The Guiding Creed: Lessons 4-6



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In this lesson, human will is discussed.


In lesson 5, we discuss the difference between genuine Sufism and some of the beliefs and practices of the pseudo (false) Sufis.


In this lesson, we discuss the sources of knowledge as understood in the Islamic tradition.

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Intellectual Self-Defense for Muslims (Part 1)

Intellectual Self-Defense for Muslims (Part 1)

Over the past several weeks, i have been reading websites and watching videos attempting to attack Islam.  In many cases, the responses of those claiming to represent Islam have been weak and wholly inadequate.  Also, many Muslim youth are in jeopardy in the face of this assault against Islam.  God-willing, i hope that this will help serve as a tool to counter these attacks.

One could classify the anti-Muslim polemicists into three categories.

1) The Christian fundamentalists–they are people who use a primarily Biblical and Christianity to oppose to Islam

2) The European nationalist–they see that Islam and Muslim immigration is a threat to European/national identity.

3) The secular supremacist–these are the atheists (usually) who unquestioningly assume the authority of secular ideology.

We will deal with each group one by one.   As for the CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALISTS, they are closest to the Muslims.  These Christians will say, just as the Muslims say, that the ultimate purpose of human existence to obey and worship the Creator (that is not to say that Christians understand what is appropriate to believe in the Creator).  Also, the Christians, like the Muslims will claim to use a religious book as their authority for codes of conduct and morality.  Of course, in reality, the modern Christians pick and choose what they like out of the Bible.  Hence, when debating with them, one must need to be familiar with some of their tricks.

For one, this class of people often outright LIE (in spite of the Christian command of not lying).  These Christians virtually NEVER compare the genuine Islamic belief in the Creator with the Christian belief.  After all, it would not be in their interests to say: “Muslims assert that there is One, Eternal, Transcendent, Incomparable, Omniscient Creator, Who is the Creator of everything.  And we [the Christians] believe that an infant incarnated into the Beginningless Creator, had to eat drink, and rest, and eventually get murdered to gain the power to forgive people for their sins.”  A side by side comparison of the two beliefs would show that the Christian belief is inferior to the Muslim belief in the Creator (and given that the Creator is Superior to everything and not inferior to anything, it could not be possible that the Christian belief could be correct).

With the above being true, the Christian fundamentalist types will make claims, such as, “Allah isn’t God.”  Even after it is explained to them that the Arabic speaking Jews and Christians use the Word “Allah” to refer to the Creator (that isn’t to say they have the proper belief in the Creator) or that THE ARABIC BIBLE says that Allah created the Heavens and Earth in the beginning of Genesis, these people will insist that Word “Allah” isn’t used by Arabic speakers (Muslim and non-Muslim) to refer to the Creator.  (Please see: )   Some have even concocted bizarre so-called “moon god” theories to try to discredit Islam.  In brief, the Christian fundamentalists don’t want to discuss Tawheed (the Islamic belief in One, Perfect, Incomparable Creator), because it would make their anthropolatry (i.e., the worship of a human being) look ludicrous.

Instead of having an honest discussion about the proper belief in God, the Christian fundamentalists will attack the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu `alayhi wasallam).  This is problematic for the Christian fundamentalists on several accounts.  For one, these Christians often judge the Prophet by contemporary secular values (the very values the Christians claim to be decadent).  When Muslims point out that many of the practices in Islam have parallels in the Bible, the Christian fundamentalist will claim that those rules are from the Old Testament and have been abrogated.  Again, this is a problem–even from the Christian perspective, for the Bible says that Jesus said:

“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.”  (Matthew 5:17)

The Christian tradition readily admits that Jesus followed the laws in the OLD TESTAMENT.  And, in fact, the laws of the Old Testament are replete with war, mass execution (of even infants), amputating hands of thieves, and capital punishment for disobedience to the parents, sorcery, blasphemy, murder, etc.  So–according to the Christian tradition–Jesus agreed with and abided by the the laws of the Old Testament for most of his time on Earth.  This matter gets more problematic for the Christian, for not only did Jesus (allegedly) follow the laws of the Old Testament, Jesus is the one who SANCTIONED and ORDERED the laws of the Old Testament–because, according to Christian tradition, the Bible is the Revelation of God… and Jesus is God.

 Sometimes Christians will try to escape the issue of morality the Bible by saying to the effect that we live in modern times.  So according to them, the man-made secular laws are superior to the laws of the one they deem to be their so-called “god.” If Christian morality changes according to the prevailing secular norm (on any given week), then this opens the door to all sorts of deviance and debauchery–and makes Christian/Biblical morality irrelevant.  (Incidentally, it is this line of reasoning that has led to numerous churches promoting Biblical absurdities, like so-called “gay marriage.”)

The main points in dealing with the Christian fundamentalists is to establish the proper belief in God by using rational proofs.  If the Christian seeks to use his Bible to prove his doctrine, then demonstrate:

1) the Bible has not been reliably preserved and transmitted (it’s been altered)

2) the Bible has contradictory statements about God (such as, claiming that God does not change–and also claiming that God walks about and finds things)

3) the Christian doctrine (Trinity) is a man-made innovation and is rationally absurd

4) the Christian doctrine is incompatible with the Bible itself

When it comes to morality, either a person is going to agree with (what they think to be) the Commands of the Creator or with the commands of human beings.  He can’t have two masters.  The laws in the Old Testament are stricter than the Sacred Law revealed to Prophet Muhammad.  A Christian cannot honestly condemn Islamic Law without condemning Jesus and his own tradition.

This is a brief overview on how to address the typical objections of the Christian fundamentalists.

With Allah is the success and the guidance.

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An Illustrated Refutation of Atheism

In this short video, we demonstrate why the atheist doctrine is inconsistent and invalid.  In brief, the universe exists; the universe can not be beginningless; the universe can not be “self-created.”  This means that something other than the universe created the universe–and the One Who created the universe would not be subject to what the universe is subject to (e.g., time, change, space, dimensions, etc.)

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Mawlid Speech 1438/2017

A lecture about the legacy of Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu `alayhi wasallam) and his influence on human history.  Please watch, share, like, and subscribe.


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The Absurdity of the Anti-Muslim Christian Polemicists


I recently saw some comments on a (supposedly) Muslim vs. Christian debate. Among the comments from the human-worshipers was that “Islam is evil because it’s violent.” This is an odd statement for a Christian to make… a very odd statement.

It is odd because the Bible is VERY violent by contemporary secular standards… and by the Sacred Law standards that Muslims follow. Of course, the Christians will claim that the laws of the Old Testament have been abolished by the (alleged) teachings of Jesus (what they really mean are the teachings of Paul). But… this doesn’t help the Christian cause. According to Christianity, Jesus readily followed the laws of the Old Testament for most of his time on Earth…. So, according to the Christian, Jesus studied and followed the “barbaric laws” that the Prophets before him followed… and that’s not the only problem for them….

According to standard Christian doctrine, Jesus IS GOD. Aside from ludicrous Christian claim that a baby became the Beginningless Creator of the universe–or claiming that Jesus walked around calling himself one-third of the Creator of the universe (and an inferior one-third at that)–the Christian runs into another problem. If Jesus is God (as THEY claim), then not only did Jesus follow the laws of the Old Testament, Jesus is the one who sanctioned and ORDERED the mass killings of babies, killing children for disrespecting their parents, killing sodomites and fornicators, etc. (as per the orders of the Old Testament). So according to Christian “logic,” since Jesus (allegedly) ordered such practices, then that would make him a wicked and evil person (or a wicked and evil God-person… or a wicked and evil one-third of God-person )–these are things a Muslim would NEVER say.

Muslims understand that the Creator is One, ABSOLUTELY Incomparable and Free-of Need.  The Creator is not a material being and is not a spiritual being.  The Creator is not dependent upon the creations–before there was light or darkness, distance or direction, time or space, there was a Creator. Allah (the Creator) existed before the creations and there was NOTHING else.  After Allah originated the creations, Allah did not transform into a spatial entity and materialize in a location (or a direction).  The Creator exists without being in a place. The Creator does not resemble the creations and cannot be fathomed by the imagination.  Muslims understand that the Creator has sent Prophets to guide humanity, and those Prophets conveyed the Sacred Law for the well-being of the human in this transitory world and for their well-being in the Afterlife.   Muslims submit to the Orders of the Creator and do not object to the Orders of the Creator.

As for the Christian polemicists, they often attempt to attack Islam based on the standards of whatever happens to be trendy today in Western secular-corporate thought–while failing to realize that the very practices they often attack Muslims for are mentioned in the Bible, and as we said above were (according to their logic) must have been commanded by Jesus himself. This has to be regarded as the pinacle of either hypocrisy or deception.

With that said, one should be reminded of the proverb: “Folks dwelling in glass cribs shouldn’t be chuckin’ rocks.”


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Lady Rahmah, Causation, and Feminism

Two lessons about the righteous Muslimah, Rahmah bint Ibrahim.  We also discuss the concept of causality and Allah being the One and Only Creator.  Furthermore, the absurdity of feminism is discussed.

Lesson 1


Lesson 2










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Of Reishi


It has been  said:

“As a Spirit [Shen] tonic, nothing compares to Reishi. It is simply the greatest Spirit tonic of them all. It is believed by the Chinese to protect the Spirit and to nurture the growth of intelligence, wisdom, and spiritual insight. Reishi is a superb anti-stress herb. Everyone who takes Reishi notices the peacefulness that seems to accompany its use. Many people are able to stop using chemical drugs. And Reishi seems to be cumulative, gradually strengthening the nerves and actually changing how we perceive life.

It has routinely been used by mountain hermits, monks, adepts and spiritual seekers throughout Asia because it was believed to help calm the mind, ease tension, strengthen the nerves, improve memory, sharpen concentration and focus, build will power and, as a result, help build wisdom. That is why it was called the “Mushroom of Spiritual Potency” by these seekers. The people of Asia believe more than ever in Reishi’s power to improve the quality of life by improving the inner life of a human being. All the scientific validation only explains the physical nature of Reishi, but it is the profound ability of Reishi to improve one’s life on every plane that makes it so incredible.”

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Of Gynostemma



It is reported:

Jiaogulan (Gynostemma) is a plant that grows wild in China. The leaf is used to make medicine. Jiaogulan is sometimes referred to as “Southern Ginseng” because it grows in south central China and is used in similar ways as ginseng. Gynostemma is also known as: sweet tea vine, fairy leaf, and “magic grass.” Jiaogulan is used for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and improving heart function. Gynostemma is a SUPERB adaptogen, that is, it helps the body and mind deal with stress. Furthermore, Gynostemma helps bring the body into homeostasis, that is, Gynostemma helps bring the body (and the moods) into balance—if one needs energy, it increases energy; if one needs to relax, it helps one to relax. It also helps the body find its optimal weight.

Benefits of Gynostemma

Increase strength and endurance

  • Build lean muscle
  • Reduce fatigue
  • As a powerful adaptogen
  • As a powerful antioxidant
  • Reduce stress
  • Treat depression and anxiety
  • Maintain optimal weight
  • Maintain normal blood sugar levels
  • Remove toxins from the body
  • As a general tonic for overall health and well-being
  • Decrease bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides
  • Increase good cholesterol (HDL)
  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Increase coronary blood flow
  • Decrease vascular resistance
  • As a healthy source of natural vitamins and minerals
  • Maintain healthy brain function
  • Enhance immune system


Bring a cup of water in a pot to a roil (close to a boil); add a teaspoon of Gynostemma. Steep for 3-5 minutes for the best taste. One can steep for a longer time to get optimal health and medicinal benefit.

Health is invisible wealth.

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Of Yerba Mate



Benefits of Yerba Mate

It is reported that the Pasteur Institute and the Paris Scientific society in 1964 were interested in this healthy source of vitamins and did a thorough study of its properties. The investigators concluded “it is difficult to find a plant in any area of the world equal to [yerba] mate in nutritional value”

1. Yerba mate provides a smooth increase in energy.

2. Yerba mate boosts mental functions of all kinds.

3. Yerba mate is a nutritional powerhouse loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

4. Yerba mate can boost the immune system.

5. Yerba mate tea can help you lose weight.

6. Yerba mate has a long history as a digestive and elimination tonic.

7. Yerba mate can build strong bones, even without exercise.

Drinking yerba mate tea increases bone density, even in people who don’t exercise.

8. Yerba mate helps keep your heart healthy.

Yerba mate is loaded with nutrition that it contains practically all the micronutrients needed to sustain life. (11)

Each serving of mate contains the following vitamins and high concentration of these minerals:

  • vitamin A
  • vitamin C
  • vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B5
  • vitamin E
  • calcium
  • iron
  • magnesium
  • manganese
  • phosphorus
  • potassium
  • selenium
  • sodium
  • sulfur
  • zinc

Great Diet Aid

  • Increases Focus
  • Increases Strength, Energy, and Endurance
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Reduces Cholesterol
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Contains Antioxidants
  • Contains 15 Amino Acids
  • Contains 24 Vitamins and Minerals
  • Strengthens the Immune System
  • Best natural remedy for constipation by softening the fecal mass
  • Rejuvenates
  • Breaks Down Fat (Lipolytic)
  • Balances Sleep Patterns
  • Increases Libido
  • Delivers Oxygen to the Heart and Lungs During Exercise
  • Diuretic
  • Is a Whole Body Tonic


For a single serving:

  1. Add a teaspoon to a cup

  2. pour a small amount of room temperature water over the tea

  3. Pour hot water (do not boil the water), over tea; let steep at least 3 minutes

Health is invisible wealth.

(The above is for educational purposes and is not intended to be medical advice.)


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Of Paradigm Shifts

“Change is inevitable, but personal growth is a choice.”


“Had a paradigm shift, like I met Morpheus….”



This morning i was listening to some BOB, and he was talking about “Paradigms.”  He says that Paradigms are a multitude of habits–most of which we don’t voluntarily adopt, but rather, we were programmed with them from the time of our childhood and infancy.  As a matter of fact, people were making decisions five generations ago that are currently influencing our thinking and behavior.  Hence, in reality, many of our habits are not “our” habits but the habits of those who were around us (and before us).  If we wish to change our Paradigm, then, we need to consciously overwrite the negative and useless programming that is already in our minds.  Only we can do this (bi’idhnillah)–and this takes persistence and determination.  Nonetheless, if we change our patterns of thought, then (by the norm), our behavior will change, and then our results and circumstances will change (bi’idhnillah).

Some important points:

1. First and foremost, one must understand that whatever the Creator has willed to occur, it will occur.  There is only One Creator.  We don’t “create” anything (even our thoughts and intentions are created by the Creator).  Hence, when we speak about changing our thoughts and thereby our circumstances, we are only speaking about customary norms.  These changes do not take place by necessity, but rather, they are causes and effects that Allah wills to occur–or not to occur.

2. We need to recognize that we have been programmed.  The way we think is not a necessity, but it’s just a thought pattern that we–whether we wish to admit it or not–are usually comfortable with.  We can’t insist on indulging in the same thought patterns and expect that we will behave differently (and consequently get different results in our lives).

3. Many of us are in the habit of letting present circumstances dictate our thinking and what we are capable of.

4. The results of our current thinking patterns support our Paradigm. And then we engage in more of those thoughts, and more of those behaviors, and get more of those results.  The results reinforce the thinking–the thinking (and behavior) reinforces the results… which reinforces the Paradigm.

5. The way to break the cycle of vicious-thinking is to voluntarily choose new thoughts.  This also means that one decides not to allow external circumstances to dictate his internal condition.  One must develop inner strength and determination and focus so that he is driven from within and not from without.

6.  The solution lies in:

A) Having worthy goals.  This enables the person to have a target that will enable him to rise above circumstances

B) Developing the confidence that the worthy goals are attainable.  Others have done what is similar to what we would like to do.  What is largely holding the person back is past (negative) programming–and that is all that it is, namely, programming.  The negative programming became part of our Paradigm through repetition.  We change that negative programming through repetition–the repetition of positive affirmations.

D) Trust in Allah and Yaqeen (Certitude)–that is, being certain that no one or thing creates except Allah.  Making lots of dhikr sows the seeds of Tawakkul (Trust in the Creator) deeper and deeper into the heart.  We (should) put forth our best effort to attain lofty goals, while remembering the saying of the spiritual master:

My heart is at ease because I know whatever was meant for me will never miss me, and whatever misses me was never meant for me.

–Ahmad Ar-Rifa`iyy

Hence, we strive for a balance between ambition and contentment.  We want what is good for ourselves and others.  We seek to positively influence the world–all the while recognizing that NO ONE is the Creator except Allah.  And as Muslims, we don’t object to the Creator–rather, we submit to the One Who created us and everything else.

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Jesus: The Son of Mary

This is a short lecture on the Islamic perspective of Jesus.  Please watch, share, and subscribe.  Your support is GREATLY appreciated.




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Is it Racism or Bigotry? (Part One)

Is it Racism or Bigotry? (Part One)

An interesting discussion came up recently about racism and the term “Islamophobia” and how many Immigrant Muslims (IMs) are feeling the brunt of anti-Muslim discrimination and “racism” (especially since 9/11 and more recently with the election of Don Trump).    We discussed whether or not it was racism and white supremacy that drives “Islamophobia” or is it anti-Muslim bigotry that drives “Islamophobia.”  Despite the centrality of white racism to the American psyche, i would posit that it is religious bigotry and civilizational challenge that ultimately drives anti-Muslim sentiment.

In my opinion, the beginning point of defeating white racism is to deny “white” people their whiteness–meaning, that race, as we understand it in America, is largely an arbitrary matter (see: ).  I believe it is more prudent to deem “whiteness” to be an ideology than an actual “race.”  In the case of “race,” you are born with what you are born with.  In the case of an ideology, one is free to relinquish it whenever they choose.

That’s not to say that there aren’t people who are clearly Northern European and are of an identifiable phenotype.  But in many parts of the world, such clear distinctions are easily made.  There are many regions on earth where you have “whites” who have for a long time “mixed” with other people (e.g., much of India, Central Asia, Egypt, Arabian Peninsula, much of the Americas).  In America (USA), “white” people mixed with “black” blood are regarded as “black.”  On the other hand, “mulatto-looking” people in Egypt are regarded as “white.”  So Vin Diesel is “black,” but what we are seeing here are brown-skinned white children with afros:


(Egyptian children)

This inconsistency in “whiteness,” of course, applies here in the USA, as well.  Latinos (e.g., Mexicans)–the majority of whom are Native Americans with a relatively small admixture of European blood–are categorized racially as “white” according to various government data… but according to the mainstream narrative on human migration, Native Americans came from Eastern Asia–hence, Mexicans should be regarded (racially) as “East Asian/Mongoloid” (or at least Native American) but they are not. So in the US, if you have “one drop” of black blood, you are “black”–but if you are East Asian (Native American) and have a few drops of European blood, then you are “white.”  Nonetheless, we all kinda sorta know that kids who look like this don’t get a “white card” in the realm of reality.


Claiming such people for the “white team” is just a means of giving yourself inflated numbers.

Technically speaking, when we discuss race and anti-Muslim discrimination, there are only four primary “races” (Australoid, Caucasoid, Negroid, Mongoloid)–according to mainstream anthropology… or at least, that used to be the case.  Indo-Pakistanis and Arabs are classified as “Caucasians”–Caucasian shouldn’t be confused with being “white.”  All of these people are regarded as “Caucasian”

(Indian children)

(Yemeni children)


(Omar Al-Bashir, President of Sudan)

…So, the President of Sudan is a “Caucasian,” but Colin Powell:


…is, well, a “Negro.”  It gets clear pretty quickly, that this notion of “race” is largely an  ambiguous (and arbitrary) matter.  And that the founders of “race” (as we use the term in America) had a clear agenda of the IDEOLOGY of white supremacy–and used the IDEOLOGY  of white supremacy to divide and weaken the masses against the ruling class… and most white people (and black folks, for that matter) have bought into the illusion.

Whiteness in America isn’t merely a “racial” phenotype descriptor, but it is an IDEOLOGY related to being part of the Western European (historically) Christian tradition.  Many Muslim immigrants think that they can get their “white card” because of their complexion.  But if you are an observant Muslim, i gotta break it to you, you may be fair of skin, but you aren’t really “white.”  These are REAL Caucasians here (as in from the Caucus region–and they are fair-skinned), but they won’t be getting invites to join the Klan anytime soon.

(Chechen women)

The Western European historically has had two aspects to his identity: whiteness AND hostility to Islam.  But even here, the concept of “Europe” has to be called into question. Europe is NOT a continent (as in a distinct continuous landmass).  Similar to “race,” “Europe” is an arbitrary divide separating (historical) Christendom in the west (i.e., Europe) from Islam to the immediate east.  Without Islam, there would be no European identity and there would be no “Europe.”  Although racism and the fear of genetic annihilation NO DOUBT are major motivators of “whiteness,” it is the civilizational challenge of Islam that the ideology of “whiteness” fears the most.

God-willing, in Part Two, we will explain why “whiteness” sees Islamic as a civilizational threat to its existence.


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Of Walking

Some reflections on walking.


“I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out until sundown: for going out, I found, was really going in.”
–   John Muir

“As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.”
–  Henry David Thoreau

“Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow.”
–   Henry David Thoreau  

“Thoughts come clearly while one walks.”
–   Thomas Mann 

“Walking is also an ambulation of mind.”
–   Gertel Ehrlich

“All walking is discovery.  On foot we take the time to see things whole.”
–   Hal Borland

“Details of the many walks I made along the crest have blurred, now, into a pleasing tapestry of grass and space and sunlight.”
–  Colin Fletcher

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A Saturday Lesson #3

In this lesson, we discuss some of the basic of the Muslims’ belief in God, Prophets, human origins, the jinn and the Angels.

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The Guiding Creed: Lessons 1-3

This is an explanation from the famous treatise on the Muslim belief in the Creator (Allah) known as `Aqidatul-Murshidah (The Guiding Creed).  Please share and subscribe.

LESSON 1 is an introduction to the text, and we also discuss proofs for the Existence of the Creator and refute the misconceptions of the atheists.


LESSON 2 discusses that there must be only One Creator and that Allah is not composed of parts or dimensions.  Also, we discuss the refutation of those who claim that Muslims worship the moon.

LESSON 3: we discuss some of the misconceptions that some people have about the Creator.


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Abul-Hasan Al-Ash`ari: A Short Biography (parts 1 and 2)

This is from a two-part lecture on the life and contribution of the famous Sunni theologian (scholar of doctrine), Abul-Hasan Al-Ash`ari.


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Humans Need Not Apply (Some Thoughts and Reflections)

Humans Need Not Apply (Some Thoughts and Reflections)

One of the main themes of our more recent discussions is the need to “Break the Matrix,” that is, the need to get out of time-sucking unfulfilling jobs (that frequently teeter on the edge of the haraam), and at the same time generate levels of wealth that can  enable one to raise families in decent environments, and have the means to travel, study the Deen, and be engaged in the da`wah.  As for those Brothers and Sisters who seek to be full-time Students of Knowledge and future Shuyukh, then go for it–and don’t ever look back.  On the other hand, for those Brothers and Sisters, who for whatever reasons due to circumstances, responsibilities, or capabilities may not be able now to be full-time seekers of knowledge, there is a need to prepare for the New Economy.

What is meant by the “New Economy?”  It is the global, internet-based, technology-driven  economy–wherein we have to compete with people from all over the earth.  We have reached a point where change in our lives–because of technology–will grow exponentially (by that, i mean by looking at the various trends–we, of course, do not know the future).  If we don’t make the necessary change in mindset, folks will simply be left behind.  To bring this closer to the mind, 150 years ago more that 60% of the American workforce was involved in farming.  By 1920, it was 30%.  Today, it’s 2%.

Recently, i have been saying to folks in our Ciphers: “Would you encourage your son to become a farmer using old-fashioned conventional farming techniques–selling conventional crops?”  I’m not talking about doing small scale organic farming using alternative technologies, for instance–and i didn’t intend to belittle the honor of farming; i am talking the practicality of trying to earn a sustainable living and raising a family off of ten acres of soil.  The days of the small-scale farmer have come and gone in the USA.

After the  era of agriculture, the US transitioned to heavy industry.  In particular, the Brothers i know in Philadelphia can relate.  Fifty or sixty years ago, a young guy could finish high school (or not finish), get a hook-up from pops or an uncle with a job in a union, and work at the factory making what would be today equivalent to $18-$20 an hour, and in a few years, he’d be making $25 and hour, have the means to buy a home, and raise a family on a single income–and if the wife did work, she didn’t have to work full-time.  Like with small-scale farming, those days have come and gone.  Heavy industry has been exported to China and elsewhere–and/or are being done by computerized robots.  As for skilled trades (e.g., carpentry, plumbing, painting, etc.), we can see that these labor intensive jobs are being filled with recent immigrants–Latinos, in particular.  With the loss of heavy industry and jobs and skilled trade work in many cities, many black males have fallen through the cracks, and are now being rounded up for the privatized prison industrial complex.  This is what happens when folks don’t look ahead, anticipate trends, and make the necessary changes to prepare to meet ever new challenges.

Now we are in the era of “Cubicle Life.”  But here too, we can see–given shifts in technology and communications–that many office jobs in America are going to be phased out.  From an economic point of view, why would a company hire an monolingual American secretary, have to pay her $35,000 a year (and healthcare and other bennies), when the company can hire virtual office assistance from India or the Philipinnes and pay them $75 a week?  The numbers simply don’t add up… in favor of the American worker.  And as the documentary, Humans Need Not Apply, demonstrates, the loss of jobs in the New Economy isn’t only for those in the blue collar sector or lower end white collar sector.  The New Economy means that accountants, nurses, teachers, engineers, and doctors have their jobs in jeopardy.  The impications of all this is TREMENDOUS–and the majority of Americans are utterly clueless about the seismic economic shifts that are on the horizon for us (from what we can see from the prevailing trends).

What’s the solution?  The first step is AWARENESS.  We have to be aware of what is taking place.  Secondly, we have to reassess our relationship to work.  There are MANY people who are now doing work they LOVE and earning decent incomes–with plenty of time-freedom (to do more of what they love, do it well, and monetize it–which leads to an on-going virtuous cycle of high-productivity and increasing income).  The 9-5, forty hours a week, 50 weeks a year work model is not written in stone.  Farmers, hunters, and trappers of 200 years ago did not observe such a work schedule.

Thirdly, we can model (in what is halaal and good) those who are already ahead of the curve with the New Economy.  Right now there is a subculture of “digital nomads,” ( who travel the world, while working remotely.  This type of lifestyle could be very appealing to young Muslims.  Among the books, which can help one develop a plan for living in the New Economy is Tim Ferriss’, The 4-Hour Work Week (  The first impediment one must surmount to attain this mindset is overcoming skepticism and doubt.  Most of us have been programmed to work an 8-5-50.  But it’s just that–it’s programming that came from people (and institutions) that benefit from keeping (most of) the masses busily employed… working for them.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  There are people who are working a quarter the amount of hours earning five times the income of the average American.  They are able to do so because they are taking advantage of the technologies that are available.  And as was said, these people are doing what they love–hence, their “work” doesn’t seem like work.  They are doing what they would do if money weren’t a factor in their lives, and that’s not a bad place to be for a Muslim, who wishes to learn more and have more time for religious devotion.

We have moved into a thought-and-idea-based economy.  And the technology enables one to put “meat” on those thoughts and ideas.  This may require a radical shift in our outlook, but the fact remains: technology and robots are going to make MANY workers obsolete.  These outdated workers will serve no purpose in the New Economy–and this is likely to lead to massive social instability.  However, there is no reason for Muslims–especially, those of us in the West–not to be aware of what is happening, prepare for the changes, and take advantage of the technologies to benefit oneself, one’s family, the Ummah and humanity.  Bi’idhnillah, it can be done–we just have to expand our minds to meet the challenges.

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A Brief Guide to Refuting the Quasi-Salafis (Wahhabis)

In-shaa Allah, this can serve to help people in countering the claims of the Wahhabis and their doctrine.

<<<Among the core misguided beliefs of the Wahhabis is that the Creator allegedly “rose above” the `Arsh (ceiling of Paradise) after originating the creations.>>>

Let it first be said that truth does not contradict itself. And the greatest truth is the true belief in the Creator. The True Belief in the Creator is that the Creator existed before the creation–before darkness and light, distance and direction, time and place. That being so, we know that the Creator cannot be imagined. And we should know that the Creator does not develop or change (for change is related to time), and the Creator exists without being in a direction or a location (for the Creator of direction and location did not materialize in them after creating them). The Creator does not have a form or dimensions and is not a spatial entity. This is the Muslim belief.

Any Verse or Hadith that some interpret and ascribe to Allah being situated in a location or direction or occupying space or having any type of dimensionality should NOT be taken literally. This isn’t a matter of inventing fanciful interpretations, but understanding the nature of language. For instance, when the Muslims say Allah is “Exalted,” we do not mean by direction, but by status. This type of non-literal usage is evident in Arabic and in English.

The issue of literal/non-literal usage is not a problem for the Sunni Muslims, but it is for the Wahhabis. The Wahhabis are the ones who CLAIM that every Verse and hadith in reference to Allah must be taken literally… and then they violate this principle they put forth (by taking MANY such Verses and Hadiths non-literally).

Now in dealing with the Wahhabis, we should establish that words have meanings (literal and non-literal). As for the term literal, it means:

“taking words in their usual or most basic sense without metaphor or allegory.” (And non-literal means the opposite of doing so.)

We have established that words have meanings. To claim that Allah literally “rose over” the `Arsh means that He was not always situated “Most High” (which is the Wahhabi belief)–for “to rise” means to go from a lower position to a higher one. Hence, prior to this alleged “rising above” (according to the Wahhabis), Allah was (allegedly) below (something) and being situated below is (for the Wahhabi) an imperfect Attribute for the Creator. (Again to clarify: the Muslim belief is that Allah is not a spatial entity, and location and direction are inapplicable to Allah, as are other spatial characteristics.)

Allah existed BEFORE space and direction. Allah is not a spatial entity. Going from one place to another entails occupying space. The CREATOR of space isn’t of space (this was mentioned above, but this is the main point that the Wahhabis (quasi-Salafis) fail to grasp).

The word “hand,” for instance, is an English word (the Wahhabis claim that Allah has a LITERAL “h-a-n-d”). The literal meaning of “hand” is a body part–the organ of grasping at the end of the wrist. To claim that Allah has a “literal hand”–a word familiar to anyone who knows English–but that “literal hand” is not a body part is in itself a contradiction.

It’s like this:

hand = organ of grasping at the end of the wrist

The Wahhabi says: Allah has a literal organ of grasping at the end of the wrist… but it is not a literal organ of grasping at the end of the wrist. (Nonetheless, the Wahhabis do say that the Earth will fill God’s (alleged) hand on the Judgment Day–so indeed, the Wahhabis believe Allah has an “organ of grasping.”)

Now if the person is speaking of a “yad,” (an Arabic term) and he says that the word “Yad” (in reference to Allah) is not a body part, then he has not taken the literal meaning of the word “yad.” (“Yad” and “hand” have MULTIPLE MEANINGS in their respective languages.) If he takes the literal meaning (i.e., a body part), then he is an object worshiper. If he does not say the Yad of Allah is a literal body part, then he has done what the Sunnis do–namely, accept a non-literal meaning. But according to the Wahhabis, taking the non-literal meaning is “distortion of the Scripture” or indulging in “philosophy” (more on that below, in-shaa’ Allah).

The Wahhabi may claim Allah has a literal-real-actual Yad–but he does not know what the Yad of Allah is. If he doesn’t know what the Yad of Allah is, then how does he DARE TRANSLATE it into another language (and call it a literal “h-a-n-d”), and ascribe to Allah what He did not ascribe to Himself!?!

Regarding this matter, one can either follow the method of affirming Allah has a Yad that befits Him–hence, it is NOT a body part and does not have spatial characteristics (like, having a size, being situated in a location, being connected or disconnected from objects, having a form, etc.) and not otherwise similar to the “yads” of the creations.

The other alternative is for one to interpret the Verse (or Hadith) in a way that conforms with one of the non-literal meanings of the term “yad,” (such as, power, control, oath, etc.)–while NOT contradicting the principle that the Creator ABSOLUTELY does not need or resemble the creations.

The difference between the Sunnis and the Mujassimah/Mushabbihah (object-worshipers/resemblers) is that the Sunni negate all spatial and temporal characteristics for the Creator of space and time (b/c Allah does not need or resemble the creations). As for the Wahhabis (i.e., Mujassimah/Mushabbihah), they pray to an unidentified deformed extraterrestrial shadow-casting smiling face object with fingers, two feet, and one tibia. The Sunnis say that Allah is ABSOLUTELY different from the creations. The Wahhabis say that Allah is a giant object… but not quite identical to other objects.

The Wahhabis claim that Allah is situated beneath Jesus. Muslims believe that Jesus is in the Second Heaven. The Wahhabis say Allah comes down to the First Heaven in the last third of the night (and it should be noted that it is ALWAYS the last third of the night somewhere on Earth). The Second Heaven is situated ABOVE the First Heaven–therefore, the Wahhabis are claiming that the Creator of Jesus is situated underneath Jesus.

As for the accusation of “philosophy,” what Wahhabi means is that he does not recognize (i.e., accept) the principle of “non-contradiction.” The principle of non-contradiction says that “a thing cannot both be and not be in the same regard at the same time.” For instance, a person cannot say that in 2015 New York City was larger (in population) than Dallas, TX… and Dallas was larger (in population) than New York City (in 2015). We know BY COMMONSENSE that both statements can’t be true. We know by natural intelligence that anyone who states such would be making a false statement.

Likewise, it is by natural intelligence, we recognize that if one claims:

–Allah is literally situated “Most High” (as in location)


–Allah literally descends (i.e., goes down) in the last third of the night to the First Heaven (which is beneath the six other Heavens and beneath Paradise)


We can conclude that such a statement is false. A thing cannot be situated literally “most high,” while at the same time be situated beneath other things.

One need not study philosophy at university to realize that this a contradictory claim–and a contradictory claim must be regarded as false.

Again, this whole problem stems from people indiscriminately picking up and reading books–or indiscriminately listening to speakers–while not understanding the proper Creed. These people are reading IMPROPERLY TRANSLATED books and statements and getting misconceptions about the Creator. They end up falling into tajseem (object worship) and praying to a giant deformed extraterrestrial entity. And when one shows the Wahhabi (quasi-Salafi) the CONTRADICTIONS in their doctrine, they reject the use of reason and common sense. And it is this rejection of reason that fuels the fanaticism of the Wahhabis and their various splinter groups, such as, so-called ISIS, Boko Haram, and Al-Qaeda. And this is one of the reasons why the Wahhabis pose such a great menace to humanity today.

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Islam and the African

This is a short lecture about some Africans who were significant in the history of Islam.

Please watch, share, and subscribe.

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The Guiding Creed: Introduction and Proofs for the Existence of the Creator

This is the first of a series on the Explanation of the `Aqidah of Ibn `Asakir called, The Guiding Creed.  We give a short biography of Fakhrud-Deen Ibn `Asakir, and we briefly discuss some proofs for the Existence of the Creator.

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Our Way: Sedona, Arizona

In this lesson we discuss the proper creed, and clarify the misconception regarding the New Age community’s pantheist doctrine (that is, the erroneous belief that the Creator is the creations).  The proper belief is that the creations are INDICATIONS of the Creator’s Existence.  The Creator is Greater than the creations.  The Creator ABSOLUTELY does not need or resemble the creations.  The Creator, Allah, exists without time or place–and whatever we imagine, Allah is categorically different from that.

One becomes a Muslim simply by saying and believing in the Declaration of Faith:

“Nothing is worthy of worship except Allah.  Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”

A person does not need to go to the mosque, or have witnesses, or take a ritual bath beforehand.   It is enough to say the Declaration of Faith with the desire to become Muslim.

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The Leftist Pathology Enablers

The Leftist Pathology Enablers

I don’t know much about the backstory regarding this incident:

I assume that it’s a gang of some Crusader-Serf types angry about the over-reach of the central regime over in Washington.  As for the “Young Turks” (what a disgusting name), the Turko-atheist, Cenk, nails it when he says of white “right wingers” (which would mean the VAST MAJORITY of white folks for the VAST MAJORITY of American history–according to today’s standards) that they go and take other people’s property (or convert them into property), do it with arms–and kill the folks if they don’t accept.

From a Native American or African-American perspective, the schizoid nature of these American nationalists is apparent.  On the one hand they (meaning, the characters who founded the empire), were signing off on:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.    (from the US Constitution)

…all the while some of them were slinging slaves and having the Native folks being hunted to virtual extinction… just because they were brown.  The way they “justified” this was by claiming that the blacks and Native Americans were subhuman animals… but then, these same white racists were having children (which they typically disowned and abandoned) with these allegedly subhuman animals.  Says a lot about those guys.

Now in the midst of his rather on point rant against the Crusader-Serfs, Cenk tries to absolve black people (African-Americans) from having problems in their culture.  This is the sleight of hand of the Leftists/Cultural Marxists.  They will point to the VERY REAL problems with white culture, while denying the VERY REAL PROBLEMS of whichever “minority” group is being discussed.  Now, I can follow the argument of the one who wishes to say that nearly all of the problems of black America today stem from the legacy of slavery either directly or indirectly (I can follow that argument–albeit, I don’t agree with it entirely).  That argument, however still admits that there are problems within black culture–and the WPDIT (White People Do it, Too) arguments just don’t hold up to the stats.  White people (culture)–no doubt–have problems, but they don’t have the SAME problems on the same SCALE as blacks.

As for violence, black males constitute 6% of the population.  They commit nearly 50% of the murders.  Asian males are 2.5% of the population and they were charged with 1.2%  of the murders committed (  “Real” white males are about 33% of the population and were charged with about the same number of murders as black males (albeit, they outnumber blacks by more than 5:1).  And here it should be noted that the Spanish speaking people of largely Native American decent are regarded as “white.”  So that would place “white” males at over 40% of the population committing close to 50% of the murders.

As for “Leading Causes of Death” (LCD), for black males ages 15-24, murder accounts for 50% of all deaths, and is the LCD for black males from the ages of 15-34.  In the case of Asian Americans in the same age brackets, murder as the LCD ranges from 5.8% to 9.5%–and is between the fourth and fifth leading cause of death.  For white males, the figures are similar to Asians.  (

Now the Leftists, when crime stats are brought up, will quickly try to deflect the argument and say that the drug laws are draconian and intended to target black males.  That’s true… but I didn’t say anything about drug arrests.  We are talking about murder.  And it leads to follow that a group that is astronomically over-represented in committing murder is probably committing a disproportionate amount of lesser crimes.

The fact of the matter is that there are MAJOR problems in black culture.  Cenk may pretend that there aren’t… but then, I would bet (if I were a betting kind of a guy), that he doesn’t live in a poor predominantly black neighborhood, and he doesn’t send his kids (if he has any) to a school with a student body that is 75% or more black.

Now a significant part of problems black folks suffer from today are due to the legacy of slavery and racism in America–and even if one were to argue that ALL of the problems black people face are due to slavery and racism, the SOLUTION, nevertheless, would remain the same.  And if all the white people in America were to disappear tomorrow without a trace, black America would still be in its deplorable condition–and would still remain behind Asians and Latinos.  The SOLUTION to improving the black condition–whether or not there are any white racists–would be for blacks to raise their moral standards.  A person can’t become better, unless he (or she) is willing to take personal responsibility and make a commitment to becoming a better and more moral human being.

One of the first things that could be done would be to make a collective commitment to stabilizing the black family–and having competent and caring men in the household.  But this can’t happen when you have the culture engrossed in the abomination of serial fornication and its frequent consequence: illegitimacy.  Even the Leftist (reluctantly) admit the correlation between single mother households and black poverty.

The fact is, having married, father-headed households is absolutely contrary to the Cultural Marxist/feminist policies of the Left.  We are looking at a culture with a 70% illegitimacy rate–yet, you won’t hear the Leftists encouraging black people to  reduce their illegitimacy rates–rather, the Leftists will rant about white racism… but it isn’t white racists who are forcing black men to fornicate with black women and getting them pregnant–and feeding them into the cycle of poverty and social dysfunction.  Its the amoral/immoral ideology of the Left that helps enable black poverty–and according to them poverty is the reason for black dysfunction (along with racism).

The Cultural Marxist promote fatherless unmarried homes–because they HATE patriarchy.  They prefer “alternative families,” including, lesbian and male homosexual households.  These households only promote more instability, which leads to more social dysfunction, juvenile delinquency, poor school performance, crime, incarceration, and illegitimacy–which leads to an on-going cycle from generation to generation.  This (black pathology) is a cash cow not only for the Right Wing Prison Industrial Complex, but it’s also a cash cow for the Leftist bureaucracy and its welfare and social services industries.

The general Leftist ideology is based on an underlying (and racist) assumption: black people are not to be held to the same standards as Asians and whites.  This is a paternalistic ideology that says blacks cannot be held accountable for their decisions or their behavior… because something is inherently deficient in them.  And on a more insidious level among the Cultural Marxist elites, they are merely using the black-white conflict to further divide the society, and to normalize dysfunctional cultural trends.   They, for instance, promote (black) single mother-headed  households (and the “strong black woman”), and then regard any criticism of such households (in general) as “racist.”   The goal of the Cultural Marxists is not to unite the society on the basis of a loftier set of moral standards–but rather to divide the society along “identity politics” and subvert the society with moral relativism and atheism.

As Muslims, we do not want to blindly adopt the arguments of the Leftists/Cultural Marxists–although they DO make some good arguments about race and class.  We, however, have our own standards by which to analyze and understand the society.  In Islam, we do not disdain people because of their complexion or “race,” and we are to have compassion for the poor and should help to alleviate their suffering–but at the same time, we are accountable beings, and if a poor person, or a wealthy person, or a fair skinned person, or a dark skinned person, or a tall person, or a short person, or a woman, or a man, or an older adult or a young adult commits a sin, then it’s still a sin on them.  And if they do a good deed properly, with the proper belief and proper intention, then they earn reward from their Lord.  We can condemn the abuses of those in power–while at the same time not encourage or enable anyone to sin.  This is true justice.   This is what Islam teaches.







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Breaking the Back of White Racism: The Curious Case of Egypt

Breaking the Back of White Racism: The Curious Case of Egypt

It’s that month, again, and God-willing, I will do some posts (and maybe some videos) about race and identity coming from a Muslim’s perspective.  For many Immigrant Muslims (IMs) discussions about race and identity are very uncomfortable–and often there are attempts to suppress discussions about race with what are almost platitudes about being Muslim and the alleged absence of racism among the Believers.  For many African-American Muslims, race/color were the very core of their identities prior to Islam, and many still struggle with race and identity after embracing Islam–and the denial of the prevalent racism among Immigrant Muslims only frustrates the convert.

With that said, I want to focus on “race” as it is understood in America (i.e., the USA).  In brief, my position is that “race” is largely a social construction–that is not to say that we don’t immediately recognize the difference between a native of China and a native of Australia, but that for large parts of the world, there has been extensive racial mixing, and that such people can’t (rightfully) fall into a particular “racial category.”  Nonetheless, if we apply American notions of race, it becomes very easy to show the absurdity and hypocrisy of racial categories as invented by white racists.

Egypt and the race of the Ancient Egyptians (AEs) provides a particularly curious case for the white supremacists.   They posit that the AEs are of a “white” or Caucasian race (and the white racists will play games with labeling people who clearly are not “white” as “Caucasian” especially, when those people are associated with advanced civilizations).  I even saw a comment last night from a white racist that said: “The Ancient Egyptians could not have been black because blacks have never contributed to civilization.”  That’s kinda putting the cart in front of the horse.  (You don’t start with an assumption about a matter and then disregard evidence to the contrary because it doesn’t concur with your assumption.)

Another racist said that although there were some blacks in Egypt, that does not mean that they mixed with the native Egyptians–just as blacks and whites live in America have not mixed (by blood) that frequently.  I guess he missed the lessons in school about centuries of racial apartheid in the US–and I guess that he doesn’t know about all the racial mixing between blacks and whites that has happened in places, like the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Brazil.  The natural thing is that when peoples live in proximity–especially, for millennia (like in Egypt)–they tend to intermarry.

As for the “race” of the Ancient Egyptians, I will take a safe position and say that for a very long time the people of that region have been intermarrying–and this is evident when we take a look at the Egyptians today.  Until today, there is still a substantial portion of the Egyptian population that is clearly “black” or “Negroid” in features.  And the majority of the population–certainly outside of the northern coastal cities (which have attracted people from all over the “Middle East” and Mediterranean for eons)–would be classified as (in the old American system) as “mulatto”–i.e., of a mixed “black” and “Caucasian” ancestry.  Here are some random examples of today’s Egyptians:


Now according to the white racists, these kids are “Caucasians” who happen to have “Negro features.”  But… if someone in America looks like this:

…then they are regarded as “black” (these are biracial kids (i.e., children of black and white ancestry)).

One of the things the white racists will say is that the Ancient Egyptians did not portray themselves in their statuary and hieroglyphics as “black sub-Saharan Africans,” but typically as a brownish-red color.  Again, the problem for the white racists is that they only regard people who look like this in Africa:


…as being “black…” but in Africa, if you look like this…


…then you are white… but in America, if you look like this…


…then you are “black.”  However, ALL of these people (with the exception of the Egyptian girl with the red hijab… maybe) would be on the back of the bus in Alabama or drinking from the “white fountain” in Mississippi circa 1955.

The point is to show how inconsistent this idea of “race” is.  The white racists innovated the idea of the “one-drop rule”–that is… for America, but then turn around and fail to apply that same principle to the people of Africa.  And this is done intentionally so that they can say “black” people have never had advanced civilization–and since blacks are backwards and inferior (allegedly), then they can be killed and enslaved as subhumans and without compunction.  This is the twisted mentality that goes along with white supremacy.

In reality, MOST people on earth do not follow American ideas about race and identity.  More often than not, one’s identity is based upon tribe, nationality, language, culture, and religion.  And even in America, notions of race and identity are not fixed, but rather they are fluid–and they are all the more likely to change in this era of global mass communication and travel.

As for African-American Muslims, it is time for us to step out of the American Race Matrix and look at things objectively and critically–and to stop clinging on to an identity that was NEVER intended to empower “black” people,  but rather was intended to reinforce black subordination to white supremacy.  We have the opportunity to transcend American notions of race and demonstrate that the ultimate merit of the human being is not in skin complexion or “race”–but rather in having the proper belief in and sincere obedience to the Creator of the Universe.

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The Menace of the Wahhabis Part 3: In the Words of the Wahhabis

In this video we show the absurd and contradictory nature of the Wahhabi doctrine.  Among their claims is that Allah is situated above the `Arsh AND   is also (allegedly) beneath Prophet Jesus late in the night.  The Wahhabi doctrine is rife with absurdities and disbelief.  When the Sunnis show the Wahhabis their contradictions, the Wahhabis will say: “We don’t engage in philosophy.”  When all is said and done, the Wahhabis reject the use of reason and follow their Wahhabi leaders blindly without using common sense.  This is how Wahhabism leads one to fanaticism and extremism.

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The Wahhabi Menace Part 2: Their Origins

In this video we discuss the history of Wahhabism and the Saudi regime.  The ideology of Wahhabism is an 18th century C.E. innovation that is not historically connected to the era of the Salaf era–which ended in the 10th century C.E.  Rather, the Wahhabi was a fringe sect that propagated its power by way of mass terror and mass killings, and came to have the influence that it does today because of the TREMENDOUS wealth generated from the oil reserves in the region.

PLEASE educate the public about this movement, the dangers it poses, and how Wahhabism (quasi-Salafism) does NOT represent Islam.  Please watch, share, and subscribe.  Your support is GREATLY appreciated.

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The Wahhabi Menace Part 1: Understanding the Proper Belief

In this video we discuss the proper Islamic belief in the Creator and explain how it is different from the belief of the Wahhabis.  We also discuss some of the historical background of the Wahhabi movement.

Please watch, share, and subscribe, and please let others know that the fringe sect of Wahhabism does NOT represent Islam:

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Our Way: Why We Don’t Celebrate Christmas

This is a short lesson on the Muslim belief in Jesus and the proper belief in the Creator.  We also discuss the origin of Christmas and some other aspects of Christian history.

Here are some interesting comments from Pat Robertson, a leader among the conservative Christians here in the USA.  He readily admits that Christmas is a pagan holiday.  He, for some reason, however, does not mention, that not only is Christmas of pagan origins, but also the belief in a “Trinity” and God (allegedly) incarnating into a human being are also beliefs of various ancient pagan cults–from which Christianity derived many of its ideas and practices.  It says:

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A Saturday Lesson 2

This is another Saturday lesson.  It is about some of the advice that the famous Hanbali scholar, Ibnul-Jawzi, gave to his son to encourage him and guide him on the Straight Path.  There is also a warning against the so-called “Salafis” (Wahhabis), and the ugliness of racism.


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The Clash of Civilizations: Columbus, the Muslims, and the European Era of Exploration (PART 2)

This is the second part of a shorter version of a lecture we do on the European Era of Exploration and the Muslims:

There was A LOT of information that was left out.  In-shaa’ Allah, we will do the full version of this lecture in the future.

This is PART ONE:

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This is the quote from Columbus.  It was said:

“Whereas, Most Christian, High, Excellent, and Powerful Princes, King and Queen of Spain and of the Islands of the Sea, our Sovereigns, this present year 1492, after your Highnesses had terminated the war with the Moors reigning in Europe, the same having been brought to an end in the great city of Granada, where on the second day of January, this present year, I saw the royal banners of your Highnesses planted by force of arms upon the towers of the Alhambra, which is the fortress of that city… Your Highnesses, as Catholic Christians, and princes who love and promote the holy Christian faith, and are enemies of the doctrine of Mahomet [i.e., Prophet Muhammad], and of all idolatry and heresy, determined to send me, Christopher Columbus, to the above-mentioned countries of India, to see the said princes, people, and territories, and to learn their disposition and the proper method of converting them to our holy faith; and furthermore directed that I should not proceed by land to the East, as is customary, but by a Westerly route, in which direction we have hitherto no certain evidence that any one has gone. So after having expelled the Jews from your dominions, your Highnesses, in the same month of January, ordered me to proceed with a sufficient armament to the said regions of India, and for that purpose granted me great favors, and ennobled me that thenceforth I might call myself Don, and be High Admiral of the Sea, and perpetual Viceroy and Governor in all the islands and continents which I might discover and acquire, or which may hereafter he discovered and acquired in the ocean; and that this dignity should be inherited by my eldest son, and thus descend from degree to degree forever.”


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The “Logic” of the Quasi-Salafis (Wahhabis)

The Wahhabis are notorious for fabricating and mistranslating the sayings of the genuine Salaf (and scholars of later times). If you mention what the Salaf said (about Allah being clear of spatial characteristics), then they will either say that the saying is a fabrication or the scholar “made a mistake.” This is their way.
If a Wahhabi does not accept the rational proof (i.e., Allah existed before the creation of space–hence, Allah does not have a size or dimensions), then what is he trying to “prove” without the use of reason? If one wishes to use “proofs,” then there must be a compelling rational reason for accepting that proof. If the “proof” is inherently contradictory then it can’t be the basis of a claim.
A clear example of this with the Wahhabis is their claim that Allah is Eternal and has always been and always will be “Most High” (as in situated in a location). But then they also claim that Allah “rose above” the `Arsh to BECOME “Most High” in location. This would, of course, mean–according to the Wahhabis–Allah was not always situated “Most High.” … And to add insult to injury, the Wahhabis claim that in the last third of the night, Allah is beneath Prophet Jesus. And to make their ludicrous assertions even more absurd, there is the issue of time zones. It’s ALWAYS the last third of the night somewhere on Earth. Hence–according to the loony logic of the quasi-Salafis–God spends more time beneath Jesus than God spends above the creation. If you mention this, the Wahhabi will accuse you of “falasafee” (philosophy).
This person (so-called Salafi/Wahhabi) is asking people to believe simultaneously in multiple contradictions. If (in his mind) his proofs can be contradictory and absurd, then he must allow that the counter proofs can be contradictory and absurd. Hence, you can end up with two people (i.e., clowns) arguing over who can produce the most profound absurdities to “prove” their bad beliefs–and any counterargument using logic and reason has to be dismissed.
It’s like two people trying arguing over the solution of 2 + 2.  One of them claims the answer is 5, and the other claims the answer is 3–and they both disregard the use of reason to prove their conclusions.  Who–with any sense–would accept such a thing?!?  In the case of the Wahhabis, not only are they clowns, they also tend to be dangerous, violent, and fanatic clowns. It’s no surprise, then, that the quasi-Salafis/Wahhabis are known for their terrorism, like the so-called ISIS faction, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, etc.
The genuine Muslim Creed is rationally consistent. After all, the Prophet Muhammad (and all the Prophets) was intelligent and did not call people to believe in things that contradict basic common sense. Before the genesis of creation–before light, darkness, time, place, distance, or direction–there was a Creator. Allah was (existing) and there was nothing else. After Allah originated the creations, Allah did not transform and materialize into a spatial entity and start existing in a direction or place. Allah is Beginningless and ABSOLUTELY does not need the creations; Allah is Unique and ABSOLUTELY does not resemble the creations. Allah does not have a size or dimensions. The Creator of locations and directions (and everything else) exists without being inside a location or a direction. Whatever one may conceive in the mind, the Creator is ABSOLUTELY different from that. This is the True Belief in God and the belief of the Muslims. May Allah make our hearts accept this and die upon this.
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The Clash of Civilizations: Columbus, the Muslims, and the Era of European Exploration

This  is a short version of a longer lecture we do about the European Era of Exploration and the Muslim world.  I believe that it is a fascinating topic and provides us with a much better understanding of the world in which we live today.  Please watch, share, and subscribe.  Please get the word out–your support of this blog is GREATLY appreciated.

(The above image is a depiction of the barbaric practices the Spanish engaged in while annihilating the Native peoples of the Caribbean.)


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Our Way: Thanks Giving and Islam

This is a video about the importance of giving thanks to the One Who deserves worship.  Please, let us express our gratitude to God by using what has been given to us in obedience to our Lord.

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Racism and the Million Man March

Racism and the Million Man March

Not REMOTELY a fan of Farrakhan, but it seems that the media intentionally under-reported the event.  I see multiple (mainstream) media site reporting that there were “thousands” in attendance.  I guess by a similar sleight of hand one could say there were “dozens” in attendance.  Not good at doing a head count, but there seem to be HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS.  When i think of “thousands,” i think of a few thousand.  I don’t think of 75,000 people as “thousands,” but rather many TENS of thousands.

With that said, the white guys–meaning, the white racist guys–are having a field day with their thinly disguised (and some not disguised) racist comments.  They pretend to play perplexed on as to why African-Americans–men, in particular–just don’t embrace the American way of life.  Blacks weren’t merely “discriminated” against as were some white Europeans “ethnic” immigrants (like the Italians, Poles, or Irish).  Blacks were FOR CENTURIES systematically DEHUMANIZED.  For the European ethnics, within a generation or two, they were pretty much assimilated into the society.  Furthermore, those “ethnics” knew where they came from.  They could–if they chose–speak the language of their parents and grandparents… they were (by and large) still regarded as human beings.  The same can’t be said about African-Americans.

Definitely not trying to sound like a black apologist, but the centuries of systematic dehumanization isn’t eliminated in a generation or two… because some white folks say it should be. Among the things i saw was the claim that whites fought en masse to end slavery.  No, they (meaning, the white NORTHERNERS) fought to force the Confederacy to remain a part of the USA (so much for “freedom”); the brethren of those same white people were fighting to keep blacks IN slavery.  Black slavery was a factor, but the Northern whites weren’t dying out of their love for black people (the fact that they did not want blacks fighting FOR THE UNION and many NORTHERN whites were APPALLED at the thought of blacks killing whites demonstrates, they weren’t concerned primarily about giving freedom and “equality” to blacks).   Even Lincoln said that he would not free a single slave if he could preserve the Union.

I post a lot about the jacked-up nature of hood culture and what have become the norms in black culture, in general, but as bad as it is (and it is REAL bad), it isn’t like the twisted minds of these white apologists/racists.  Ya, today’s black culture is jammed up, but for the whites, what’s the story with CENTURIES of HATRED for blacks and all other people of color?  Why do they play pretend about what their ancestors did?  Why do they act like they can’t understand why black folks would resent or hate them?

These same whites (who pretend that they can’t understand why blacks might not like them) express open hatred for blacks, but what have blacks done to whites on a systematic scale? (Ya, blacks commit high levels of petty and violent street level crime (largely amongst themselves) and they make up a disproportionate amount of folks on welfare (talking about the low-end WIC welfare recipients and not corporate/military welfare recipients)–but on what widespread scale have blacks ever caused whites harm in America?))  Centuries of human degradation versus a few generations of getting welfare checks doesn’t compare (and that’s not to say that all or most blacks are on welfare–but crime and welfare is what the white racists gripe about).

This isn’t to guilt-trip the white liberal types.  They have their own issues, but at least they try to come to grips with the reality of the American past… and the American present.  The white racists (and there are LOTS of them) have a uniquely warped psychology, that at its core is driven by hatred and a denial of reality.  White folks–in the NAME OF WHITENESS/WHITE SUPREMACY have done A LOT of wicked things (all the while proclaiming “equality,” “democracy,” “freedom” and the “rights of ‘man'”).  There is no need to deny that or get defensive about it.  It simply is what it is.  Nonetheless, these racists wish to take pride in the accomplishments of their white racist forefathers, and then (again) act surprised when black folks don’t embrace those people who regarded them as subhuman.

As for Muslims, we have a duty to be an example and show these people (meaning, the public in general) a way out of the American Race Matrix.  We are not your skin color.  Our skin color does not dictate our behavior and does not circumscribe our human potential.   In this world, we are spiritual beings housed in a body of soil.  Our physical body will eventually break down.  We will die, but the spirit remains (through the various stages into the Afterlife).  On the Judgment Day we will be resurrected in body and soul–but we will not be held accountable for the color of our bodies–but rather, we will be brought into account for how we USED our bodies. And we will be accountable for how we used our hearts.  Did we use our heart–that precious gift–to harbor racism?  Did we use our heart to harbor hatred of other simply because they have a different skin complexion or different “racial” features?

Above all, did we abuse our heart by harboring an ugly belief about the One Who created us?  Did we ascribe to the the Creator of the mysterious human soul—and the Creator of all the universes–characteristics of created beings?  May Allah protect us from doing so.  May Allah guide us and make us firm on worshiping the Incomparable and Transcendent Creator, Who is beyond time, space, and direction, and is beyond all that we can imagine.  It is by knowing the Creator that we can understand what our purpose is as human beings, and when we TRULY know our purpose, we can readily see the petty and ugly nature of racism in all its forms.

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Farrakhan: A Sunni Perspective Part 2


This is the second part of a lecture that was done to demonstrate that Louis Farrakhan and the so-called “Nation of Islam” do not have the beliefs of the Muslims.  Please inform people that Islam is not based upon race hatred nor upon the worship of a human being (or multitude of human beings).  Muslims believe that the virtue of one person over another is a matter of piety–and not skin complexion or “race.”

“O mankind! Allah created you from a single pair of a male and female [Adam and Eve], and made you into nations and tribes, that you may get to know one another. Certainly the most honored of you to Allah is the one who is the most righteous.” (Al-Qur’an, 49:22)

Muslims worship Allah, THE CREATOR, Who ABSOLUTELY does not need or resemble the creations.  Allah is not an object, nor a shape, nor a form.  Allah is not of a substance and is not a material or spiritual being.  Allah is free of time and space, distance and direction.  Allah exists without a place.  Whatever one imagines, Allah is TOTALLY different from that.

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Farrakhan: A Sunni Perspective Part 1

This is a lecture explaining the difference between orthodox Sunni Islam and the the teachings of Louis Farrakhan and the so-called “Nation of Islam.”  In brief, Muslims believe in One, Perfect, Eternal, and Inc0mparable Creator (Allah).  The Creator ABSOLUTELY does not need the creations; hence, the Creator is not of time or space.  Allah is not an object or an image and is not of a substance.  The Creator is not a material being, and the Creator is not a spiritual being.  Whatever one imagines, Allah is totally different from that.

As for the Louis Farrakhan, he claims that God was born to a she-devil in 1877.  He also claims that God is not One–as Muslims believe–but rather he claims hundreds of millions of “Asiatic Blackmen” are Allah.  Anyone who worships something other than (or along with) the Creator is NOT a Muslim–and is guilty of shirk (polytheism–associating partners with Allah).  The one who dies on shirk will not be forgiven by Allah.

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Homosexualism: Part 4: The Conclusion


Doing the research for this series has been “mind expanding,” but i don’t mean that in a positive manner.  What i mean is that i became more aware of a very insidious agenda.  I knew things were bad with the “legalization” of so-called “gay” marriages and the White House being lit up in the colors of the homo-flag, but this recent investigation into this madness reveals that it was far darker than i ever expected.  I first saw the homo-agenda when i went away to college.  I never took it too seriously, because it seemed to warped and twisted for the general American public to embrace.  Boy, was i wrong.

In summary, there is a homo-agenda—as EXPLICITLY laid out by the homosexualists themselves.  This book: spells out exactly how the sodomites planned on using their homoganda to invert morality upon itself.  On the agenda, as is mentioned in the book (keep in mind the book was published more than 25 years ago) they say:

  • Talk about gays [sic/sick] and gayness as loudly and as often as possible
  • Portray gays [sic/sick] as victims, not as aggressive challengers
  • Give homosexual protectors a just cause
  • Make gays [sic/sick] look good
  • Make the victimizers look bad
  • Get funds from corporate America

(This here is an article that was written in the late 80’s on how the homosexualists sought to influence the American masses with their homoganda.  This is not from a conservative Christian “conspiracy” site, but rather, from a homo-site.  Again, these LIARS will claim there is no homo-agenda to a general audience, but then turn around and BRAG about how they are achieving the aims of their agenda when amongst themselves:

We can see how this has all played out over the past quarter century–and the brainwashing process has accelerated at a phenomenal rate over the past 8-10 years.  In the course of this propagandizing, the alternative point of view to homoganda was not tolerated by the mainstream media.  Discussions about venereal disease rates, substance abuse and mental illness and criminality amongst homosexuals were practically non-existent.  And then, of course, the utter depravity of the homosexual lifestyle were rarely presented in the mainstream media–and then there are their outrageously disproportionate rates of child molestation, which are not mentioned or IF they are, they are obscured.

We also mentioned the financial cost because of the diseases these people carry.  In Baltimore, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, HALF of the homosexuals who get themselves tested for STDs tested positive for syphilis.  Homosexuals are 20-30 TIMES more likely to be infected with HIV than heterosexuals.  The cost in healthcare for NEW HIV cases is $12,000,000,000… annually. We didn’t discuss other health problems that go along with living the sodomite lifestyle.  There is the need for many young men to wear adult diapers because they can’t keep their solid body waste in their eliminatory outlet… because of frequently getting sodomized.  There is Gay Bowel Syndrome and the high rates of anal cancer that result from a life committed to sodomy.  Combining fecal matter with blood and other body fluids just ain’t a good idea.  The homosexual lifestyle is far from healthy, and is extremely costly to the society… yet, for some reason, it is encouraged and promoted.

We mentioned that in some countries in Southern Africa 20-25% (or more) of the people (ages 15-49) are infected by HIV.  The life expectancy in Lesotho (Southern Africa) is 46 years of age (largely due to the outrageously high HIV/AIDS rates).  Three million children in the country of South Africa are orphaned because of AIDS.  In spite of that, some Western regimes are ENCOURAGING homosexuality, and trying to coerce African states to promote this behavior–in spite of it being common knowledge that homosexuality activity is one of the main ways HIV/AIDS is transmitted.  Clearly, there is something going on–and it is not about the alleged “right” for men to sodomize each other.

In our last installment, we mentioned how the homo-agenda is based upon lies and upon deception.  In an allegedly open and democratic society, there should be discussions about laws that are going to have wide-ranging repercussions on the society for generations to come.  However, with the subject of homosexuality very little or no discussion about the grave dangers involved in the homosexual lifestyle—or the genuine objectives of the homosexual agenda.

As for solutions, the first step is to be aware.  We must be aware that something is going on, and it is by design. We need to understand that the homo-agenda is just a part of the overarching ideology of, if you wish, “Cultural Marxism,” which includes, feminism, the race victimization mentality, and various other Leftist ideologies. We need to be VERY CAREFUL about what we and especially our children consume from the media.  Our children must know that right and wrong is not determined by socially engineered public opinion, but by what the Creator has revealed as being right and wrong.  And finally, for Muslims, i would suggest developing some sort of exit strategy and hijrah to the Muslim homelands, for it seems that is only a matter of time that we will be persecuted for not supporting homosexualism.  May Allah guide us, protect us, and have mercy upon us.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and Allah knows best.

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Homosexualism: Part 3: The Deception


Of the numerous misguided groups and ideologies  i’ve dealt with over the years, none have disturbed me as much as my recent research into homosexualism and its agenda.  I decided to do this series expose the lies and deception of the homosexualists, and provide people with some basic information and counterarguments to their claims.  God-willing, when this is series is done, it’s done; however it can serve as a useful resource when discussing this topic.


The homosexualists claim that they are not trying to recruit children into their debauched lifestyle.  They claim that one can only be “born homosexual” and environmental influences have no role in a person becoming a homosexual.


I don’t want to get into the argument about “being born homosexual.”  It seems that some young males do have more feminine attributes than other young males (and some young females have more masculine traits).  Perhaps, such boys will have an early inclination toward homosexual activity (especially, if they are exposed to it and encouraged to engage in it), but that does not change the fact that simply because a person has a desire to commit a certain abhorrent  act that it gives one the right to do it.  The inclination toward a given sin is not justification for the sin.  The Prophet Muhammad said:

“In every [i.e., most–not every in the categorical sense, for the blind and the Prophets, for instance are clear of such] eye is the look of fornication.”

Most men will have the desire to fornicate at one time or another.  That desire doesn’t make the act or the look of lust halaal (permissible).  Rather, as with all our sinful proclivities, we should resist them.


If people cannot be influenced to engage in homosexual behavior, then WHAT IS THE CASE WITH HOMOSEXUALS in prison?  Basically, the homosexualists are left with taking one of two positions.  Either they admit that homosexuality, given its deviant nature, not only leads to sexual perversion but also other social deviant, anti-social, and CRIMINAL behavior (it all pretty much comes along with the package)… AND/OR… they admit that by being in an environment filled with homosexuality, it can influence some people to engage in voluntary homosexual activity.  Here, i am not talking about HOMOSEXUALS raping men in prison.  I am talking about the numerous homosexuals who consent to their perversion.  The danger of HOMOSEXUAL rapists is another topic in itself.  There is a book on this subject called: No Escape: Male Rape in U.S. Prisons.*  So, there you have it: either homosexuals have a propensity toward criminal behavior, (and) or people can be “converted” to their behavior.

Now, some of the homosexualists will claim that many of the men in prison are not genuine homosexuals… although they (voluntarily) engage in sodomy and other homosexual acts.  This is an example of a person’s brain corrupted by the lies of the homosexual agenda. A man who desires to sodomize another man or gets aroused at the thought of being sodomized has homosexual inclinations—and in the prisons, many men act upon those inclinations.

(It is interesting to note that Presidential hopeful, Ben Carson (personally, not a fan), said the obvious back in March of 2015. He said that many men go into prison heterosexual and come out as a homosexual. Pretty obvious. A heterosexual seventeen year old male is thrown into prison for five years with mass of criminal perverts. He is terrorized and sold into (homo)sexual slavery by HOMOSEXUAL prison inmates. Ya, surprise, surprise, he gets out of prison and has serious mental issues and “gender confusion.” Although something as common sense as that was rejected by the Leftist media… and Ben felt compelled to retract his plain as day statement. And the really disturbing this is how the Leftist are ridiculing Carson for using common sense.)


Back to the children. One of the claims is that the homosexualists say that they don’t target kids. (We will put aside the homopaganda that is now being used in the schools (we covered that in part one of this series.)) Well, let’s look at what Harry Hay, the homosexualists, who is regarded as the “father of the ‘gay’ rights movement” in America, said:

“Because if the parents and friends of gays are truly friends of gays, they would know from their gay kids that the relationship with an older man is precisely what thirteen-, fourteen-, and fifteen-year-old kids need more than anything else in the world. ”

This is a picture of Harry. It says:

Harry Hay: the

Harry Hay: the “father of the homosexual movement in the USA promoting man-on-boy sodomy.

NAMBLA, in case you didn’t know stands for “North American Man-Boy Love Asssociation.” It is the largest advocacy group for promoting adult male on boy sodomy (and other homosickual activities). On a side note: Kevin Jennings, regarded as the “Safe Schools Czar” praised homo-advocate, Harry Hay, and the 1993 Homo-March on Washington (please see part One of this series). Kinda odd, that a guy working with kids would praise another guy who was a major proponent of men sodomizing boys. Well… not really, when we consider the depravity of the culture.


When one makes the connection between sex crimes against children and homosexualism, the homosexualists race forth to say that most of the child molesters are heterosexuals. In the course of this research, the more and more I concluded that these people are not very honest. Even IF one recognizes that most of the molestation cases involve heterosexuals, that doesn’t change the fact that AN ASTRONOMICALLY DISPROPORTIONATE amount of child molestation occurs at the hands of HOMOSEXUALS. It is simply dishonest to ignore the disparity in sheer numbers—i.e., homosexauls are reported to make up anywhere from 2-5% of the population. Hence, heterosexuals out number homos anywhere from 20-50:1. Depending on the study, typically about one-third of molestation cases are male on male. Hence, in the most generous construction, homosexuals are 600% more likely to molest young people than heterosexuals.

On a related note, when the homosexualists sought to attack the Catholic Church on its molestation scandal, they were VERY CAREFUL never to call what the priests were doing HOMOSEXUAL child molestation. Guys who molests boys and young teens are perverts, and they are HOMOSEXUAL perverts. Case closed.


The homosexualists keep claiming that the push for so-called “’gay’ marriage” is not an attack on the family. Again, as a rule, we are dealing with a group of people who have little regard for any standards of morality—even basic notions of honesty. It’s enough to look at the literature of the lesbian and male sodomite activists and see what their attitude toward the family is (i.e., family with a husband and wife). At least one of them is honest about their hatred for the institution of marriage and the desire of the homosexualists to destroy it:

At the 0:33 mark she says that the institution of marriage should not exist… and she gets a raving applause for that comment from the audience. (She claims that she has three kids with FIVE parents.) These are the people that some want to set the new norms for American society. And it is the “’life’-style” of these people that some are trying to impose upon the Muslims, both here in the Muslim homelands.

It is important that people are aware of what is going on. It is critical that Muslims do not dare budge on this issue. Homosexual activity is forbidden, and deeming it permissible is kufr. We can be polite with those who have this inclination, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t speak out against this behavior or warn against the VERY REAL homosexual agenda. Also, the children must be educated about the disease ridden wickedness of the debauched homosexual “’life’-style.” And they need to be told more than once or twice. One of the main things to do with the children and youth is to educate them about the nature of the media and pop culture and how the forces behind it are seeking to destroy Islam.

May Allah guide us, protect us, and have mercy on us.

Post Script: Homosexuals  and Serial Murder

A while back, I was watching some crime documentaries about serial killers. One of the immediately striking things about the serial killers is that many serial killers were homosexuals (i.e., people who engaged in homosexual activity—often with the victims… alive… or not alive). Of the ten most prolific American serial killers over the past century, seven of them have been homosexuals; this is with the exception of one serial killer who worked at a hospital and poisoned patients (

In Russia, you had this homosexual necrophiliac who raped, mutilated, and murdered more than fifty women, girls, and boys:

This is not to suggest that all homosexuals are serial killers, but homosexuals are astronomically over-represented in the ranks of serial killers. Depravity, by its very nature, does not want limits. The homosexual lifestyle is depraved and does not want limits. In the past, it was taken for granted that there was a link between homosexual behavior and mental illness. And any research on this subject leads the reasonable person to realize that this the proper conclusion.


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Homosexualism: Part Two: The Cost

Homosexualism: Part Two: The Cost

Given that religious, moral, or general “spiritual” arguments against the homosexualists are not accepted anymore in the general society, perhaps, if we speak in their language—the language of money—some of them (the sodomite sympathizers, not the rectum-lusters themselves) can see the grave harm the homos pose to the society.   In particular, let us focus on the health costs of homosexaul activity.


This one actually surprised me (ya learn something new everyday).  Given the power of the homo-lobby, they tend to get whatever they want.  However, because they are so disease infested, the Federal Drug Administration actually has a ban-for-life upon male homos from giving blood:

The Red Cross can take blood from “Ned, The Wino,” but they won’t take it from “Twinkie, The Homo.”


Let’s look at HIV.  Although homos constitute 2-3% of the population they make up SIXTY PERCENT (not six, but SIXTY percent) of the HIV cases.  So that means any given homosexual male is 20-30 TIMES more likely to be infected with HIV than any given man who stays out of dudes’ solid waste eliminatory outlets.

As you research this, it is MIND BLOWING.  It was said:

“A 2011 study in 20 U.S. cities found that 18% of gay or bisexual men had HIV. That’s about 1 in 6 men. Of these men, 33% did not know they had HIV. ”

Now in spite of these homos knowing about HIV/AIDS for about 30 years, and that it is very prevalent amongst them… they simply can’t resist rectums, and it is spreading amongst them.  And this is why they want to target the youth. They want to infect them and ruin their lives with their depravity.  It was said:

“[T]there was a 12% increase in new infections among gay and bisexual men overall between 2008 and 2010, and a 22% increase among young gay and bisexual men aged 13-24.”

For the record the stats are not from some Christian fundamentalist site… they are from THE CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL (CDC):

(MSM here doesn’t mean “Mainstream Media,” but rather “men who have sex with men.”)

There’s more… a lot more….

Oh, let’s mention the cost.  The cost?  The cost for NEW HIV cases in 2012 was TWELVE BILLION DOLLARS:


Let’s look at how gonorrhea and “the clap”  afflict this group.  Of those tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia in surveyed cities, roughly 10-25% of the sodomites tested positive (and folks, let’s remember, this is for ONE year).  And, again, this is from the CDC.


Let’s see if the sodomites fair any better with syphillis….  Naw…  not a chance.  As for syphillis, a hefty FIFTY-FOUR PERCENT of the sodomites in San Francisco tested positive for the disease.   Philly, Baltimore, More, and Seattle had similar numbers.  See:


Mental health.  All the figures I am coming across show that (in addition to the mental illness of homosexuality itself) these people suffer from many other mental problems, depression, and substance abuse, and suicide.  There lifespans are on 24 years shorter than the average American.  For the one interested, they can investigate this topic some more.


The BIZARRE case of promoting homosexuality in Africa.  Okay, it is common knowledge that male homosexual activity is a main contributor to the spread of HIV/AIDS.  It is known that Africa suffers DISPROPORTIONATELY from HIV/AIDS cases.  Let’s look at some stats.

Of the age group 15-49,

—15% percent of the people in Zimbabwe have HIV

— 23% of the people in Botswana and in Lesotho have HIV

–South Africa, the largest country in the region—which is extremely pro-homo—has 17.3% of its population with HIV (it might be the only country in Africa that “legalized” so-called “gay” “marriage”).

—Swaziland has a whopping 26% of the people infected with HIV

In South Africa 500,000 people PER YEAR are newly infected.  There is an entire subculture of “AIDS” orphans—said to be around 3 MILLION—(many of these children themselves were infected by HIV while in the womb).  Honestly, what are these people (those who promote the homosexual agenda) on?  Honestly.  Look at these poor children:

And then consider the tremendous financial strain and stress that HIV/AIDS has on South African society. Who in their right mind would promote homosexuality when you can see up close the utter devastation it has brought upon Southern Africa?  As for costs… annually… it’s costing South Africa, which is not the richest country in the world…

2.3 BILLION DOLLARS (each year) to deal with its AIDS epidemic.

It is interesting to note that the Muslim countries of North Africa have a considerably lower HIV/AIDS rate.


It is obvious to any reasonable person that the promotion of homosexuality is driven by an agenda that has no regard for general public safety. I came across a nice counterpoint related to this.  The government spends LOTS money on anti-tobacco campaigns because of the health hazard that they ascribe to smoking. On the other hand, there aren’t campaigns to discourage people from engaging in homosexual behavior.  Logically, this makes NO SENSE.  The harm that might come from smoking appears years down the road.  The diseases that are spread by way of the homosexual “life”style can be immediate—and they can infect unborn babies, and their diseases can lead to epidemics.

There is a lot more one can say on this. I think the above is enough to make everyone (who is reasonable) very concerned about what is taking place in the society.  There are people; they have an agenda; their agenda doesn’t have your best interests in mind—neither in this life, nor the one to come.

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Homosexualism: Part One: The Agenda

Homosexualism: Part One: The Agenda

This is intended as a short series to make people aware of the dangers homosexualism poses for the society.  It also will help one recognize the deceptive propaganda of the radical homosexualists—and how to expose and counter their claims.

Some may wonder why should i focus on this particular behavior when American society is drowning all sorts of sin and vice.  The reason being isn’t only because the the homosexualists are trying to lure Muslim youth into a life of depravity.  The homosexualists also seek to persecute Muslims for not approving of the homosexul “life”style.  And we can anticipate that if the homosexualists get their way, that they will even advocate Muslim children should be taken away from their religiously observant parents.  And, of course, the homosexualists’ greatest harm is that they are trying to manipulate Muslims, so that they will deny what the Prophet, and consequently commit blasphemy by belying Islam.

I just finished this video:

It is among the MOST disturbing things i’ve ever seen–in that it EXPLICITLY demonstrates the utter depravity of those promoting homosexualism.

A quote from the “Gay [sic/sick] Community Newspaper” in discussing the objective of the homo-perv activists.  A`udhu billah, he said:

“We will sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity.  We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker room, in your seminaries, in your youth groups.”    (That’s from the 23:44 mark)

Throughout the video, you have DIRECT AND LIVE professions from homo-activists about their agenda. On the one hand, they laugh at and ridicule those who say that there is a homo-agenda, although the homos–per their OWN WORDS–BOAST about how they have infiltrated the schools systems and the political arena.  On that note, they boast:

“The election of Bill Clinton was the most significant event in the history of gay [sic/sick] ‘rights.”‘

What a horrifying thought if this Hilary thing is to become President, for she is a hardcore advocate of homosexualism and radical feminism (which is part of the homosexual agenda).

The beginning of the video talks about how the sodomophiles hijacked the Civil Rights Movement (and then later turned around and attacked (many) black people for not being homo-friendly enough).  Back then–although the argument is no longer made–folks were saying what is evident:

Being of a given race is not a choice.  Voluntary sodomy is a choice.

At the 32:10 mark their is some description of the activities these people engage in.  La`natullah `alayhim!!!  This is what they are calling your children to.

Among the things i’ve come to realize about these putrid beings is that they are devoid of any moral compass.  It’s not just the perverted acts they engage in, but these things, lie, and lie, and lie.  They don’t care to observe ANY moral standards.  All they want is a license to indulge in their lust (one former-homo dying from AIDS says in the video that he had FIFTY partners… in ONE night… and he said that this is a norm amongst them).  They will lie without ANY compunction—they are blinded by their lust for rectums, and nothing else matters to them.

If anyone has ANY doubt about the homo-agenda–aside from the fact homophiles openly confess that there is–we can see how this thing is playing out right before our eyes.  Maa-shaa’ Allah, given the power that these people have, and their pride in their perversion, i fear for the Muslims here.  Allah obliterated a people for this behavior in the past, and we know that when societies become utterly decadent, they get destroyed–and often in horrifying ways.

Please educate people and warn them.  This evil is real.

(NB: There is no need to watch the footage in the video.  Also, after the 40 minute mark, the rest of the video is an advertisement for a Christian organization, which can be ignored.)

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Modernist-Hypocrites and the Rand Report

Modernist-Hypocrites and the Rand Report

I’ve been doing some on-line research on some of the Leftist so-called “Modernist” movements amongst those who profess to be Muslims.  Without much research, it is clear that these (which are, in reality a single overall movement) movements are being invented and promoted to try to undermine traditional Islam.

The Rand Report here pretty much lays out the agenda.  You can’t even call it a “conspiracy” (in the disparaging sense), for this is what they stated they wanted to do–and they are doing it.  Below are some quotes and comments from the “Summary” version of the text.

It was said:

“It therefore seems judicious to encourage the elements within the Islamic mix that are most compatible with global peace and the international community and that are friendly to democracy and modernity. “

[COMMENTS:  They (she) don’t mean “democracy”–they don’t believe in democracy.  What is meant is that Muslims reject their religion for a corporate dominated culture (and corporations aren’t governed by “democracy”) that keeps a certain portion of the population busy with shopping and diving into consumer debt–and others reduced to serfdom to produce those goods.  If they believed REALLY in “democracy,” then they would run the United Nations by a representative system, wherein, each state would have a given number of votes based upon its population.]

It was said:

“Fundamentalists  reject democratic values and contemporary Western culture. They want an authoritarian, puritanical state that will implement their extreme view of Islamic law and morality. They are willing to use innovation and modern technology to achieve that goal.

[COMMENTS:  This would refer to your Wahhabis/Saudi regime, so-called ISIS, Boko Haraam, Ansarud-Din, Ikhwaan of Egypt, the Shi`ite radicals etc.]

•  Traditionalists want a conservative society. They are suspicious of modernity, innovation, and change.

[COMMENTS: She means observant Muslims who have an Islamic identity.]

•    Modernists want the Islamic world to become part of global modernity. They want to modernize and reform Islam to bring it into line with the age.

[COMMENTS: In other words those suffering from identity issues and inferiority complexes.  Their frame of references for normalcy and morality is Western, corporate controlled consumer culture.]

•   Secularists want the Islamic world to accept a division of church [sic] and state in the manner of Western industrial democracies, with religion relegated to the private sphere”

[COMMENTS: A sort of schizoid type that claim to be Muslims but don’t want to practice Islam.]

In general, however these are the different camps of people who self-identify as Muslims.

It says:

“The fundamentalists are hostile to the West and to the United States in particular and are intent, to varying degrees, on damaging and destroying democratic modernity. Supporting them is not an option, except for transitory tactical considerations.”

[COMMENTS: And this is what these people want us to follow–meaning, that they want us to follow their (Western-secularist) example, which they can only promote by way of lies and treachery.  They ADMIT that they will support extremist groups (like, what we have seen in Syria and Iraq as of late)—and they are merely using these people for their own ends.  Given this to be the case, it is understandable (not justifiable) that unlearned youth would seek to join extremist groups to oppose such an immoral culture (but, again, they are only being used by the Western regimes).]

It says:

“The modernists and secularists are closest to the West in terms of values and policies. However, they are generally in a weaker position than the other groups, lacking powerful backing, financial resources, an effective infrastructure, and a public platform.”

[COMMENTS: Explained below.]

Now she lays it out:

“Support the modernists first:

—    Publish and distribute their works at subsidized cost.
—    Encourage them to write for mass audiences and for youth.
—    Introduce their views into the curriculum of Islamic education.
—    Give them a public platform.
— Make their opinions and judgments on fundamental questions of religious interpretation available to a mass audience in competition with those of the fundamentalists and traditionalists, who have Web sites, publishing houses, schools, institutes, and many other vehicles for disseminating their views.
—  Position secularism and modernism as a “counterculture” option for disaffected Islamic youth.
— Facilitate and encourage an awareness of their pre- and non-Islamic history and culture, in the media and the curricula of relevant countries.
— Assist in the development of independent civic organizations, to promote civic culture and provide a space for ordinary citizens to educate themselves about the political process and to articulate their views.”

[COMMENTS: This pretty much spells out why groups like the “Hadith-Rejectors” are promoted.  As has been stated many times before, they seek to target the youth with their looney ideology–but for those young people infatuated with the West, they think that the Western rhetoric of “freedom,” “democracy,” “tolerance,” etc. have any real substance to it.  This also explains why homosexuality is being promoted by these so-called “Modernists.”  The objective to generate confusion and strife amongst the Muslims.

Oddly enough (not really), these people boast about the superiority of “democracy,” but can only promote it by deception.  You don’t need to lie to promote the Truth.  If these people believe in “democracy,” which means the rule of the masses, then why don’t they encourage a Middle East referendum on the existence of the Zionist state?  The Western secularists like to push an agenda of integration; then why not let the people of the Middle East vote on whether or not the  the Zionist entity should be integrated into the rest of the region?  One person.  One vote.  Sounds like democracy to me.

If the secularists really believed in the superiority of their “democratic” system (which, of course, they themselves don’t have) and the free exchange of political ideas, then why don’t they announce their intentions to all the people concerned?  Why do they promote the ideologies of tiny minorities, when in a democracy, the majority should rule?  Not only are they promoting the ideologies of tiny minorities, they are doing so in order to subvert the desires of the masses.  How is that “democratic?”  This shows how they don’t believe in the very ideals they profess… in other words, they are hypocrites.]

The document goes on to say:

“Support the traditionalists against the fundamentalists:
—   Publicize traditionalist criticism of fundamentalist violence and extremism; encourage disagreements between traditionalists and fundamentalists.
—  Discourage alliances between traditionalists and fundamentalists.
—  Encourage cooperation between modernists and the traditionalists who are closer to the modernist end of the spectrum
—  Where appropriate, educate the traditionalists to equip them better for debates against fundamentalists. Fundamentalists are often rhetorically superior, while traditionalists practice a politically inarticulate “folk Islam.” In such places as Central Asia, they may need to be educated and trained in orthodox Islam to be able to stand their ground.
—  Increase the presence and profile of modernists in traditionalist institutions.”

[COMMENTS: The comments about the Hanafi Madhhab are misleading.  Genuine Sufis are religiously learned, but there are many fraudulent ignoramuses nowadays.]

In my opinion, we should not focus nearly exclusively upon the radical extremists and leave out educating people about the dangers of the “Modernists.”  Their threat is not of the same nature as those with a penchant for mass decapitations, but their misguidance leads one to belying the Deen and, hence, to blasphemy.  And as the document says, they wish to target Muslim youth who are ignorant of the Deen and vulnerable to the insidious propaganda of the secularists.  As one can see, the “Modernists” themselves employ the same arguments of the Cultural Marxists–and as a matter of fact, are merely a faction amongst them.]

Maa-shaa’ Allah, these people are busy.  Instead of seeking to learn about the proper belief in the Creator of the Universe and worshiping the Creator, this is what these people spend their time and resources on.  How can one even THINK that these people are “sincere?”   If these people were so confident in the superiority of their way of life, why do they have to stoop to lies and deception to promote it?  This what they are calling Muslims to: to live lives of deception, subterfuge, and subversion.  So much for “democracy” and open debate… so much for integrity.

Please keep in mind that this is from the Rand Corporation and major and mainstream think tank.  This was published back in 2003, and we can see how over the past dozen how things are playing out.

rand logo

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The Homosexual Agenda and the Ummah (An Example)

Well… I can’t say that i’m surprised:

This is simply the way things have to go (given the current trajectory).  As has been said before, the greatest danger of the homo-agenda isn’t simply the general state of debauchery that is associated with that culture, but that it leads to kufr.  It leads to kufr, because it leads to people deeming the haraam (forbidden) to be halaal (permissible)–it entails BELYING what the Prophet taught.  If someone claims that a well-known prohibition is acceptable in Islam, then they have rejected what the Prophet taught.  And the one who rejects what the Prophet taught can NOT be a Muslim.  A Muslim cannot “cherry-pick” what he (or she) dislikes about the Deen.  We hear, we accept, and we (strive to) obey–and we certainly don’t reject (what the Prophet conveyed from Allah).   That’s it.  That is what it means to be a Muslim.  The one who believes otherwise is not.

These people (meaning, the sodomophiles and Cultural Marxists, in general) have already laid the arguments out to defend and promote their degeneracy.  And they are attempting to lure Muslims into blasphemy with their specious arguments–that are meant to confuse the ignorant and weak-minded (which is the case with MANY Muslims growing up in the West and are victims of the public “education” (i.e., indoctrination) system).  Hate to sound like a broken record on this topic, but i think MANY Muslims are GREATLY UNDERESTIMATING the danger that this ideology poses to the Imaan of the Muslim youth.

It is one thing for a person to feel an inclination toward one sinful or illicit behavior or another.  This is how we are.  And just because our hearts may be moved toward one haraam or another (or a multitude of haraam acts), this does not give one the right to indulge in sinful behavior.  None of us have a “right” to do a wrong.

We (meaning, people in general–not talking about the Prophets) have ill inclinations.  That’s human nature–whether it be a desire to do drugs, or intentionally sleep through a prayer, or “cheat” and break one’s fast prematurely during Ramadan, or neglect attending circles of mandatory religious knowledge, or steal, or show off in acts of worship, or look down upon fellow Believers, etc.–these are inclinations we have to live with. Having them doesn’t mean that we follow them.  They are inclinations that we have to struggle against and resist.  The Muslim who does so earnestly earns reward from Allah.  The one who surrenders himself (or herself) to the promptings of their nafs (base self) is like putty in the hands of the demons and humans who follow them.

If a Muslim has a problem with illicit lust–like, homosexuality, urges to fornicate, or pornography viewing–then they apply the medicine from the Religion.  They fast; they lower their gaze and don’t look at that which stirs up their desires; they recite the Qur’an (with proper recitation); they make lots of dhikr; they keep in the company of good Muslims, who will remind them of the fleeting nature of this world–and that the one who follows their nafs is going to be a failure.  If they can’t find good companionship, then they can review and memorize authentic Islamic knowledge.   They remind themselves of the deceptive and transient nature of lustful urges.  Like all else of this world, they pass.  This entire mundane existence is not worth the committing of a single sin.

Typically, with these types of “Modernists,” however, they are not interested in obeying Allah.  Rarely–if ever–do they talk about resisting their lower self.  Rather, they want to pretend that they are Muslims–and then proceed to make the (their) religion conform to their desires (and satanic suggestions).  In reality, they are Munaafiqs (blasphemous hypocrites who hate Islam in their hearts)–and many of them seem to be atheists.  They rarely–if ever–talk about matters of `Aqidah (Creed), and just try to give their “own interpretation” of “Islam”… with the purpose of calling the ignorant and weak-minded to confusion and kufr.  And, of course, they are the “darlings” of the Leftists/Cultural Marxists, for these people are held up as examples of “diversity in Islam.”

The danger of these people is profound.  It’s not because of the soundness of their “proofs” or the strength of their arguments, but because of their ability to propagandize and exploit the prevalent identity crises and ignorance of Muslim youth growing up in the West.   As they repeatedly raise their voices to promote outright falsehood and lies, we must raise our voices in the promotion of justice and the promotion of Truth.

Post Script

Let us distinguish between those who are afflicted between homosexual inclinations and those who are attempting to LEGITIMATE abominable behavior.  For the Brother or Sister who is so inclined, they need to work on themselves.  And as a general principle in the Deen, we keep our sins to ourselves.  If one feels these urges, they don’t need to make their business public.  They can seek advice from a person of knowledge and wisdom, but even in doing that, it is better for the person to pose questions in the third person, like to say: “What advice would you give to a young man who is having homosexual urges?”  He doesn’t need to let the one he seeks advice from that he is the one with such feelings.  These are people in need of help, and they should be treated with compassion–and with wisdom.

This is A LOT different from the motivations of the one who wrote the above article.  Such a person is part of a powerful homosexual agenda.  The objective of that agenda is to deem homosexuality as something not only legitimate, but noble.  And it’s objective is to vilify anyone who does not support their perversion.  The Muslim who is struggling with homosexual urges needs to be dealt with wisely and with compassion–while making it clear that engaging in homosexual activity is degrading and forbidden.  The one who is knowingly promotes the homosexual agenda, however, needs to be identified, exposed and anathematized–because, as was said above, it is not only a gateway to abomination, but also to kufr.

One last point.  Some people who self-identify as “Muslims” sometimes object to singling out warning against homosexuality.  Again, it isn’t only the sin–it is the ideology behind the homosexual agenda that poses a grave threat to the Muslims or to American society.  If you have a corporate job (for instance), and in a conversation at work you say: “I don’t drink alcohol”–or “I don’t engage in premarital intimate relations,” chances are your coworkers might look at you side-eyed or regard you as “boring” (but then, some won’t), it is not likely, however, that your job will be threatened.  If, however, you say that you (or your religion) does not approve of homosexual relations (or so-called “same sex marriage”), there is a good chance you will be subjected to “diversity training” or simply fired.  And then, there are the kids.  They (meaning, the homogandists) want to indoctrinate very young children with their vile ideology.  AND they want to turn the children against their parents if their parents don’t accept homosexuality as a “legitimate alternative lifestyle.”

A reminder to myself and others: do not underestimate the wickedness that is behind this agenda.  It is a call to kufr in the name of “tolerance.”  Don’t think that if we ignore this issue that it will go away.  And don’t think that this agenda is only intended for Western regimes.  This is something we are going to have to deal with wherever we are in the world.


Having homosexual inclinations or even engaging in homosexual acts–regardless of how repulsive they may be–does not render the Muslim a non-Muslim. The Muslim who engages in sinful acts is sinful–but still Muslim. However, if one claims that the haraam (forbidden) is legitimate, then this is blasphemy, and this doesn’t only apply to homosexuality, but rather to any of the well-known sins.

May Allah guide us, have mercy on us, and grant us courage and wisdom.

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Wahhabism and the (so-called) ISIS Movement

Wahhabism and the (so-called) ISIS Movement

The following article does a pretty good job of discussing the history of the Wahhabis and how the practices of today’s so-called ISIS movement are in line with the founders of Wahhabism itself:


I know when i was in Philadelphia and had my first face to face interactions with African-American Wahhabi (quasi-Salafi) converts, that it seemed odd to me that they would be so fanatical about the (so-called) “Salafi Minhaj,” while seemingly utterly oblivious to the history of Wahhabism and the Saudi state.  (It was only later that i realized what little regard the Wahhabis had for things like, history, logic, reason, and honesty.)  It should be no wonder that the Wahhabis will talk a lot about what they call the “Salaf” (and Ibn Taymiyyah) but are generally ignorant of the rest of Islamic history.  This is so, in essence, because the Wahhabis are not connected to the mainstream of Islam. Wahhabism is a later day innovation.

 The Wahhabis justify their policies of wholesale pillage and butchery because they misconstrue Qur’anic Verses.  But this distortion of the Qur’an is not relegated to their practices.  The core of the Wahhabi (so-called “Salafi”) deviation lies in what they ascribe to the Creator.  Whereas the Muslims believe in One, Perfect, Incomparable Creator, the Wahhabis pray to a giant extraterrestrial organism with a smiling face and a tibia.  The Wahhabis pray to an (imaginary) object.  Muslims do NOT worship an object.  Muslims believe that the Eternal Creator of space, distance, and direction exists without a place.  The Wahhabis worship a (imaginary) being located beneath Prophet Jesus.  The Muslims do not worship what the Wahhabis worship, and the Wahhabis do not worship the One Whom the Muslims worship.

The author of the article does say some misleading things about tawassul and tabarruk.  It should be clear that whoever worship an object, whether that object is here on earth or elsewhere is not to be regarded as a Muslim.  Hence, Muslims do not, for instance, pray TO the dead.  Nonetheless, it is part of the Sunni doctrine that one can benefit from the traces of the Prophets and the ultra-righteous, and this does not entail “shirk” (polytheism).  Allah is the Creator of the harm and the benefit.  This is a central aspect of the Muslim creed.  As one may eat food with the hope to get relief from hunger or take medicine with the hope to get relief from illness, Muslims may also seek  benefits from the traces of the blessed.  Allah is the only Creator.  No one brings anything into being except the Incomparable and Transcendent Creator, whose Name is “Allah” in the Arabic language.  This is the One Whom the Muslims worship and not any of the creations.

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The Gems of Jannah Part 4: DESTINY

A short lesson on the Islamic belief in Destiny.

The Destining of Allah

“Verily, Allah created everything according to His Destining*.”
(Al-Qamar, 49)

“Whatever Allah has willed to be shall be, and whatever Allah has not willed to be shall not be.”
(Hadith of the Prophet)

“Allah does whatever He wills.  Allah has the Power to do whatever He wills.”
(Ibn `Asakir, The Murshidah Creed)

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Stick a Fork In It

…Stick a fork in it–it’s done.  The “Culture” has entered a free fall state into the Abyss:

I got 34 seconds in. Don’t need to go any further. I HATE talking about this subject, especially, during Ramadan, but i think that many folks are not understanding the repercussions of this homosexual agenda. I’m not trying to beat my chest or nuthin’ but i think this pretty much seals the deal for any sane Muslim who might have been a doubter about the need for the African-American Muslim to make a cultural exodus from black “culture.”

The AA culture is being used to promote this diabolical Leftist/Cultural Marxist agenda. It’s understood that the Right Wing guys–the Crusaders and their serfs–are bad news. If you can’t figure that out by now, ya probably will never figure it out. With that said, the Right still promotes some good things, like:

–family values are important (and those values are being attacked by the Left via Hollywood and the university/educational system)
–personal responsibility
–having less government involvement in personal affairs, etc.

(Now whether or not the Right Wing leaders practice (or even believes in) what they preach is besides the point. As Muslims, we accept the truth regardless of who says it. (It is an “ad hominem” fallacy to reject a person’s position b/c of who the person is, as opposed to the content of his argument–simply b/c the Right is correct on some issues doesn’t, however, mean that we should jump on their bandwagon.))

Now the Cultural Marxists (CM) are using black culture to spread their fitnah. So the story goes (according to the Left): black people must NEVER be criticized because they are victims of white racism. Ya, NO DOUBT white racism exists–but simply b/c some people don’t like me because of my skin tone doesn’t give me the right to engage in degenerate or sinful behavior. Not only is black culture regarded as being beyond reproach, anyone (non-black) who points to various pathologies in black culture is regarded as a “racist,” and if the person is himself “black,” then the person is regarded as a “self-hater” and an Uncle Ruckus.

In essence, the Cultural Marxists relegate black people (meaning, a massive underclass of black people–and today it is the black underclass that is regarded as the arbiters of the black experience) to perpetual victim status. They even have a saying amongst them: “You can’t blame the victim”–regardless of how stupid, criminal, or immoral the actions of the “victim” may have been. Another danger here is that the black culture is being used to NORMALIZE and PROMOTE DEVIANT and socially subversive behavior (and again, they are using black folks b/c they are generally regarded as being beyond reproach).

Now on a side note, one of the things the black apologists will say, when the issue of black dysfunction is brought is “WPDIT.” WPDIT, means,, “White People Do It, Too.” This is one of the most inane arguments of the Left. If I (may Allah have mercy on this slave) commit a sin, where in the Sacred Law do i justify my sin by pointing to what some guy in the neighboring village does? How does pointing to someone else’s sin help rectify my situation? Furthermore, pulling the WPDIT card all the more reflects the DEEEEEEEEEP sense of black inferiority that is promoted by the Cultural Marxists. When white people do some jacked-up dysfunctional stuff, they don’t attempt to justify it by saying: “Black people do it, too.” Even the rednecks and hillbillies and those otherwise regarded as “white trash” by their fellow racial brethren don’t attempt to justify their pathologies by pulling a BPDIT card. And the reason being is that whites are held to a HIGHER STANDARD than blacks. Given that blacks (by the Left) are held to lower standards than whites (much less, East Asians), then it is not possible for blacks to become socially equal to–much less surpass–whites, for we can rise no higher than our standards.

It seems the real objective in propagandizing these incidents of white on black violence (all the while being VERY CAREFUL not to mention black on white violence) is to promote the homosexual agenda, for the homosexuals are piggy-backing on the black cause. The “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” movement is itself part of the homosexual agenda (just go to the website) founded by two lesbians and a lesbian sympathizer.

Almost anytime people bring up the issue of “racism,” they now also throw in so-called “homophobia.” Being racist–i.e. hating a person BECAUSE OF THE THEIR “RACIAL” APPEARANCE–is not the same as being “culturalist” and recognizing that some cultures are better than other cultures (i.e., some cultures produce more pious people than other cultures–of this there is no doubt). Also, being of a given “race” speaks nothing to a person’s CHARACTER. Our color (or “race”) does not dictate our behavior, and we will not be questioned in the grave nor on the Judgment Day about our “race.” We will be judged on what ultimately reflects our character–namely, believing in the Creator properly (the one who insults and slanders his Creator must be wanting in character) AND obeying the Creator. That’s it.

As for homosexual activity, it is EXPLICITLY forbidden in Islam. If the person has a homosexual inclination, then, like all forbidden inclinations, it must be suppressed or transmuted. The Prophet told us that most men have the desire to fornicate. Simply because the desire is there doesn’t mean that we have a “right” to pursue it. The desire to fornicate needs to be denied. If we were to allow ourselves to follow every carnal impulse or every satanic suggestion, then, society would be pretty much in a state of chaos (which is pretty much what these subversive Cultural Marxists want–all ya gotta do is peep the writing of Herbert Marcuse).

It does not seem like it is very far off when the “black movement” will be inseparable to the homosexual movement. That seems especially so, since one of the last standing (significant) black nationalists, who opposed the homo-agenda, was recently taken down in a scandal. We have to ask ourselves: how sympathetic do you think the characters in the above video would be to the Islamic position regarding homosexuality and homosexual behavior. Do you not think that the hatred and vitriol that the homosexual propagandists direct toward traditional Christian America will soon be directed toward Muslims? As i’ve said elsewhere, the Cultural Marxists are only “tolerating” Muslims (now) in order to expose the hypocrisy and bigotry of the Christian-Traditionalists. The Cultural Marxists will throw the Muslims under the bus (in a heartbeat) for their beloved sodomites and lesbians.

What’s the solution? To call people to Tawheed AND to clarify these social issues from AN ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE. There are lots of confused and frustrated people who are not getting answers. They are not getting answers about the world around them. They are not getting answers about who is God and what is the purpose of life.

The AA Muslim has the potential to play a very significant role in all of this, but he (or she) has to be willing to reexamine this whole notion of American racial identity and look at the situation clearly and objectively. For one, AA Muslims HAVE TO stop identifying with this culture of victimization that is fed to black folks via the media day and night. The Prophet (sallallahu `alayhi wasallam) did not encourage the Muslims to adopt a victim-mentality even when the Muslims were faced with REAL persecution by the pagans.

Two, your “race” doesn’t dictate your behavior, and it need not dictate how you respond to the world around you. One needs to be keenly aware of how much he (or she) being programmed by the media. And the tricknologists behind the media know how to elicit the EXACT responses they want from their various demographics. Three, American (US American) ideas of “race” are not universal–and they have even changed in America over the years. Four, the very concept of the “One Drop Rule,” (which for some reason many “blacks” still insist on holding on to) is inherently racist.

Five, much of what is regarded as “black culture” today is merely the work of social engineering. Black people don’t control their “culture”–rather their “culture” is largely the product of what the media tells black people is their “culture.” Many of the (deviant) behaviors that are normalized today in black culture (such as, illegitimacy and homosexuality) were regarded as disgraceful less than 50 years ago. Who changed the value system… and why? And given the trajectory of these changes, we have to ask ourselves: WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THIS THING GOING?!?

We have to make it clear that having certain “racial” characteristics do not determine the honor (or lack thereof) of a person. The Prophet told us: “Allah does not judge you according to your bodies and appearances, but according to your heart and deeds.” Hence, the one who engages in lecherous and degenerate behavior–and even does worse by blaspheming by legitimating such acts–must be regarded as a wretched person. And such a person is wretched not because of his shape or appearance, but because of his foul ACTIONS and sick HEART. In Islam we DEFINITELY judge others (as we should judge–and rectify–ourselves). Judging others is something good!

It does not seem very far down the road in which Muslims will be persecuted not only by the xenophobic Crusaders but also by the Leftists for striving to hold on to our traditional values. Already, the Cultural Marxists are RELENTLESSLY propagandizing the youth with their pro-homo rhetoric in the schools. And the child who does not agree with homosexuality is increasingly being regarded as a pariah, as an outcast. What does this mean for the next generation of Muslims in this country?

If we do not take a stand on this issue–on the conflation of racism with so-called homophobia–then where will we take a stand? Deeming the haraam to be halaal is kufr. And this is ultimately the call of the Cultural Marxists. They PRETEND to befriend Muslims while inviting the naive and gullible to belie what the Prophet taught. Blasphemy is the worst of sins, and today we are faced with an open and apparent evil, and we know that to be silent in the face of evil is to be a mute devil. Let us not be mute devils.

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Gems of Jannah #3 (Video Edition)

A lesson on the Islamic belief that Allah alone exists without a beginning, and everything other than Allah is originated. Also, this lesson refutes the claim of the classical Greek philosophers and those who followed them.

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The Eternality of Allah

“Allah was [existing before the creations] and there was nothing else.”
(Hadith of the Prophet)

“Change is the greatest indication of being a creation.”
(Al-Junayd Al-Baghadadi)

“Allah is Beginningless with no start; Allah is Everlasting with no end.”
(Abu Ja`far At–Tahawiyy, Al-`Aqidah)

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The Gems of Jannah #2 (Video Edition)

This is a short lesson on the Muslim belief that the Creator cannot be imagined.

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The Incomparability of Allah

“Do not liken Allah unto anything.” (An-Nahl, 74)

“The Creator does not resemble the creations.”
(Abu Hanifah, Fiqhul-Akbar)

“Knowing you are incapable of imagining Allah is knowledge in itself.
Attempting to fathom Allah’s Reality is disbelief and paganism.”
(Abu Bakr As-Siddeeq, Al-Basit)

“Ponder the creations of Allah; do not attempt to ponder Allah’s Reality.”
(Ibn `Abbas, Al-Asma‘u Was–Sifat)

“Whatever you imagine in your mind, Allah is different from that.”                           (Dhun-Nun Al-Misriyy)

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Be Victors Not Victims


I thought the title of this page was interesting: .

It pretty much sums up a dominant theme of (American) black and white relations.  Blacks were brought here to be slaves–mostly to do hard labor.  It was never intended that black people would be empowered, so they could come to dominate the white majority, and many blacks have psychologically accepted this position of social inferiority… really to no end in sight.  And with the New Economy–driven by ultra-high technology and global competition (and a growing multiracial Latino immigrant population)–nominally educated and nominally skilled black manual labor has little use.  Throw a “for profit” prison system and a seventy percent illegitimacy rate into the mix, and you have a recipe for at least a “soft genocide.”

It came to me this morning about how deep the slave catcher/slave master vs. black male dynamic runs through the psyche of black America.  It’s important that African-American Muslims don’t adopt this attitude.  You tend to get what you focus on.  And if you see yourself as a slave–even a rebellious field slave–you are not projecting yourself into a position of dominance–or genuine victory.  You just become a rebel… without much of a cause.  You are still projecting yourself as a social subordinate with no practical alternative model.  Hence, you wouldn’t make long term plans–plans that can make you (and your descendants) a significant factor in a post-racial global economy (or at least semi-post-racial global economy).

Yes, white racism in America noxious (as all racism is noxious).  But the white racists who hate blacks almost with no exception also hate Muslims.  They hate Muslims REGARDLESS of their color. This is another legacy of Western society: the legacy of the Crusades, and a hatred of all things Muslim. As a Muslim, one should not see himself (or herself) as a “slave” or social subordinate to those of a Crusader mentality.  The Prophet did not encourage us to think of ourselves as such.  Also, as a Muslim, you realize that there are other ways to counter white racism (and racists) than trying to work within the stupid and artificial paradigm they set up to ensure their own power.

For one, racism isn’t rooted in one’s skin color, per se, but rather in one’s heart.  It (racism) is a disease of the heart that stems from arrogance.  We are all mortal beings created from body fluids.  We come forth from our mothers’ bodies amidst what is less than pleasant.  We live for a while, and if we live long enough, we become decrepit, and we will all die.  And most people, after they die, will become stinking, rotting corpses of worm food and eventually fertilizer.  None of us, black, white, yellow, brown, or red have much to be “arrogant” about.

What ultimately distinguishes any of us is our creed and our deeds.  Did we accept the Truth about the One Incomparable Creator and the Prophets of the Creator–or did we reject that?  And did we live our lives striving to sincerely obey the One Who created us?  If one did not, then they will be met with great loss and great misery when they inevitably pass from this plane of existence.  If they accepted the Truth and sincerely abided by it, then they will ultimately be winners.  They will be victorious.

As a reminder to fellow African-American Muslims–and everyone else–if we keep imbibing this media propaganda, it becomes difficult to escape the American Race Matrix and feelings of victimization.  At some point, we have to cut the ties with this plantation mentality, and start to see ourselves not as victims, but rather as victors, who have something invaluable to offer American society and the world.

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(This was written in response to a video on Facebook someone posted)

I don’t understand why someone would discourage Muslims from getting strong (VERY strong) in the matters of the `Aqeedah–especially, in this era of prevalent deviancy.  (I do understand, in the sense that the one who usually de-emphasizes the matters of `Aqidah has ulterior motives… like to get at people’s money.  I mean for those who think they are being sincere about protecting Muslims and the religion of Islam.)  Anyone who is involved in da`wah knows that there are MANY people calling themselves “Muslims,” but are not in reality worshiping Allah (hence, they are NOT Muslims). They believe Allah is literally “light,” or that Allah is literally everywhere, or that Allah is located literally above the `Arsh, or that Allah unites with the souls of the righteous, etc. Others believe that Allah is not the Creator of everything. How can a person worship Allah, if he doesn’t know what does/does not befit Allah–he can’t.

Why do people (claiming to be Muslims) adopt such erroneous/blasphemous beliefs?  They do so because the matters of `Aqeedah were not/are not adequately emphasized in their Islamic education.  They also are not educated about blasphemous beliefs that nullify a person’s Islam.  As a result many people leave Islam (or were never a part of Islam) without even realizing it.

Also, the one who dismisses the need to learn the details of `Aqeedah is doing a GRAVE disservice to the Muslims in the West.  Youth growing up here are assaulted by the allegedly “rationalist” materialist sciences and atheism.  Muslim youth are taught that the belief in a Creator is something absurd and cannot be rationally demonstrated.  This can lead to confusion–and even doubt–in that Muslim’s mind (and if they have doubt in the core belief in Allah, then they are not Muslim).  And telling Muslim youth to “just go pray,” doesn’t remove the confusion and doubt (and doesn’t make him better equipped to defend the Deen).  Also, telling him just to “accept that which he has confusion about” and not learn the details of the Creed, is not much different from many Christians being taught: “just have faith”–and many former Christians will say that they left their religion because of preachers and priests telling them to do just that.

The difference with Islam in this case is that Islam provides the person with sound rational proofs for the Existence of the Creator.  The Creator is Transcendent and Incomparable.  Whatever one imagines, the Creator is totally different from that.  As Muslims, we do not believe in the worship of idols, objects, images, or ethereal beings.  We affirm the Creator’s Existence, while not likening the Creator to the creations.

Many a convert who has learned traditional Sunni `Aqeedah and the rational proofs that accompany will attest that acquiring such knowledge was among the most intellectually liberating experiences of their life.  Power simply resonates from the heart and in one’s faith, when one can understand and articulate the proper belief in their Lord.  Anyone who dismisses or opposes the importance of learning the details of `Aqeedah is either ABSYMALLY ignorant of the circumstances and psychology of the people in the West… or has some sort of agenda to deceive people.

As for the claim that discussing matters of `Aqeedah is grounds for dividing the Ummah, this is a vacuous argument. If a person has a kufr belief in Allah (like, believing Allah is an object or an image, or has limbs, or organs, or otherwise occupies space), then when he hears the correct belief of Tanzeeh (that Allah ABSOLUTELY does not need or resemble the creations), he will either accept the correct belief (and truly embrace Islam), or he will reject the true belief and stay on shirk. If this person chooses to remain on shirk (e.g., object and/or image worship), then this person is NOT a Muslim and is not part of the Ummah.

If a person is not informed about the correct belief, he may be THINKING he is part of the Ummah, but he is not in reality. He is merely dressing up and playing pretend as a Muslim and going thru the motions of a Muslim, while squandering his precious time and energy, earning no reward for his apparent acts of obedience. And if he dies before he reforms his condition, then he will be condemned to Hell forever.  This problem could largely be remedied by simply teaching the correct `Aqeedah–a Creed that complies with the judgment of the sound mind.

It’s easy to understand the proper belief: Allah is the only One Who is Beginningless.  Allah existed before the creations and there was nothing else.  Before there was light and darkness, distance and direction, time or place, there was a Creator.  Allah is the Creator of everything and ABSOLUTELY does not need or resemble anything. To believe otherwise is contrary to Islam. And the only reason one would believe otherwise–especially, after being told–is because of the corruption in that person’s heart.  The unity of the Ummah–and our invitation to humanity in general–is to worship Allah, the Creator of the Heavens and Earth and all they contain.

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The Adequate Ideal


“One is apt to think of moral failure as due to a weakness of character: more often it is due to an inadequate ideal. We detect in others and occasionally in ourselves, the want of courage, of industry, of persistence which leads to defeat. But we do not notice the more subtle and disastrous weakness, that our standards are wrong, that we have never learnt what is good.”

—Richard Livingston


The life of Malcolm X embodied the (starting point for the) Adequate Ideal for the African-American. His example is before us, and more need to follow his example in his courageous quest for truth and his opposition to hypocrisy and injustice.

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“The Creator does not resemble the creations.”

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The Creed of Tawheed


The Muslim belief in the Oneness and Perfection of the Creator versified.

The Creed Tawheed

Allah is One—but not like a number.
Allah is God alone, and there is no other.
Allah is without peers, partners, or parts.
Allah is free of time and has no start.

Allah was before any of the creations were.
Allah is not subject to time—like all the things that occur.

For time: it comes and it has to pass.
The present is now—but it can’t last.

The past has come and gone; the future’s yet to be.
Being defined by time is a fact of our reality.

Time and change are interrelated.
Time measures change and is initiated.

God doesn’t change—for a change must begin.
It has to commence and it comes to an end.

Start and change apply to all the created,
And that’s what Imam Al-Junayd clearly stated.

 Tawheed is what You Need

Now, the atheists, they have God’s worst curse,
Because reason witnesses there is a Creator for this universe.

All the creation stands as proof manifest
That there is One God for all in existence.

Allah’s Existence is confirmed by the sound mind,
But the sound mind knows that in it God’s not confined,

For Allah was before the colors, light, or darkness,
And God’s not a reflection or image grasped by the senses.

Allah is Unique—that is, completely Incomparable.
Totally different from all else–Allah’s Reality is unfathomable.

Allah is not a picture or form to imagine or conceive.
And this is an essential concept every Muslim has to believe.

Tawheed is What You Need

Allah was before the “here” or “there,”
The “in” or “on,” the “when” or “where.”
Allah has no origin and has no compare.

Allah is not like the bodies or their properties.
Allah has no shape, or form, or extremities.

Allah is not in motion nor is Allah still,
For all movement and rest exist by His Will.

Allah is AdhDhahir and Al-Batin:
Nothing exists above or under Him*–
Nor to the front, rear, or sides.
Allah needs no place in which to reside

Allah is not measured by a volume or quantity,
And Allah is not a material or ethereal entity.

Allah is not a light, soul, or spirit.
Allah exists without a place—although mushriks hate to hear it.

Allah is greater than all human conception.
Unlike us, Allah exists without time, place, or direction.

Allah is Al-Ghaniyy and Al-Qayyum.
Allah has no need for anything–including, space or room.

Allah has no consort, daughter, or son,
And Allah’s not a body out of which things come.

Allah wasn’t born—nor did Allah bear or sire.
Allah doesn’t sit or descend, and Allah doesn’t tire.

No size, image, or limits—God’s not in a dimension.
Allah exists without a place—it’s an indication of His Perfection.

 Tawheed is what You Need

Allah knows what was, is, and all futurity.
Nothing is hidden from Allah or held in obscurity.

Allah has the Absolute Power and Immutable Will.
Allah gives life and death and makes one well or ill.

Good and bad both happen by God’s Decree
So, whatever God wills, it will certainly be.
All occurs by Allah’s Knowledge, Will, and Might.
Allah is the Creator of all and has the Perfect Hearing and Sight.

Allah has Life without organs, flesh, or soul.
Allah is Eternal and doesn’t age, rest, or get old.
Allah is An-Nur—to the light of Faith God Guides,
But Allah is not an illumination that fills up the earth and skies.
God is One—totally beyond compare or need.
This is the Message of all the Prophets—and the essence of Tawheed.

The Word

The Word “Allah,” the Name of the Creator in the Arabic language.

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The Clarification (Part 1): Dealing with Christian Fundamentalists

The Clarification (Part 1): Dealing with Christian Fundamentalists

Over the past several weeks, i have been reading websites and watching videos attempting to attack Islam.  In many cases, the responses of those claiming to represent Islam have been weak and wholly inadequate.  Also, many Muslim youth are in jeopardy in the face of this assault against Islam.  God-willing, i hope that this will serve as a tool to counter these attacks.

One could classify the anti-Muslim polemicists into three categories.

1) The Christian fundamentalists–they are people who use a primarily Biblical and Christianity to oppose to Islam

2) The European nationalist–they see that Islam and Muslim immigration is a threat to European/national identity.

3) The secular supremacist–these are the atheists (usually) who unquestioningly assume the authority of secular ideology.

We will deal with each group one by one.   As for the CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALISTS, they are closest to the Muslims–in that they claim to use a religious book as their authority.  Of course, in reality, the modern Christians pick and choose what they like out of the Bible.  Hence, when debating with them, one must need to be familiar with some of their tricks.

For one, this class of people often outright LIE (in spite of the Christian command of not lying).  These Christians virtually NEVER compare the genuine Islamic belief in the Creator with the Christian belief.  After all, it would not be in their interests to say: “Muslims assert that there is One, Eternal, Transcendent, Incomparable, Omniscient Creator, Who is the Creator of everything.  And we [the Christians] believe that an infant incarnated into the Beginningless Creator, had to eat drink, and rest, and eventually get murdered to gain the power to forgive people for their sins.”  A side by side comparison of the two beliefs would show that the Christian belief is inferior to the Muslim belief in the Creator (and given that the Creator is Superior to everything and not inferior to anything, it could not be possible that the Christian belief could be correct).

With the above being true, the Christian fundamentalist types will make claims, such as, “Allah isn’t God.”  Even after it is explained to them that the Arabic speaking Jews and Christians use the Word “Allah” to refer to the Creator (that isn’t to say they have the proper belief in the Creator) or that THE ARABIC BIBLE says that Allah created the Heavens and Earth in the beginning of Genesis, these people will insist that Word “Allah” isn’t used by Arabic speakers (Muslim and non-Muslim) to refer to the Creator.  Some have even concocted bizarre so-called “moon god” theories to try to discredit Islam.  In brief, the Christian fundamentalists don’t want to discuss Tawheed (the Islamic belief in One, Perfect, Incomparable Creator), because it would make their anthropolatry (i.e., the worship of a human being) look ludicrous.

Instead of having an honest discussion about God, the Christian fundamentalists will attack the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu `alayhi wasallam).  This is problematic for the Christian fundamentalists on several accounts.  For one, these Christians often judge the Prophet by contemporary secular values (the very values the Christians claim to be decadent).  When Muslims point out that many of the practices in Islam have parallels in the Bible, the Christian fundamentalist will claim that those rules are from the Old Testament and have been abrogated.  Again, this is a problem–even from the Christian perspective, for the Bible says that Jesus said:

“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.”  (Matthew 5:17)

The Christian tradition readily admits that Jesus followed the laws in the OLD TESTAMENT.  And, in fact, the laws of the Old Testament are replete with war, mass execution (of even infants), amputating hands of thieves, and capital punishment for disobedience to the parents, sorcery, blasphemy, murder, etc.  So–according to the Christian tradition–Jesus agreed with and abided by the the laws of the Old Testament for most of his time on Earth.  This matter gets more problematic for the Christian, for not only did Jesus (allegedly) follow the laws of the Old Testament, Jesus is the one who SANCTIONED and ORDERED the laws of the Old Testament–because, according to Christian tradition, the Bible is the Revelation of God… and Jesus is God.

 Sometimes Christians will try to escape the issue of morality the Bible by saying to the effect that we live in modern times.  So according to them, the man-made secular laws are superior to the laws of the one they deem to be their so-called “god.” If Christian morality changes according to the prevailing secular norm (on any given week), then this opens the door to all sorts of deviance and debauchery–and makes Christian/Biblical morality irrelevant.  (Incidentally, it is this line of reasoning that has led to numerous churches promoting Biblical absurdities, like so-called “gay marriage.”)

The main points in dealing with the Christian fundamentalists is to establish the proper belief in God by using rational proofs.  If the Christian seeks to use his Bible to prove his doctrine, then demonstrate:

1) the Bible has not been reliably preserved and transmitted (it’s been altered)

2) the Bible has contradictory statements about God (such as, claiming that God does not change–and also claiming that God walks about and finds things)

3) the Christian doctrine (Trinity) is a man-made innovation and is rationally absurd

4) the Christian doctrine is incompatible with the Bible itself

When it comes to morality, either a person is going to agree with (what they think to be) the Commands of the Creator or with the commands of human beings.  He can’t have two masters.  The laws in the Old Testament are stricter than the Sacred Law revealed to Prophet Muhammad.  A Christian cannot honestly condemn Islamic Law without condemning Jesus and his own tradition.

This is a brief overview on how to address the typical objections of the Christian fundamentalists.

With Allah is the success and the guidance.

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