitating Cultural Marxist and Negro apologist gibberish.  We must examine the world around us from the vantage point of the Sacred Law, and by doing so we can distinguish Truth from falsehood and provide people with an alternative different from what the Matrix has to offer.  And if we don’t do this, frankly, i don’t know who will.

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The Absurdity of Feminism (Just One Example)

The Absurdity of Feminism (Just One Example)

This is very interesting. I’m not a fan of Whoopi, but she really held it down here. I haven’t kept up much with the Ray Rice thing–never heard of him before this incident–and i am not a fan of turning wifey into a punching bag. However, Whoopi’s main point is that women should not antagonize men and put themselves in circumstances in which they are likely to get hit. Period.

One woman brought up this issue of size difference. Well, as a guy, i have enough sense not to get into the “face” of someone like a Shaquille O’Neal talking about his momma and spitting on him. If i got a beat down, folks probably wouldn’t be coming to my defense saying he shouldn’t have done so b/c he’s a lot bigger than i am. Instead, i would be (and should be) blamed for being a fool.

This issue also exposes the fallacy of feminism. Day and night the feminists are crying that they want (or have) “equality;” however, if a man treats women with equality (like giving an equal opportunity beat down), then the man is accused of a heinous crime. Again, this is all part of the Cultural Marxist agenda–to remove all responsibility from the likes of women, and blame men for their (women’s) own “less than wise” decisions. Frankly, the feminists can’t have it both ways: if you want equality, then it has to be “full equality” and not “selective equality.”

In truth, both boys and girls need to be reared so that they understand that they have different roles. Girls need to know that this feminist garbage, regardless of how it might soothe certain insecurities and feed the ego, is detached from real life power dynamics. And boys need to be trained to be patient and to deal with the peculiarities of female nature. Telling girls (and boys) that the two genders are “equal” only places the weaker gender in situations in which they are likely to be abused or violated.

Allah has made different rules for the different genders. And those rules are for the benefit of the individuals and for the society.

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Exposing the (so-called) ISIS Movement



The core ideology of the so-called ISIS is that of Wahhabism (quasi-salafism).   This ideology is NOT from Sunni Islam, but from a character named Muhammad Ibn `Abdul-Wahhab, who died about 200 years ago.   When the Wahhabi innovation appeared, the Sunni scholars refuted it and discredited it.   Eventually, the Sunnis went to war against the Wahhabis in the early 1800’s after the Wahhabis engaged in a campaign of terror against the Muslims in cities of Ta’if, Madinah, and Mecca.  And it was only in the following century, after World War I, that the Wahhabis/Saudi regime were able to ascend to power and have a significant role in the affairs of Muslims.   Also, the discovery of petrol in Arabia and its ensuing wealth greatly altered the role that Wahhabism has had in the the Muslim world.

Wahhabism is NOT Islam and Islam is not Wahhabism.   However, with the wealth from the petrol, the Wahhabis were able to flood the Muslim world (and beyond) with their books and their preachers.   Even in the US, you can find movements, like the so-called “Salafiyyah Da`wah” movement, which is still popular amongst African-American Wahhabi converts in the Northeast.   Many “Islamic” bookstores also carry books by the so-called “Daarus-Salaam” and other Saudi-Wahhabi publishers, which further indoctrinates people with this hideous quasi-Salafi ideology.

The fundamental difference between the Sunnis and the Wahhabis is in the matter of doctrine–in the belief in the Creator.   The genuine Muslims (Sunni or otherwise) believe in One Perfect Eternal Creator.   The Creator ABSOLUTELY does not need or resemble the creations.   Allah was before time, place, distance, and direction.   Allah is the Creator of time and space and does not exist in time or space.   Allah is not a material or spiritual being. The Creator does not have a size or dimensions.  The Creator of place exists without being in a place.

The Wahhabis, on the other hand, are literalists.   They worship a giant bipedal shadow-casting unidentified extraterrestrial smiling faced object–with fingers and a tibia–that they imagine to be located far above their heads.   As a result of their absurdly literalist reading of the Qur’an and Hadith, they ascribe to the Creator limbs, organs, and the occupation of space.   The Wahhabis (so-called Salafis) are worshipers of an imaginary object.   Allah, however, cannot be imagined, and Allah is not an object.

The Wahhabis’ warped literalism also applies to the way they “interpret” Islamic Law.  As a result of their erroneous methodology, they miconstrue the Qur’an and Hadith and deem murder and even random mass slaughter to be allowed in Islam.  It should be kept in  mind that the barbaric practices of the so-called ISIS are not new to Wahhabism.  From the beginning of the Wahhabi (so-called “Salafi”) innovation 250 years ago, this has been their practice.  The so-called ISIS and the Wahhabis do NOT represent Islam.  They are a deviant faction that engages in object worship and murder in the name of Islam.

The Wahhabis are a menace to humanity.  Be warned of them and warn others.  May Allah guide us and protect us from their harm.

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The Black Idiocracy

The Black Idiocracy

This is something i came across.  Pretty much on point.  We have a dysgenic dystopia taking place in the black inner city.  The low IQ crew breeds amongst itself (and even middle class and professional black women often breed with the goons).  As a result, each subsequent generation becomes more dysfunctional and immoral.  It is one thing to be doing bad–and recognize you are doing bad–and seek to do better.  It’s another to be doing bad and not know you are doing bad.  And it is altogether the worst to be doing bad, normalize and glorify the bad—and attack those who don’t consider your bad to be “normal.”


It was said:

Black women mating choices are the root cause of black dysfunction in America

“Black Americans had it MUCH worse in the past, and they still managed to create relatively strong communities, businesses, and families. So, what changed between then and now?

1. Female sexual selection within the black community was altered by the mass expansion of the Welfare State.

2. Sexual access, marriage, and reproduction was removed from stable, productive beta males with jobs and transferred to “alpha” douchebag criminals.

3. Most of the black ghetto dysfunction in America today is rooted in dysgenic mating on the part of black women, (i.e. mating that promotes degenerate traits.)

It’s Bad Boy Gina Tingles on a cultural scale.

When women are no longer forced to rely on the stability of the beta male and his productive capacities for sustenance and the survival of their offspring, and can instead collect easy money from the State, they quickly revert to a pre-Agricultural Revolution mating strategy in which the meanest, most violent men are rewarded with the greatest level of reproductive access.

Such men do not stick around to raise their children, they move on to the next ho and knock her up too.

Such men not build communities, they poison them with violence and crime.

Such men do not create progress, they destroy it by creating a downward spiral in which each generation is more dysfunctional than the previous one.

Over 70% of black children in this country are born out of wedlock. Most of them are fathered by thugs and criminals, because that is what black women choose to reproduce with.

It’s a numbers game: black American men who are stable, intelligent, and productive are simply being bred out of existence. The same principle is found in the movie Idiocracy, which most people consider to be less of a comedy and more of a prophesy.

40% of ALL American children are now being born into the same circumstances which have destroyed the black community, and that number will continue to rise as women double-down on the bad boy cock carousel, celebrate bastardy, and claim their cash and prizes from the State.

If this nation collapses into dystopian nightmare in the future, it will have exactly f**k all to do with transdimensional space aliens and everything to do with the fact that American women have spent the last 20+ years (longer in the black community) creating hordes of fatherless thug spawn.

Advice for young American women: Stop having your children out of wedlock with the first “totally hawt” convicted felon with a neck tattoo you come across, and try reproducing with men who have positive attributes like, I don’t know, a job and an education and the desire to raise a family.”


Fornication destroys lineages and fornication destroys nations.  Of course it’s all part of the GFCBP (Government Funded Criminal Breeding Program), which helps keeps the private prisons full of impulsive and not very bright criminals–and hence, keeps the Prison Industrial Complex profitable.  None of this is particularly difficult to figure out if one has a modicum of intelligence or sincerity.  Given that black culture has totally embraced the Cultural Marxist ideology to fix its problems, it’s not likely to get better–for this Leftist ideology attacks morality and the family–which are the very things black folks need to improve their condition.

For African-American Muslims, again, this drives home the need for a new identity and culture that is not based upon some plantation era notions of race.  We must b build our identity upon traditional Islamic knowledge and a sincere yearning to obey Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

Here’s an example of dysgenics in the trailer park (the evolution thing aside):
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The Kalaam of Allah (Short Audio Lesson)

This lesson is a clarification regarding the Kalaam Controversy.

(The first ten seconds may not have any sound.)


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Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad (Brief Audio)

This is a lesson about the Islamic concept of miracles, and we mention some of the miracles of Prophet Muhammad and some of other Prophets of God.

(The first ten seconds may not have any audio.)

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Quasi-ISIS Movement: A Brief Refutation

A Brief Refutation of the so-called ISIS Movement

I got this from a Brother I know:

“An important reference concerning ISIS and their misguidance. Please share.

قال الشيخ العلّامة أحمد بن محمد الصاوي المالكي المتوفى سنة 1241 هـ في حاشيته على تفسير الجلالين في المجلد الخامس ص 78 في تفسير قول الله تعالى

{ إِنَّ الشَّيْطَانَ لَكُمْ عَدُوٌّ فَاتَّخِذُوهُ عَدُوًّا إِنَّمَا يَدْعُو حِزْبَهُ }

و قيل هذه الآية نزلت في الخوارج الذين يحرّفون تأويل الكتاب والسنة ويستحلون بذلك دماء المسلمين وأموالهم كما هو مُشَاهَدٌ الآن في نَظَائِرهم وهم فرقة بأرض الحجاز يقال لهم الوهابية يحسبون أنهم على شيء ألا إنهم هم الكاذبون استحوذ عليهم الشيطان فأنساهم ذكر الله أولئك حزب الشيطان ألا إن حزب الشيطان هم الخاسرون نسأل الله الكريم أن يقطع دابرهم

It means:

The Shaykh and erudite scholar Ahmad Ibn Muhammad As-Saawiyy Al-Maalikiyy (d. 1241 AH) said in his commentary on Tafseer Al-Jalaalayn in volume 5, page 78 in explaining the saying of Allah the Exalted:

{ إِنَّ الشَّيْطَانَ لَكُمْ عَدُوٌّ فَاتَّخِذُوهُ عَدُوًّا إِنَّمَا يَدْعُو حِزْبَه }

“And it is said that this verse was revealed in reference to Al-Khawaarij who pervert the interpretation of the Qur’an and Sunnah, and by this they deem the blood and money of Muslims permissible* as it is evident now among their colleagues, a group in the land of Al-Hijaaz called the Wahhabis, who consider themselves upon something. Indeed, aren’t they liars? The Devil gained mastery over, making them forget to mention Allah. They are the faction of the Devil. Is not the faction of the Devil among the losers? We ask Allah to eradicate them.”


This is very important–and it CLEARLY demonstrates that the Sunnis refer to the Wahhabis as “Wahhabis,” and it is not the case that the term “Wahhabi” was invented by the Western media (as some Wahhabis claim). The Wahhabis (so-called “Salafis”) are a satanic sect and a disgrace to the Muslim Nation. It must be kept in mind that the Wahhabis are object worshipers, who worship a giant (imaginary) extraterrestrial shadow casting bipedal being with a smiling face, fingers, eyes, and one shin. The Wahhabis do not worship the Creator, but rather a product of their imaginations.  Allah is ABSOLUTELY Incomparable; whatever one imagines, the Creator is completely different from that.  Hence, anyone who worships real or imaginary objects or images is NOT A MUSLIM.

Not only does this video make it clear that the Sunnis do NOT consider the Wahhabis (so-called “Salafis”) to be Muslims, it also (indirectly) exposes these quasi-traditionalists here in the US who pretend not to know what a Wahhabi is or claim that it is not permissible to deem ANYONE who claims to be a Muslim a disbeliever—even if the person were to worship an image or an object (as is the case with the Wahhabis).


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Wahhabism and the (so-called) ISIS Movement

Wahhabism and the (so-called) ISIS Movement

The following article does a pretty good job of discussing the history of the Wahhabis and how the practices of today’s so-called ISIS movement are right in line with the founders of Wahhabism itself:


I know when i was in Philadelphia and had my first face to face interactions with African-American Wahhabi (quasi-Salafi) converts, that it seemed odd to me that they would be so fanatical about the (so-called) “Salafi Minhaj,” while seemingly utterly oblivious to the history of Wahhabism and the Saudi state.  (It was only later that i realized what little regard the Wahhabis had for things like, history, logic, reason, and honesty.)  It should be no wonder that the Wahhabis will talk a lot about what they call the “Salaf” (and Ibn Taymiyyah) but are generally ignorant of the rest of Islamic history.  This is so, in essence, because the Wahhabis are not connected to the mainstream of Islam. Wahhabism is a later day innovation.

 The Wahhabis justify their policies of wholesale pillage and butchery because they misconstrue Qur’anic Verses.  But this distortion of the Qur’an is not relegated to their practices.  The core of the Wahhabi (so-called “Salafi”) deviation lies in what they ascribe to the Creator.  Whereas the Muslims believe in One, Perfect, Incomparable Creator, the Wahhabis pray to a giant extraterrestrial organism with a smiling face and a tibia.  The Wahhabis pray to an (imaginary) object.  Muslims do NOT worship an object.  Muslims believe that the Eternal Creator of space, distance, and direction exists without a place.  The Wahhabis worship a (imaginary) being located beneath Prophet Jesus.  The Muslims do not worship what the Wahhabis worship, and the Wahhabis do not worship the One Whom the Muslims worship.

The author of the article does say some misleading things about tawassul and tabarruk.  It should be clear that whoever worship an object, whether that object is here on earth or elsewhere is not to be regarded as a Muslim.  Hence, Muslims do not, for instance, pray TO the dead.  Nonetheless, it is part of the Sunni doctrine that one can benefit from the traces of the Prophets and the ultra-righteous, and this does not entail “shirk” (polytheism).  Allah is the Creator of the harm and the benefit.  This is a central aspect of the Muslim creed.  As one may eat food with the hope to get relief from hunger or take medicine with the hope to get relief from illness, Muslims may also seek  benefits from the traces of the blessed.  Allah is the only Creator.  No one brings anything into being except the Incomparable and Transcendent Creator, whose Name is “Allah” in the Arabic language.  This is the One Whom the Muslims worship and not any of the creations.

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Belief in the Prophet (Short Audio Lesson)

This is a short lesson about the belief in Prophet Muhammad from the `Aqidah of At-Tahawi, which is document on the Sunni doctrine.

(There may be no sound in the first 10 seconds of the recording.)


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Cultural Marxism and the Coloreds

I’ve been seeing this guy quite a bit as of late. Perhaps i read some of his stuff back in college, but i was never into the so-called “black liberation theology” stuff. It made no sense how an “educated” person–someone who knows the history of Christianity–could still promote it, much less in the name of “liberating oneself from oppression and racism.”  And that is not to mention how the absurdity of the Christian doctrine is itself a form of mental slavery and oppression.  [Wow, after looking at this guy’s stuff on-line (that is, what is ascribed to him), it’s clear this guy has really gone off the deep end….]

Cornel West: leading colored thinker and homosexual agenda advocate (according to the media).

Cornel West: leading colored thinker and homosexual agenda advocate (according to the media).

He illustrates why i say that the black culture is done—African-American Muslims HAVE TO develop a new identity DISTINCT from either the black heathen culture or that of the Negro Church or colored “elite.” The reason that black folks are at the bottom of the social order today is largely because of the collective immorality that prevails in the culture. Here you have the leading black intellectual in America who supports homosexuality. If the leadership supports such an abomination, then what is to be expected of the impulse driven masses?  I even have learned a new word (apparently) from this character:

They [Harvard Educational Review board members] enthusiastically reported back to us that in his talk, West, who is Professor of Afro-American Studies and of the Philosophy of Religion at Harvard, drew explicit and repeated connections between White supremacy, patriarchy, and HETEROSEXISM.”

(Okay, i don’t feel soooo bad: the word HETEROSEXISM isn’t in my spell-checker, either.) In the same article it says:

“Dr. West agreed, but he expressed concern that, as a heterosexual, he not displace ‘any of the gay, lesbian, or transgender voices.’ He went on to say:

For me it is a privilege and really a blessing[!] to be part of the issue [in promoting homosexuality], because the issue that you’re raising is very important. But as you know, it’s important as well that one not come in from the outside, as it were. It is important not to push aside any of the voices that come from inside of the movement itself.‘”

This is just straight (well, not straight, but queer) Cultural Marxist rhetoric.  In a nutshell, Cultural Marxism (so-called Political Correctness) was initiated by those who sought to subvert the society.  Unlike the traditional Marxists, who sought armed revolution, the Cultural Marxists attacked the society from within by attacking the institutions upon which the society is built: the relationship between and roles of men and women, the family, children and child raising, religion (usually, Christianity–and nowadays Islam), and the general traditions of the society.  The focus of their attack was initially on white, heterosexual, male, Christians.  Now that Christianity has increasingly become a joke in the minds of the masses, homophilia is the norm, and white guilt affects many males of European descent, the Cultural Marxists can now direct more of their energies against Muslims.

Most of the stuff young people get in the university classrooms (i.e., in the social sciences/English) is de facto Cultural Marxism–“Critial Theory,” “multicultural studies,” identity politics, feminism, gender and homo-studies, ad nauseum have a single source.  Rarely is that source discussed and examined—much less, the agenda behind this ideology.  Nowadays, this madness permeates even the grade schools, the media, and the culture, in general.  Anyone who challenges this ideology is deemed a “racist,” “sexist,” or the dreaded “homophobe”–oh, and let’s not forget to add “anti-Semite.”

Many Muslim youths adopt the rhetoric of the Cultural Marxists with NO IDEA of the origin of this ideology.  Since the Cultural Marxists portray themselves as being “tolerant” people (as long as you don’t expose the absurdities in their ideology), and many Muslims in the West have identity issues, which make them yearn for acceptance from the larger society, they are delighted to hear (some of) the Cultural Marxists say some things in defense of Muslims.  (It should be noted that the Cultural Marxists’ “defense” of Muslims is not because of a love of Islam, but they defend Muslims to the extent that they can make observant Christians seem narrow-minded and bigoted.)  As a result of this uncritical mindset stemming from ignorance of Islam and a deep seated inferiority complex, we find many Muslims (or those who at least claim to be) repeating verbatim the talking points of the Cultural Marxists–often (probably) not realizing how the implications of such claims contradict what Allah reveled unto the Prophet (sallallahu `alayhi wasallam).

As for Cornel, he is suppose to be some sort of “Christian theologian,” but he is promoting homosexuality. How the *expletive* does that work!?! The Bible condemns fornication and perversion, and EXPLICITLY mentions capital punishment for sodomy–furthermore, the Bible condemns the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. And even IF one wanted to run the line that Jesus abolished the Mosaic Laws (which is true–but he came with a new set of Sacred Laws–he did not eliminate the Law altogether), Jesus did NOT (even according to the Bible) promote fornication and perversion.

You have a black America blighted by illegitimacy. The poverty, the crime, the general state of dysfunction in the inner city all stems from serial fornication–the deep distrust in the black community between black men and women stems from serial fornication. Black males are walking around in a psychological state of arrested development largely because their obsession with their reproductive organs. Black women are the run away leaders in new HIV/AIDS cases–and that is because of their promiscuity and the inability of the men they sleep around with to stay out of other men’s rectums.

In spite of all of that, this Cornel character (apparently) is right in line with promoting the homosexual agenda. Amazing. What would Malcolm say to that?!? Now do these Cultural Marxists make some good points about racism, the military/prison industrial complex, colonialism, American foreign policy, and economic disparity? ABSOLUTELY. But just because they do so doesn’t mean that Muslims should embrace these characters and their ideology. At the core of the agenda of the Cultural Marxists is immorality, the rejection of Divine Revelation, and atheism. In reality these people HATE Islam—even if they pretend to “stick up for the oppressed.” If you have “friends” like this (who detest what the Prophet taught), then you really don’t need enemies.

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At-Tahawi #4 (A Short Audio Lesson)

This is a lesson on the Eternality of the Creator.  It also contains a short refutation of the blasphemous claims of the so-called “Muslim philosophers,” who said that the universe is beginningless.


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The Arsh and Kursiyy (Brief Audio Lesson)

Another lesson from the `Aqidah of At-Tahawi: The Doctrine of the Sunnis.  It also contains a brief refutation of the Wahhabis (quasi-Salafis), Uthaimeen and Bilal Philips.


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The “New” Slave Catchers


This is an interesting piece on slavery and the cops:  [For the record, i know nothing other than what i posted of this person’s blog.  I found it relevant, so i am sharing it.]


This quote from the article shows the real danger of having a “for profit” prison system that needs criminals (or at least inmates) to keep up its profits. These are the words of the Correctional Corporation of America and its concern about having fewer prisoners to make money off of:

The demand for our facilities and services could be adversely affected by the relaxation of enforcement efforts, leniency in conviction or parole standards and sentencing practices or through the decriminalization of certain activities that are currently proscribed by our criminal laws. For instance, any changes with respect to drugs and controlled substances or illegal immigration could affect the number of persons arrested, convicted, and sentenced, thereby potentially reducing demand for correctional facilities to house them.” [In NO WAY am i advocating the legalization of more mind and body wrecking drugs, but it has to be admitted that the drug policies suffer from “racial disparities.”]

I know that i put the coloreds on blast a lot. Again, that doesn’t mean that i have some infatuation with Squad Gestapo and who they work for. My point being that those who have power have no incentive to change. On the other hand, black folks are always complaining about their condition, but do little or nothing to change their immoral behavior. Tell them to stop drinking, doing drugs, fornicating, and listening to this brainwashing (c)rap “music,” and they will get angry at you. The fact is that many of those who complain don’t want to change.

Once we distinguish between those who don’t want to change from those who sincerely want to fix the problems in Black America, we can then offer solutions to the American Race Matrix.   Apologists and enablers of black pathology don’t want a solution.  They are comfortable with their own reprobate behavior… and, like the prison industrial complex, some find black pathology profitable.

The other reason why i blast the colored culture is because you have other elements, such as, the Cultural Marxists, who are normalizing black pathology—and all the other degenerate ideologies that piggy-back off of black culture. The Cultural Marxists do this to undermine the moral standards of the society. And it is naive to think that this use of toxic black “culture” does not affect Muslim youth not only here but also in the Muslim countries. Given that so few people are dealing with this issue (of the proliferation of African-American heathen culture), i’ve taken it upon myself to address it, maa-shaa’ Allah.

With that said, that does not mean that one cannot warn people about the real nasty prison industrial complex (PIC). It is something we ALL should be concerned about. Speaking out against it does not mean that one is in support of crime or criminals–not infrequently the ones in front of the bars are as criminal as the ones behind the bars. The bottom line is that corruption and injustice will continue to prevail (amongst the poor and the rich, the socially powerful and the weak) as long as the people lack a moral compass and a fear of the True Creator.

Here is another post on the plight of the modern black male:

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The Existence of God (Short Audio Lesson)

This is a short audio lesson discussing some of the Attributes of the Creator.


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The Legacy of Shirk in African-American Culture

The Legacy of Shirk in African-American Culture

Folks have to remember that the majority of the Africans brought here back in the day were hardcore demon worshiping voodoo practicing pagans. After the Crusaders enslaved them, they mixed their mushrik ideas with Christianity. And they still practice their Christian-shirk with their mushrik kufr until today–as we can see:

(Shirk, means to associate partners with God–that is, to worship something other than God or to worship something(s) along with God.  In either case, it is a form of blasphemy, and blasphemy is the worst of the sins.)

This also demonstrates the absurdity of some African-American Muslims thinking that one can establish “unity” on the basis of color.  African-American Muslims should be striving to lead people (of all colors) out of this corporate engineered Race-Matrix and not trying to cling on to an antiquated sense of identity that can only keep them at the bottom of the social order.  Unity is based upon a sincere desire to obey the Creator.  Unity is based upon a condition of the heart and not the pigment of the skin.  Many of these (type of) people in the video, if you were to share with them the genuine Islamic belief in the Creator: that the Creator ABSOLUTELY does not need or resemble the creations, that the Creator does not have a size, shape, or form and is not a material or spiritual entity—that the Creator exists without time or place, they would not only reject the True Belief, they will become angry and hostile.

Likewise, if you were to explain to them that the Bible has been changed, and it is not possible for the originated (Jesus) to become beginningless, and that it is not valid to believe that the Creator of the Universe had to incarnate into the womb of a young teenager and then later (supposedly) commit suicide in order to gain the power to forgive people for their sins, they might try to cause you physical harm.

The local Brothers here are quick to remind me that the Negro Church is BIG BUSINESS (i often forget this–praise Allah, i didn’t grow up on that madness). The Negro Church leaders see Islam as a threat to their bank accounts. And they slander Muslims and slander Islam in order to prevent their flocks from listening to what Muslims have to say with an open mind.

Unity is based upon SINCERITY. For the person who sincerely wishes to obey the Creator, well, the doors of Islam are WIDE OPEN–irrespective of one’s nationality, race, class, previous religious affiliation, height, weight, hair color, age, etc. One believes in One Perfect Creator, Who is the Creator of everything, and ABSOLUTELY does not need or resemble anything. And one believes in all the Prophets, and that they are all men who received Divine Revelation from the Creator; the Prophets NEVER blasphemed and had the highest level of moral character and human integrity. The last of these Prophets is Muhammad. One becomes Muslim by desiring to embrace Islam and saying:

“Nothing is worthy of worship except Allah; MuHammad is the Messenger of Allah.”



The guy who does the “Deen Show” is not a person of religious knowledge. He invites just about anyone on his program. The speaker is Mufti Menk. I don’t know what his situation is (regarding his `Aqidah methodology). He does use this phrase: “Islam is not a religion,” which is not true. We say that Islam is a religion. Usually, when people way “Islam is not a ‘religion,'” they mean that Islam is not like Christianity in the West, in which Christianity is a marginalized aspect of life that is practiced in the church once a week, but has little to do with people’s daily affairs (such as, how they earn a living, the means by which they carry out transactions, their dress or dietary codes, or how the society is governed, etc.).

Regarding the Verse about Allah creating the jinn and humans, one should NOT say: “Allah created the jinn and humans TO worship Allah,” but rather one should say: “Allah created the jinn and humans, and they were ORDERED TO WORSHIP ALLAH.” If Allah had created everyone to worship Him (no gender intended), then they certainly would have–for whatever Allah has willed to be shall be. It is clear that the people in the above video don’t worship the Creator.  Rather, they worship “spirits” (in this case, demonic jinn), who delude the people into making them think they (the jinn) are worthy of worship.

Also, contrary to the claims of the secularists, voodoo and possession by demonic entities is a real thing.  (We even have a part of the city here in Memphis called “Voodoo Village.”  I remember going there to drop a Brother off a few times and thinking to myself, that i feel like i am way down in the bayous of Louisiana somewhere and that there is a lot of creepy stuff going on–it was only later, maa-shaa’ Allah, that i learned what the local folks call that area.)  As one can see in this video, paganism and devil worship (and that is what these people are praying to–they certainly are not praying to the Creator of the Universe) distorts and warps a person’s mind. Shirk is an abominable matter and isn’t something to be taken lightly.

This is the origin of the practices that take place in the Negro Churches:

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The Knowledge of God (Short Audio)

This is a lesson from the `Aqidah of At-Tahawi, which is a summation of the Sunni doctrine.

(The first 10 seconds may not have any volume.)

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Sista Soulja–What Happened?!?

How do you go from this:
to:  !?!?!?!?!?  

Wut the %#&$ happened?!?

We had a discussion in one of those post-Jumu`ah ciphers the other day on what happened to rap.  I’m not a regionalist (i don’t think Springfield ever produced a major rap artist), but i have to admit that the vast majority of socially conscious rap was coming out of the New York area.  The West coast had the gutter-gangster stuff, and the South had the coon-rap.  

After seeing the first video, i don’t feel so bad about my naivete back in the day.  I was anticipating a generation of young black women like this to be behind their men as we led the black revolution.  If you didn’t get the memo, said revolution never took place.  But IF there had been a generation of women like this, and men holding it down, things COULD have been a lot more different than Nikki Minaj and “Basket Case Wives.”  

Again, this should make it clear that the black culture has disintegrated.  For those African-American Muslims out there, if you haven’t done so yet, please make a cultural hijrah from the heathens and house Negroes.

Post Script:

I don’t agree with everything Sista Soulja said.  Black nationalism/Pan-Africanism have their limitations.   For instance, the ultimate purpose of life is not to be “black” or “African”—the ultimate distinction between people is not the incidental matters of color or geographical origin.  Black nationalism and Pan-Africanism don’t provide people with a clear cut moral code. Black nationalism and Pan-Africanism do not inform people about the events of the Afterlife or who is God.  

The point i’m making with Sista Soulja was that there were black women who were KEENLY AWARE of local and global politics and were willing to WORK WITH BLACK MEN to improve the condition of black people.  These women could breakdown the dynamics of power in America and did so, even if it meant putting their “careers” (or lives) in danger.  Nikki Minaj and the “Basket Case Wives” are a far cry from the bygone era of black consciousness.

Sista Soulja

Sista Soulja

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On Destiny (A Short Audio Lesson)

A lesson on the Muslim belief in Destiny.

(The first 10 seconds does not have any volume, and about half way through, there’s a jump in the volume.  Sorry, i am still working on fixing the technical glitches, God-willing.)


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The Oneness of God (Short Audio Lesson)

This is a short audio lesson discussing the Oneness and Absolute Uniqueness of the Creator.

(As with most of these audio tracks, there is no volume for the first ten seconds.)  Please share.


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The 13 Attributes of Allah (Audio)

The Thirteen Attributes of Allah Part 1 (AUDIO)

This is a short audio lesson on the Attributes of the Creator.  It succinctly explains the difference between the Islamic belief in God and other religions.

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America is NOT for Black People

Maybe i’ll weigh in on the situation in St. Louis a little more later. In brief, you’ve got a militarized gestapo-tactic police force versus a sub-class of people wallowing in (and often glorifying) pathology and dysfunction. Of the former, many of them are on some deep corrupt and sadistic stuff. They are what they are. They VOLUNTEER to enter the field of work that they do.  That says a lot about them.

As for the coloreds, what are they to do? As has been said, other than being inmates of the prison industrial complex, what value do they and their culture add to the economy? As their illegitimacy rates move closer to the 100% mark, i don’t see them being able to produce any sort of family or community stability. They don’t have any leadership to speak of. Perhaps Reverend Chitlin and Pastor Hamhock will be rolled out for a protest, and they’ll raise some money that they can stick in their pocket, but beyond that, i don’t see the black “leadership” doing much.

One “option” (not that i would advocate this) is that they would become more militant. Our coloreds don’t have a problem killing each other over sneakers and parking spots, but they don’t seem to be able to direct that propensity for violence against their police oppressors. Anyway, any sort of armed insurrection would mean almost certain annihilation.

Another option would be to follow the model of the successful immigrants, like the Jews and East Asians (meaning, Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese). That would mean raising a generation of children who would go on to elite universities and into influential positions, by which they could influence the domestic (and even foreign) policies in the favor of black folk. Again, b/c the black “family” structure has disintegrated, and there is a lack of foresight and self-restraint in black culture, that ain’t likely to happen.

The third option would be to bounce. The fact is that black people will never really be respected by whites (meaning, traditional white culture–not talking about emasculated white males gelded by Cultural Marxism). Blacks were slaves who did not fight for their independence from white folk; hence, they will always be considered second class citizens. Just consider the level of respect whites give Native Americans (they actually fought to be free from white folks). Native American “militants” are eulogized in American history. Which blacks are? And it should be enough to consider the number of towns, cities, and states named after Native Americans (and whites), and which ones are named after blacks (MLK Blvd, in the hood doesn’t count) to see how blacks are regarded.

For African-American Muslims (and Muslims, in general), we are here for the time being—but develop an exit strategy. Have a plan for your children and where you want to raise them. Make sure that they are well-educated, multilingual, multicultural, and are strong in the knowledge of the Deen and have a strong sense of identity as Muslims. Also, don’t get too caught up in this American Race Matrix, for by and large, it is little more than social engineering. None of us are going to be questioned in the grave about the color of our skin. The objective of the Race Matrix is to keep the masses divided and confused, and to keep them from coming to know the purpose of their life and the Truth about their Lord. We should want no part of that confusion.

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Brief Refutation of Bilal Philips (AUDIO)

A brief audio lesson refuting the claim of the Wahhabi, Bilal Philips.

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At-Tahawi AUDIO Lesson #3

Short audio lesson from the renown Sunni doctrine  of Abu Ja`far At-Tahawi.

(The first ten seconds does not have any volume.)


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At-Tahawi Lesson #19 (Allah is Clear of Directions)

At-Tahawi Lesson #19 (Allah is Clear of Directions)


An explanation of the famous saying of Abu Ja`far At-Tahawiyy:

“Allah is clear of all boundaries, extremities, sides, organs, other body parts/devices.  None of the six directions contain Allah as is the case with all the created entities.”




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The Destruction of Black Civilization: Addendum

Yesterday, after posting the link:  i got a couple of responses from some people on a black history page.  One was a black female, who objected to the criticisms made in the video and my comments about the black female’s role in the unraveling of the black community (although i said EXPLICITLY that black males bear the brunt of the blame for the disintegration of black culture).  Another person (a guy) asked me why i was posting stereotypical images of black people.

I explained my positions–didn’t even go that hard, but the responses were largely based on emotionalism (although the black female was somewhat clever and tried to get over with a couple of rhetorical tricks… that i didn’t allow to slide).  I also didn’t want to go hard because i know how such folks are prone to act off of impulse, and i would find myself kicked out of the group.  Well… i got kicked out of the group anyway.

I wasn’t disturbed about getting kicked out.  But what disturbed me was the little regard that these people have for rational discourse, facts, and self-criticism.  It then occurred to me that what was disturbing me is that these people have little regard for truth.  It simply does not interests them—yet, they want to complain about how they aren’t “treated right.”  Nonetheless (all-ways the Moor), it should seem obvious that if you wish to improve your collective condition, you have to first be committed to personal rectification.  This simply isn’t on their agenda.

A Brother then later said to me, “If a person doesn’t care to know the Truth about God, then it would not be surprising to find that they aren’t interested to know the truth about less important matters.”  Ya, that says it all.  That’s another one of those, “turn of the lights and close the door moments”—like, when the young Brother said to me when i was in Beirut about the pathological culture of hood: “Some people like it that way.”

I mean, you have one group of people thinking about domination of the media, the legal and financial systems, education and academia, and outright global control.  You have another group who is concerned about “baby mammas,” blunts, rap videos and “Basketball Wives” (brought to you by the same folks who dominate the media).  These people clearly are not “equal.”

Of the latter, when they are invited to self-assessment and laying out a plan to improve one’s condition, they don’t want to hear it.  Now some may say that Brother Ali is just a little condescending when he speaks to “his people,” but the fact of the matter is that 20-30 years ago (longer than that) Farrakhan was dropping knowledge about the deplorable condition of black America—and where it was going.  Farrakhan was allegedly loved by black males—yet, the VAST MAJORITY had NO INTERESTS in taking to heart his call for moral rectification (of course, Farrakhan’s doctrine of human-worship is total deviance, but IN GENERAL, his critique of black America and what it needed to do to improve its social condition were largely on point).*****

Lastly, we need to do da`wah to anyone and everyone who is interested in knowing the Truth about their Creator.  This is irrespective to one’s skin color (class, ethnicity, gender, etc.).  We need to tailor the da`wah to the needs of the different groups of people we encounter (without, of course, changing the message).  At the same time, there is a need to provide necessary social criticism–which includes that of black culture.  As Muslims, our understanding of the society needs to be much more sophisticated than what is beamed from the Cultural Marxist Matrix media.  People who are interested in such critiques are often interested in seeking the Truth.  And these are people that may be interested in learning about the Oneness and Perfection of the Lord of the Universe.







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I found this guy last week. He’s a futurist, and this does seem where things are going (a lot of it is pretty creepy, like the Franken-science). As for black culture, it is in NO WAY prepared for these quantum shifts in the economy and the society. (Even this guy is saying it is going to cause TREMENDOUS disruptions for people in general–so what about those at the bottom of the social order?)

Any objective consideration can realize that what this guy is talking about bodes VERY POORLY for the black underclass. Black folk were brought here to do PHYSICAL LABOR. They (for the most part) have continued following that model through the generations. However, in the 70’s and beyond, with the closing of large parts of American manufacturing sector (think: Detroit), those jobs have been outsourced. Millions of black men subsequently have lost high paying union jobs. As for other manual labor jobs, in the last few decades, there has been a large influx of Latino (and other) immigrants. As a rule, the Latinos work for less than Americans–even black Americans–and their numbers have been steadily growing in relation to the general population (they have now surpassed African-Americans as the largest minority group… and there are millions and millions more clamoring to get across the border).

You can add to this the fact that the black underclass culture REVELS in crime, pathology, dysfunction, and let’s call it what it is: immorality. The culture has little regard for knowledge, learning, education, or self-discipline—however, the entire economy is becoming a “brain based” economy (as opposed to the old “brawn based” economy). The black “family” is in shambles and the culture is in no way prepared for these quantum shifts in the economy… it doesn’t even KNOW about these shifts about to take place (in all likelihood) on the horizon… and even if it knew, it is highly unlikely that it would care because it is devoid of long term thinking and too engrossed in immediate self-gratification.

You have millions of black males, often with little education and little in the way of social skills, who are by and large unemployable (certainly in most higher paying jobs). Their manual labor services are not needed in a high tech economy. From an economic perspective, they offer little value to the society.  Simply consider what value can a pair like this add to a high tech economy:

…except in one key growing sector. That key economic sector is, of course, the prison industrial complex. Genocide–at least open genocide–isn’t considered to be chic anymore (unless you happen to be Palestinian, maybe). But putting criminals in jail (and producing and maintaining incubators for cultures of criminality) is politically chic… and profitable.

As for African-American Muslims, it should be clear that we need to raise children who are distant from this heathen underclass culture. There is a need to develop a NEW IDENTITY and culture that will prepare the next generation of Muslims for the challenges they are going to face. Clinging on to this corporate engineered sense of racial identity and solidarity is not going to serve us–it can only drag us down and destroy as it has destroyed others.

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I don’t usually go too hard on this topic (that is, with black women). Nonetheless, what this woman says (and it is coming from a woman) drives home the point of what i have been saying about the state of black culture. It is done for. The state of the “culture” now is not more than a very large social engineering experiment with some very strong psychological warfare undertones.

As i have said, in black culture (today), the underclass determines the norms. The underclass is engrossed in social pathology and dysfunction… and although they might complain, they, by and large, like it that way (if they didn’t, then they wouldn’t act the way they do). Through a relatively sophisticated use of the media, black underclass pathology has been made to seem “hip,” “cool,” and “trendy.” And now, as the video points out, the black family has largely been gutted—and the proliferation of lesbianism in black America can only accelerate the process of disintegration.

Regarding the media, as we can see with the situation in Palestine, the controllers of Cyclops are not a stupid people. To the contrary, they are MASTERS of psychological manipulation. And the very same psychological manipulation that is being used against the Palestinians has been used against black folks for decades (it’s enough to look at the names of the folks behind the scenes in the rap recording industry, or the Sambo sitcoms, or the exploitation flicks).

It’s not only that things are bad… very bad, it’s how things are trending–and they are definitely trending down in black America and not up. Furthermore, the colored leadership is so stuck in the Cultural Marxist matrix of playing victim, that it NEVER talks about the importance of delayed gratification, self-restraint, and discipline. Its bread and butter is finding incidents of racism… but it somehow has a difficult time figuring out who are the people who are behind the media–and their connection to finance, academia, and other mind controlling institutions.

Another point about self discipline: a person who lacks self-control will always be exploited by the one has self-control. The person without self-control will always be manipulated by his impulses and emotions. It’s not rocket science. The people “inside your TV or your radio” are not your friends. The TV’s (and radio’s) purpose is to indoctrinate the masses to buy certain products, adopt certain lifestyles, and fall in line with the agenda of the folks who own the society. It’s absurd to cry that the TV doesn’t treat you right, when it requires NO EFFORT to turn it off. Also, if you have to turn to the TV to get a sense of who you are and a sense of self-esteem, then it is clearly time to consider getting a new personality.

Another point: i am not a big fan of Sotomayor. He makes some GREAT points, but he has an axe to grind with black women. Not my position. If anyone deserves (and someone does) the greater burden of the blame for the disintegration of black America, it has to be black males. The root of the problem (aside from blasphemy) is the black male’s fascination with serial fornication. Ya, the women fornicate too–no doubt–but it should have been the black male’s duty not to ruthlessly exploit the fairer sex, and he should have established MORAL order in his communities, in his families, and in himself. It didn’t happen, and we see the consequences: “Fornication Destroys a Nation.”

CAVEAT: I did not SEE the entire video (i LISTENED to it, but i was busy reading the comments and did not see all the images in the vid).

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