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THE ABSURDITY OF WAHHABI BLASPHEMY ¬† [This link no longer works.] There are certainly nicer things to talk about than the deviance(s) of the Wahhabis. However, their harm to people both in their worldly and Afterlife condition is immense. In … Continue reading

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Understanding Takfeer

In light of the Umar Lee video in which he apparently renounces Islam and has re-embraced Christianity (there is NO DOUBT that if he actually said those words, then he is an apostate—with the exception that someone may have doctored … Continue reading

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The Apostasy of Umar Lee

The Apostasy of Umar Lee (As one can see, the Christians and anti-Muslim bigots are going to run with this: This is not intended as an attack on Umar Lee or his genuine motivations for becoming a Christian. Allah … Continue reading

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Lost in America

Lost in America God-willing (now according to some, that’s a problematic phrase), this is the last post today on the various cess-poolians. According to the site: Boy, oh boy…. The author is Asra Noomani. She calls herself “married” to … Continue reading

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It’s the THEOLOGY, Stupid

It’s the THEOLOGY, Stupid! Although i don’t like the title of the article, and it should be known that so-called “Muslim Matters” is a Wahhabi site and part of the Al-Maghrib Wahhabi roadshow syndicate, this article makes some good points, … Continue reading

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A Walking Contradiction

A Walking Contradiction Like i said, i’m on a roll today (maa-shaa’ Allah): I once before encountered someone referring to themselves as an “atheist-Muslim.” It’s long, but in summary, it is the pretty standard attack against religion. According to … Continue reading

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Filthy Fitnah #4 The Plan

Filthy Fitnah #4 The Plan Too cold (in May!) to sit outside and get some Journal writing done, so i may as well go ahead and deal with these deviants. Firstly, this weekend Timothy Winters, has (apparently) given in to … Continue reading

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Filthy Fitnah Part 3: Timothy Winters (apparently) Gets Punked

Filthy Fitnah Part 3 Now that Timothy Winters (aka Abdal-Hakim Murad) has now (apparently) knelt down to the homosickual lobby we can now anticipate that other quasi-traditional apologists will slither into the slime-light to come to his defense. They … Continue reading

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Filthy Fitnah (Part 2)

Dr. Ben gits punked: More obfuscation from the homophiles. The Doctor observes that if homo-“marriage” is made legal, it is a slippery slope for all sorts of other perversions (that was CLEARLY his point with his comment on “The … Continue reading

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